Since we started in 2000, we have worked with over 3,000 clients on over 10,000 projects. Constantly learning and adapting to the realities around us and innovations in project management methodologies, we have evolved to use a truly powerful process that ensures success and quality every time we go to work.

To ensure our clients get the best possible value and experience, all projects at Net Solutions go through a well-defined process. Net Solutions follows Agile DevOps (Agile Methodology + DevOps) for most of our engagements.

Process Diagram


  • The project is kicked off with an Ideation Workshop that uses a proven Design Thinking process to collect, organise, and refine requirements. This Design Sprint uses best-practices of Double Diamond approach of Design Thinking to Discover, Define, Design, and Deliver a user-centred solution along with workflows with output ranging from workflows to empathy maps, user personas to wireframes of different key screens, and even interactive prototypes of the overall product.

  • The output of the Ideation Workshop is used by the technical team to design and plan the overall architecture and technical solution of the project.

    At the same time, our UI design team uses artefacts like wireframes and prototypes created during Ideation Workshop to create a visual design language & compelling interfaces of the product, integrating the Brand voice and feel as needed.

Iterative Production

  • Once the groundwork has been done and necessary knowledge base created in the Initiation, our Agile & DevOps based Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) process kicks off in true earnest.

    Depending on factors like timeline requirements, expectations of various stakeholders for things ranging from updates to feedback cycle frequency, as well as business imperatives, technologies selected, whether there are any legacy or 3rd party system integrations, and a lot more, a team is constituted that is tasked to take the project forward to its success.

  • Our battle-tested and ever-evolving Agile Scrum Development Process itself largely follows typical iterative Agile Scrum methodology, with a release plan created from the Backlog created during Initiation, Sprints planned from within the Release Backlog, developed, tested, handed over for User Acceptance Testing (UAT), before individual releases being pushed out to deployment, and our well-oiled DevOps process enabling automation and ensuring reliability.

Why Agile?

  • Because Agile provides a framework which is adaptable and gives predictable results with measurable data.

    As a process, Agile advocates:

    • Individuals and Interactions over process and tools
    • Working Software over comprehensive documentation
    • Customer Collaboration over contract negotiation
    • Responding to change over following a plan
  • Agile lets the project team segment the complete set of requirements into workable modules. Each subsequent release of the software adds a function to the previous release. Each release is time-boxed and so at every regular interval, the client get to see a workable system as it grows incrementally, based on their priorities.

    Advantages of Agile:

    • Better stakeholder engagement
    • Better transparency
    • Early and predictable delivery
    • Predictable costs and schedule
    • Allows for change
    • Focuses on business value
    • Improves quality

Why DevOps?

  • Because DevOps attaches rockets to the project velocity, letting the team focus on productive activities by automating the mundane and reducing administrative distractions.

    We are in an era of continuous delivery, where our partners expect us to deliver quicker, and cheaper, all the while ensuring product performance. Time to market is one of the key factors, and products with a shorter time to market hold the competitive edge. These values can only be assured by establishing an engineering process that make Agile processes shine.

  • Advantages of DevOps:

    • Decreased costs of infrastructure management
    • Speeds up software production
    • Reduces rework with Continuous Integration (CI)
    • Continuous delivery (CD) of software
    • Lower risks of mistakes with automation
    • Automated testing reduces errors
    • Faster/Predictable code deployment

    Net Solutions has a mature and ever-evolving DevOps practice.

Net Solutions Kanban DevOps Process

Our Agile DevOps process works great for new initiatives where our clients come to us in early stages of their product development journey.

  • When clients come to us with existing projects or products well underway or even fully deployed and running, a safe and quick way to help is by using the Kanban DevOps process.

    Kanban Diagram
  • Code Review

    The process starts with a code review of the existing system to discover the coding standards and generally evaluate the code quality. Our technical team looks at both automated code evaluation with tools like SonarQube and manual code sampling to ascertain how the code presented has been produced. Our Quality Assurance team identifies any obvious functional shortcomings.

  • Backlog Grooming

    While this happens, our Business Analysis team works with the client stakeholders to identify the requirements and documents them in user stories or individual tasks into a Backlog. Prioritised tasks are thereafter worked upon with clear communication of their status communicated to the client stakeholders at all times.

  • DevOps Integration

    Our DevOps process ensures the system infrastructure is quickly rationalised, normalised, and brought into the fold of our CI-CD processes, bringing the benefits of automation and reliability to the project as quickly as possible.

  • Moving To Agile DevOps

    The Client evaluates their business requirements to identify whether they want to continue with Kanban DevOps process which is more suited to Maintenance projects, or use this as a stepping stone into transitioning into a full Agile DevOps process.

    Our experienced team guides our clients through the process at all stages, helping them ask the obvious as well as difficult questions that determine the long-term development process to be followed for the project with Net Solutions.

Working with Net Solutions for the past 8 years has re-enforced our decision to not only outsource some of our software development but also to continue working with them as our partner. I recommend Net Solutions without hesitation to any team, who is looking to scale their team and increase technical capabilities.

Daniel Wolfe
Daniel Wolfe CEO of Soaq