Future-Proof Your Software Apps With UX-Focused Application Modernization

Upgrade your legacy system with our expert application modernization services to optimize your business upsides without downtime.

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Accelerate Innovation With Application Modernization Solutions Tailored to Your Needs
The Net Solutions Approach

Accelerate Innovation With Application Modernization Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

In our post-pandemic world, digital transformation is no longer a nice to have — it’s a must to support customer engagement and loyalty, drive growth, enable scalability, and deliver business value across all aspects of your enterprise. Our seasoned analysts, programmers, designers, engineers, and QA professionals have expertise in full-spectrum app modernization and digital transformation services, including reimagining, rearchitecting, and replacing legacy systems with custom cloud-native and SaaS applications. As an agile software development company with a sound footing in DevOps services, we excel in software modernization services that co-create the right solution to be implemented at the right time with the right technology for results that bolster your bottom line today and ensure business resilience for tomorrow.

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Legacy Application Modernization Services

We offer a full spectrum of application modernization services to support your digital transformation and business evolution. From a detailed assessment through planning and implementing the right “re” solution(s) for your business — rehosting, refactoring, rearchitecting, replacing, and retiring — our comprehensive legacy application development services ensure your infrastructure, software, and workflows are updated and upgraded without any downtime.

Application Modernization Consulting

Your company has invested significantly in your existing software and systems — not just financially but also in workflow and culture. Our app modernization specialists begin the process by taking a deep dive into your legacy infrastructure and code and business requirements and objectives. With our expertise in software modernization services, we deliver detailed legacy modernization solutions utilizing state-of-the-art app modernization tools for strategic improvements that are the most economical and efficient for your specific needs.

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Application Modernization Consulting
Migrating Legacy Apps to Azure and AWS

Migrating Legacy Apps to Azure and AWS

Cloud migration tops the list of priorities for future-facing companies. Whether moving an application from on-premise to the cloud or from an old cloud infrastructure to a new one, our seasoned app modernization specialists can help you make the migration process hassle-free, swift, and economical.

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Application Rehosting

Using the “lift and shift” method, our app modernization pros ensure a smooth transition of your existing architecture to a cloud environment best suited for your business. The result is cost savings and the ability to offer more flexible, future-forward services, including Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

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Application Rehosting
Application Replatforming

Application Replatforming

Taking rehosting a step forward, our replatforming experts implement minor, strategic changes to the app’s infrastructure to improve user experience and ensure it’s optimized for better performance, more effortless scalability, improved design, and greater resilience in the new cloud environment.

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App Rearchitecting or Refactoring

When your existing architecture doesn’t allow you to take optimal advantage of the cloud environment, you can count on our cloud application development services and app modernization experts to redesign the architecture to maximize benefits. Our software modernization services enhance performance and load handling, improve fractional updates and cost-efficient updates, bring better maintenance and an upgraded UI/UX, and more. By restructuring or rewriting your app’s core code, your business will become a cloud-native application, best able to take advantage of cloud-enabled advanced features and functions (i.e., microservices, serverless computing). Plus, by “SaaS-ifying” your legacy app, you’ll be able to deliver a web and mobile experience customers love while simplifying your process and decreasing operating costs. Our low code no code development services can help you re-architect a legacy app to get it quickly developed and launched.

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App Rearchitecting or Refactoring
Application Containerization

Application Containerization

Regardless of the application modernization approach, our developers employ strategic containerization to separate your apps or their elements into specific packages to help decrease the number of resources necessary to run the app and increase opportunities for scalability, flexibility, and continuous delivery and deployment.

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Types of Application Modernization


This involves breaking down legacy systems and rebuilding them using modern technologies and architectural patterns.


This involves moving an application from one physical or virtual environment to another, such as from a physical server to a virtual machine.


This involves rethinking the business processes that an application supports and changing the application to support those processes better.


This involves breaking down a monolithic application into smaller, loosely coupled components that can be developed and deployed independently.

eCommerce replatforming

This involves migrating an existing eCommerce website to a new platform with the goal of improving performance, scalability, and functionality. It typically involves transferring product information, customer data, and order history to the new platform and designing and integrating a new front-end to provide a seamless customer experience. Replatforming can also involve integrating new payment systems, shipping providers, and other third-party services to enhance the eCommerce offering.


This involves migrating applications from one platform to another, such as moving from the mainframe to the cloud or from on-premises to the cloud.


This involves making changes to the existing codebase to improve its design, performance, scalability, and maintainability.

Cloud Native Development

This involves developing new applications specifically designed to run in a cloud environment and taking advantage of cloud-specific technologies and services.


This involves adopting an Agile approach to application development and operations and using automation to accelerate the development and deployment process.

UX modernization

This involves updating the user experience (UX) of an existing product or service to better meet the needs and expectations of modern users. This typically involves conducting user research to understand user behavior and needs, then using that information to redesign the user interface (UI) and interactions. UX modernization can also involve updating the visual design, adding new features and functionalities, and improving the overall usability and accessibility of the product or service. The goal is to create a seamless, intuitive, and enjoyable user experience that drives engagement and conversions.

FAQs About Net Solutions’ Application Modernization Services

Why is application modernization important?

