As brands & retailers move to exploit an increasingly digital world with mobile users, they seek a partner that understands not only the business and psychology of selling but also the new medium in its ever-changing rapidly evolving avatar. They choose Net Solutions for its deep and proven experience over 19+ years of building powerful E-Commerce & M-Commerce solutions.

B2C Custom E-Commerce Platforms

  • Reporting & Analytics with automated triggers
  • Completely Custom Designed & Developed platforms
  • Multi-site & Multi-tenant capabilities
  • Super-specialised processes for specific workflows
  • Powerful & complex back-end integrations like Apparel21 ERP
  • High-Speed Search integration for Mercado, Solr, etc.

Powerful E-Commerce
Platform for Europe's
Largest Golf Retailer

Custom B2B E-Commerce Platforms

  • Workflow & Process automation
  • Order fulfilment Systems integration
  • Realtime data tracking & reporting
  • Complex rule-based ERP integrations

E-Commerce Platform Implementations

  • Speed & Stability optimisations
  • Conversion focused consulting
  • Extensibility through Integration or Custom Development
  • Certified Developers for Platforms like Magento

Magento Implementation
for Premium Personal
Care Brand

Mobile E-Commerce (M-Commerce) Apps

  • UX/Workflows optimised for Mobile users
  • AR and Video integration
  • Bandwidth sensitive & Casual use oriented designs
  • Geolocation & Other Sensors Based Triggers

Hyperlocal E-Commerce Platforms & Marketplaces

  • Multi-vendor platforms
  • IOT & mobile sensor integrations
  • Custom workflows & triggers
  • Payment consolidation & distribution

Hyperlocal Marketplace
for Vendors & Individuals

UX & Workflow Consulting for Growth

  • UX/CX Review of existing apps & workflows
  • Implementation consulting & oversight
  • Data tracking & analytics to identify bottlenecks
  • Contextually optimised custom designed solutions

B2B E-Commerce
App for Partners

We are India's premiere E-Commerce Development partners for business all over the globe. Our powerful Application Development Lifecycle that has evolved over 19 years to drive customer success ensures we combine our experience & expertise with your business goals & insight to discover, plan, and implement insightful solutions that power you to success.