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Since we first setup shop in 2000, we've worked with over 3,000 clients on over 10,000 projects. All that development and innovation has allowed us to create a truly power process that ensures success and quality every time we go to work.

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Distributed Agile

  • So how does Net Solutions ensure a fluid business process while working across various time zones and territories? Traditional software development relies on a phase based system, with distinct stages. When you have numerous parties in various regions, trying to stay on top of changes and feedback in order to ensure all team members are in sync at each phase can be tricky.

    The answer is Distributed Agile, a system that allows us to use Agile development techniques across time zones without compromising on quality.

  • Clear lines of communication are created between our team and the client's, making sure feedback comes smoothly and everybody remains in the project loop. Clear roles are created for every team member, with clear responsibilities set out from the beginning, eliminating the problem of overlap. A schedule is fixed, a continuous build is shared and a single bug tracker and ticket manager system is implemented in each office, all of which ensures everybody is using the same code at the same time.

    This way, every iteration and release comes with the right feedback built into its design, the update cycles are planned and met efficiently and the final application is of the highest possible quality.

Quality Policy

  • To achieve a high level of customer satisfaction through our commitment of delivering them high quality product and services by fully meeting their requirements and exceeding quality standards and processes that are continually measured and improved.

    • Achieving best in class technical solutions
    • Increase client satisfaction
    • Increase efficiency of development processes
    • Continually improve the work environment
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