Top 5 Benefits of Choosing Laravel Framework for Your Next Project

Key benefits of laravel framework

“Love beautiful code? We do too.”

Yes, we too love beautiful code but this particular statement is not ours. It is the official statement of one of the most popular PHP frameworks: Laravel Framework—the PHP framework for web artisans.

Before the birth of Laravel, PHP was unable to handle all the cumbersome and complicated functionalities of a website. And even if it was possible, there was a ton of coding required that was complicated as well as time-consuming.

Then, in 2011, Taylor Otwell created an open source PHP framework called Laravel, with the sole intention to help website developers make complex coding simple, faster, and better.

Today, in 2019, the Laravel framework has exploded in popularity because it is loaded with great features that make building web applications simpler, expressive, easier, and faster.

Popularity of laravel framework

There are various reasons that make organizations ready to go ahead with Laravel development services to design, build, and grow custom web applications catering to their business requirements. These very reasons or rather benefits are listed.

Why Is Laravel Framework Popular?

Laravel is much more than just peace of mind. No doubt, its ease-of-use, and quality have helped Laravel gain immense popularity, but using this popular framework also paves the way for a myriad of other benefits.

Issues with other PHP frameworks have been well spotted, resolved, and incredibly well-tested in case of Laravel. When it comes to testing, note that the Laravel framework has integrated testing into it, making sure your web application is bug-free.

1. Laravel Development Means Faster Time-To-Market

Laravel framework works on a modular basis. It implies that with Laravel, there are a lot of pre-built functions and structures that work on the latest PHP principles to build responsive web applications in a time-efficient manner. Since it is an open-source framework, developers have been in the process of improving these resources since the birth of Laravel in 2011.

Modular structure of laravel framework

This speeds up the development process of web applications, making Laravel quick and intuitive. With Laravel framework, there is no need to spend long hours and weeks in writing individual lines of code. Therefore, it saves the time of developers and money of the organization that needs a web application.

2. Better Authentication and Authorization Option

Wikipedia says, “Taylor Otwell created Laravel as an attempt to provide a more advanced alternative to the Codelgniter framework, which did not provide certain features such as built-in support for user authentication and authorization.”

Laravel framework makes it extremely simple and easy to implement a complete authentication system—Login, Registration, and Password Reset. You will be surprised to witness that Laravel does all this with the help of a single command. It also provides a simple way to organize authorization logic and control access to resources.

VOYlegal’s Laravel Journey with Net Solutions

One of our clients VOYlegal, a recruitment firm for lawyers, needed a job portal build for them, on which both lawyers looking for jobs, and prospective employers, could register to make informed decisions.

Initially, the whole architecture of the website was built using CakePHP. Because of the various benefits of the Laravel framework, like a simple way to organize authorization logic and control access to resources, we are migrating VOYlegal website from CakePHP to Laravel.

VoyLegal Laravel Journey with Net Solutions

3. Stay Away from Technical Vulnerabilities with Laravel Framework

What goes in tandem with the web development process is ‘Security Vulnerabilities.’ A study by OWASP Foundation describes SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, cross-site scripting, etc. as the most critical web application security vulnerabilities.

The cost and time to fix these vulnerabilities increase exponentially as you progress through the software development lifecycle (SDLC). The following graph indicates the cost increase with inculcation of security vulnerabilities.

cost to fix software vulnerabilitues

According to the graph, it is 30x times more expensive to get rid of vulnerabilities during the post-production phase than during design, requirement identification, and architecture stage.

Thus, building a secure web application is the need of the hour. And when it comes to security, there is none other than Laravel that can secure your web application by protecting it against the most serious security risks: SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, and cross-site scripting.

Laravel itself is super-secure and does not allow any malware activities or security threats to enter within the web app. This simply implies that your PHP development code is fanatically guarded, thus, secure.

4. MVC Architecture of Laravel Framework

Laravel follows a Model-view-controller architecture. And it is this MVC architecture, along with other benefits that make Laravel the best PHP framework to use for your web development project.

MVC architecture comes up with built-in functionalities that developers can use at their best while building your web app. Apart from this, MVC architecture provides better documentation, improved performance, and multiple built-in functionalities, when compared to other PHP frameworks.

Here’s how the Laravel MVC works.

Laravel MVC architecture

5. Traffic Handling

What’s the motive behind building a web application for your business? Accept the fact that one of the primary motives is driving more and more traffic with each passing day.

The present situation is like this: the more the traffic a web app fetches, the more are the request numbers it should deal with each second. It means that the web application’s hosting will come under an expensive price tag or even the website server will stop functioning with data loss.

You must definitely not want to see yourself in such a situation.

When you start to build your project with the Laravel framework, at the beginning it provides the message queue system—one of the tricks in-use for load balancing alongside others. Thus, it keeps a web server healthy.

Message Queue System of Laravel

The Laravel queue service provides a unified API across a variety of different queue backends. Queues allow you to defer the processing of a time-consuming task, such as sending an email, until a later time, which drastically speeds up web requests to your application.

Laravel Framework: A Robust Pillar for Your Web Application

Laravel is an extraordinary member of a new generation of web frameworks. The popularity of Laravel web development is on the rise due to its incredible features—quickness, intuitiveness, high cost-effectiveness and that it offers scalable solutions.

With more than 50,000 stars on GitHub, Laravel provides extensive community support as well. I could go on and on as it is truly hard to get enough of Laravel, but I will stop here for now with a single statement:

“Did someone say rapid? Laravel delivers elegant applications at warp speed.”

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