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Developed Job
Portal Using Cake
PHP and Drupal

VOYlegal is a recruitment firm for lawyers, formed by attorneys with substantial law firm or in-house practice experience. They mediate between lawyers looking for jobs, and prospective employers, to find a good fit. Their experienced recruiters provide individualized attention to both the candidates, and the firms.

They have an approach driven by information, and offer insight into personalities, culture, departmental news, and leadership within the firms seeking employees. They also serve as respected and informed advisors to the firms; they keep in touch with key decision makers to know about current staffing requirements.

Developed Job Portal Using Cake PHP and Drupal

The Problem

VOYlegal wanted a job portal built for them on which both lawyers looking for jobs, and prospective employers, could register and let the firm help them reach informed decisions.

This portal had to be somewhat different from traditional job portals, as VOYlegal plays more of a mediatory role between the candidates and the firms that seek to employ them.

It turns out that the job portal started attracting more traffic than expected, and the portal started slowing down.

The Challenge

System Slowed Down Inordinately

The architecture initially planned for the portal was not able to support the number of users on the portal, and the system slowed down. We had to fix the system without slowing it down any further.

Advanced search

We built an advanced search in the portal to join nearly all the tables of the database, and consume a lot of the resources of the system. It was a big challenge for us to provide an advanced search covering millions of data units, and to join it to nearly 20 tables.

The Solution

The Solution

Scalable Architecture

We redesigned the whole architecture of the website so that that it became scalable to handle more traffic, especially at peak hours.

Sphinx Caching Server

We installed a Sphinx caching server to increase the speed. Sphinx Search is a third-party search solution, that when implemented, can make the site search faster.

The Result

Faster Response Times

The portal was able to handle a large column of traffic, as the portal started performing faster with faster response times.

Implementation of Sphinx Search

With the implementation of Sphinx Search, the website's search capability increased tremendously. The new Sphinx Search can index more than 60 MB per second per server on a dedicated indexing machine, and run more than 500 queries per second on a 2-core desktop machine with 2 GB of RAM.

The Result
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