The simple answer is that outdated systems are a liability that costs you money, time, resources, and, perhaps most importantly, customers. The bottom line is application modernization helps you retain and maintain your technology investment to date as much as possible while identifying the deficiencies that are holding you back. Plus, thanks to today’s technological advancements, you’ll find there are numerous hassle-free, cost-effective ways to improve both front-end and back-end functions.

But let’s dive a bit deeper into what application modernization consulting and implementation entails:

In the first stage of application modernization, we thoroughly assess your existing system, considering your business goals and objectives and how well (or not) your application(s) support business value, growth, and scalability. We are relentlessly focused on engineering the most efficient and cost-effective approach to optimize your digital business through bespoke legacy modernization solutions.

Then, throughout the process, we help you find smart ways to migrate your tech stack, transition from ineffective legacy code, support new cloud-enabled ways of working and retire any technology negatively impacting your business function.

All of this application modernization work adds up — saving you money (i.e., operating costs), future-proofing your business, and empowering you with new revenue streams (i.e., SaaS solutions).

How do you modernize an application?

If you’re wondering what is meant by app modernization or what is application modernization, the simple answer is it’s all about updating, upgrading, or replacing outdated technology, so your digital business runs faster, more efficiently, and more responsively.

The techniques provided by application modernization vendors like Net Solutions depend on your needs. The three core app modernization processes are:

  • Application Rehosting: Moving your existing tech stack with minimal changes from a private or on-site system to a hosted (“as a service”) cloud solution. This supports lower operating costs.
  • Application Replatforming: This entails restructuring the code of your existing software to improve its functionality and allow you to take greater advantage of the cloud environment (i.e., better structure, design, etc.)
  • App Rearchitecting or Refactoring: To fully redevelop your existing system or workflow from a legacy solution to a cloud-based solution, a comprehensive approach to modernizing the code design (i.e., to microservices or a serverless design) can offer you a new way of working along with a cloud-native experience.

Additionally, there are off-the-shelf options that can be customized (i.e., SaaS) to replace outdated technology.

What is cloud application modernization?

Modernization is updating all aspects of your business to a cloud-first approach: operational and organizational processes, tools, and systems to take advantage of the latest technology and industry best practices.

Application modernization solutions for the cloud entails taking existing code designed for on-premise operations and moving it to a public, private, or hybrid cloud model. This provides a number of benefits, including:

  • A faster, more responsive user experience
  • Better security
  • Improved flexibility and scalability
  • Location-independent collaboration
  • Seamless transition with no interruption to your business continuity
  • Increased opportunities for innovation
  • Faster time to market
  • A customer-first approach that wins new business and sharpens your company’s competitive edge

What is AWS App Modernization?

Amazon’s AWS is the gold standard in cloud computing, known for being adaptable, reliable, and comprehensive and for marking cloud adoption smooth and seamless. Its origins go back to the early 2000s when it became clear that Amazon’s infrastructure needed to be fully redone to support all the third-party vendors and enable the rapidly growing company to operate effectively. In 2003, Amazon’s management realized their internal IT infrastructure solutions would work for others, and they had what it would take to run and scale data centers effectively. Today, AWS is by far the leading cloud provider, providing more than 40% of all installed application workloads globally.

What is Azure App Modernization?

Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform is known for being a smooth, user-friendly platform as a service (PaaS) that offers users the ability to create, run, and sustain a wide variety of applications with state-of-the-art app modernization tools. Launched in 2010, today, they are one of the leading cloud providers worldwide, supporting about a third of all installed application workloads.

How long is the typical application modernization project duration?

The timeline for an application modernization project varies from as little as a month or two for simple cloud migrations, code conversions, and updates to UI to six or more months for replatforming and refactoring a moderate-sized business. The longest project durations are a year or more, but that’s just for complex rearchitecting projects for large, enterprise-level businesses.

It’s essential to remember that most application modernization projects are done in stages and planned to support ongoing business continuity without disrupting daily workflows. Hence, project duration is less important than the timeline for implementing strategic upgrades and updates. In other words, thanks to the modular nature of legacy modernization solutions, you’ll see improvements in efficiencies and cost savings throughout the project. Reach out if you have questions or a project in mind.

How much does application modernization cost?

One of the persistent myths about application modernization is that it’s cost-prohibitive and requires too much investment of time, money, and resources. While you might think you can’t afford to invest in legacy application development services to modernize your existing apps, today’s competitive landscape says you can’t afford not to modernize.

The technical debt of your legacy apps compounds over time, and the longer you wait to update your outdated systems, the greater the negative impact on your business.

That said, the beauty of app modernization is it’s not a one-size-fits-all prospect. And different application modernization vendors charge a wide range of fees. Our seasoned team provides end-to-end application modernization consulting services that help optimize opportunities and impact according to your budget and timeline. Cost factors to consider for legacy application modernization services include:

  • The complexity of your application and related dependencies
  • How much data needs to be migrated
  • The scope of automation and associated costs of software licenses
  • The state of your application’s life span related to being cloud-ready
  • The extent and parameters of testing

To determine the most cost-effective modernization approach for your business, please reach out for a free consultation — that’s the perfect no-cost way to get the ball rolling on your application modernization efforts.

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