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What is software development?

Software development refers to the process of planning, designing, and developing software. In short, it means building software programs from scratch or adding to existing programs.

What services do software development companies offer?

Some software service companies specialize in offering development for a single type of category or product. More comprehensive service providers, like Net Solutions, offer a range of software-related services, including:

  • Custom software, mobile, and web app development
  • Cloud software solutions
  • Testing and troubleshooting
  • Software implementation and updates

Why should I outsource software development?

It's possible to build software solutions in-house, but it can be resource-intensive. You'll need IT teams familiar with dev methods like Agile or scrum and developers who are well-versed in the coding languages necessary for the job at hand. Each software solution has its own best coding language and development method, so resources don't always translate across projects. Now, you’re beginning to see why in-house development is a potentially expensive, resource-heavy effort.

Additionally, it can take months or longer to develop complex software solutions. During that time, your tech staff would be tied to the development, leaving them unavailable for other essential business tasks – like customer service. Ultimately, many companies find it better to outsource software development and focus in-house resources on higher and better uses.

How can you choose a software development services company?

When choosing a provider for software development as a service, you’ll want to make sure they align with your business needs and culture. Here are a few considerations to factor in when looking for a software development partner:

  • Have they created similar programs? Look for a company with expertise in your niche and a history of proven results.
  • How do they work with their clients? Ask about communication, how much control you have, and what type of development or project methodology they will use. You want to work with a partner who can align with your own business processes.
  • What are the costs, and how does pricing work? Obviously, you’ll want to choose a vendor within your budget, but also make sure you understand pricing structures, fees, and how the cost could change as your project changes.

How much do software development services cost?

Cost for software development can vary and depends on factors such as:

  • The complexity of the project
  • Whether you need integrations
  • Timeline – a shorter timeline may be more expensive
  • Type of software being developed

For more information about the cost of software development, reach out to Net Solutions to discuss your project.

How long does software development take?

The timeline for software development varies depending on the same factors that impact pricing:

  • The complexity of the project
  • Whether you need integrations
  • Timeline
  • Type of software being developed

Simple software may be developed in a few weeks, while complex solutions might take months. If you’re curious about the timeline for a particular project, reach out to Net Solutions today.

How can one develop software as a service?

Many companies are turning to developing software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. It can be a cost-effective way to leverage new technology without having to develop your own software. If done properly, it can also become an additional revenue stream.

Here’s a quick rundown of how to develop a SaaS application in 6 simple steps:

  • Think about the unique value proposition that will set your SaaS apart from other platforms in the industry
  • Define how you plan to acquire customers and balance the costs of that plan with the lifetime value of your customers to ensure your SaaS platform’s profitability
  • Design your SaaS application with self-service in mind — make it so anyone can sign up and start using the platform right away
  • Choose your development platform or technology stack
  • Define your pricing structure
  • Launch, test, and recalibrate

What is development as a service?

Software development-as-a-service (SDaaS) is a new form of software development that involves outsourcing the development of various software projects. Essentially, companies can receive the same quality, expertise, and professionalism as having an in-house development team for a fraction of the cost.

SDaaS allows companies to stay competitive and remain agile enough to respond to the ever-changing marketplace without carrying the substantial risks and costs of IT system acquisition and maintenance.

Is outsourcing application development as a service a worthwhile investment?

Deciding whether to outsource or not depends on your end goals. If you need a one-time app build, then outsourcing makes more sense. It’s much more cost-effective and affords you all the functionality of a full development team without the risk. However, if you plan on designing more apps in the future, you may want to consider bringing things in-house.

Designing your apps in-house has its advantages, like shorter timelines and faster sign-offs or approvals. You also have more flexibility with revisions.

The downside is there is a learning curve when it comes to software development. If you don’t possess this knowledge yourself, it can cost you significant amounts of time and money to hire a developer that is the right fit for your team. This type of talent can also be extremely hard to find.

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