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The Net Solutions Approach

Agile Cloud Development, AWS Solutions

When it comes to empowering digital businesses with agile, innovation-driving, cost-lowering cloud computing solutions, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the global leader. Back in 2012, we were among the first Amazon Web Services development partners in the world to be designated as a Standard Consulting Partner. Today we offer comprehensive AWS consulting services — our team features certified AWS developers who provide world-class infrastructure design and execution for businesses of all sizes and scopes, from startup to enterprise. We’re your partner in AWS-powered success.

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AWS Development Services


AWS is “the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform,” which means it offers both significant opportunities and challenges. Our seasoned, certified AWS developers help you fully realize the power and the promise of Amazon’s cloud computing services with strategic cloud-native application design. As your AWS consulting partner, you can count on us to engineer ingenious infrastructure for projects from a single application to enterprise SaaS that uses multiple AWS services.

AWS App Development

When it comes to building and deploying native applications through the cloud, you can’t just hire an AWS developer and hope it works out. Our AWS solutions team has expertise in designing and scaling flexible architecture to build robust, agile, secure applications from scratch or bring legacy applications to the cloud.

Cloud Security & Risk Management

AWS is known for its rock-solid core infrastructure, which is structured to provide stringent security for high-profile clients including military and global banks. Our AWS specialists are experts in the vast array of AWS security tools and are well-versed in devising custom cloud security plans. We offer custom AWS security enterprise integration solutions, AWS security audits, risk and identity management, and AWS technical security architecture consulting for your better business — and peace of mind.

Monitoring, Management, and Support

Leveraging Amazon Web Services platform to deliver an exceptional digital experience while optimizing efficiencies in time, resources, and budget is an ever-expanding opportunity. Leave the ongoing details of configuring, managing, and troubleshooting to our AWS Managed Services team and free up your team to focus on other areas of business growth. Our full-spectrum AWS consulting services include AWS efficiency audits, SLA management, and comprehensive monitoring of all aspects of your AWS cloud-based business.

Implementation and Migration

Migrating your business to the AWS platform is smart for your business — and even wiser is choosing an AWS professional services partner who can ensure a smooth process of migration and implementation. Our dedicated team of Amazon AWS solutions experts delivers seamless transitions that improve user experience and support business objectives like enterprise cloud adoption and CloudOps using AWS’ technology stack for reliable, secure solutions.

FAQs about Working With Net Solutions
as Your AWS consulting partner for AWS Development

What is AWS?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services, which is a cloud platform that includes packaged software solutions, infrastructure as a service, database storage solutions and a wide range of other features. AWS developers are professionals that work within this platform to build and customize solutions that will run in the environment. Though Amazon provides these services, the AWS professional services solutions provided by your development team don't have to be related to Amazon or even ecommerce.

Why choose AWS development?

AWS is widely used and popular, so you may find it easier to find AWS consulting pros and developers willing and able to work on your project. Among technical solutions, it's also considered easier to work with, which can pave the way for smoother (and potentially less costly) development in some cases.

Because the platform is backed by the seemingly infinite resources of Amazon, server capacity is practically unlimited and developers and clients can also rely on features such as reliable encryption. It's also easy to scale up or down when using cloud services, and especially AWS, which makes this a versatile choice.

How to use AWS for development

One of the best ways to implement AWS solutions is to work with IT professionals who specialize in providing AWS consulting services and are experienced with AWS projects. While you don't always need to know coding to use AWS solutions, you do need coding and other development skills if you want to build new solutions on this platform.

What do your AWS consulting and development services include?

Our AWS development services cover everything from initial strategy to ongoing support. The knowledgeable project teams meet with businesses to determine requirements and goals for projects. They then do the work to bring those visions to life while ensuring risk management and security of your data. Finally, once the solution is deployed, the teams can continue to provide monitoring, management and support.

What are the benefits of AWS development services?

When you work with an AWS development service, you get the benefit of expert knowledge and skill sets — without having to hire permanent staff or invest in in-house training.

What do AWS developers do?

AWS developers build and deploy AWS solutions in the AWS environment. They work with clients to determine business requirements and build solutions to meet those needs. They may also work on ensuring security, setting up and running databases, debugging solutions and helping to maintain and troubleshoot solutions after they're deployed.

How much experience do your developers have?

Our team is extremely experienced in AWS development and the use of technology including Amazon EC2, DynamoDB, Lamda, Simple Storage Service, Route 53 and many others. Our experience with AWS dates back almost to the beginning of the platform, and we were awarded the Standard Consulting Partner by Amazon in 2012.

How much does AWS development cost?

Cost for any development project varies according to factors such as the size and complexity of the project, how fast you need it and whether there are integrations and other external factors. While AWS development can be cheaper than some other options because of the robust platform that's already built, the total cost of your project is based on your requirements. Reach out to Net Solutions with information about your project to get an estimate on services.

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