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User Experience Strategy

Digging Deep to Find the Road Map

A game-changing UX strategy aligns every customer touch point with your business's vision of the user experience. This detailed path is the road map from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow and beyond.

With our proprietary mix of investigative and co-creative methods, we do a deep-dive into your customers' habits, desires, needs and challenges. Consumer behavior is changing, and businesses have to move faster if they want to fill the brand experience gap — that sweet spot between what your brand promises and the reality consumers experience.

We create a strategy for your digital product that's a perfect marriage between how customers see your current UX and how your business's capabilities influence their choices. We help you to keep pace with your consumers and pave the way for their validation of your strategy.

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Product Prototyping

Make, Learn, Repeat as Necessary

The prototyping process is invaluable in developing the kind of digital product that creates a smooth user experience. With a simple sketch, the spark ignites, and the iterative dance of making and learning begins. Prototyping opens many undisclosed avenues that lend themselves to innovation, while saving money in the long run.

Every ounce of feedback we get from the process brings us closer to a cohesive final design that delivers a sublime user experience. As we perfect your product’s performance, you'll see your clients, investors and stakeholders get more and more excited about what's to come. That’s why we say good UX design doesn't just happen; it's prototyped.

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Design Sprints

Rapid-fire, Creative, Collaborative

A design sprint is a dynamic, tightly-focused team session that's a lot like adding nitrous oxide to the engine of a car. Over the course of a few days, we work together to expand our understanding of what the user needs along with the business’s objectives, and consider the technology available to merge the two.

Once we’ve sketched all possible solutions, it's time for our team to pick the best ones. Afterward, we go through the prototyping and validation cycle of learning and generating novel answers to critical business questions. This accelerated pace delivers some high-value outcomes and lowers the project risk over time.

Our objective here is simple: refine to define.

In our experiments, we look to key in to the consumer’s senses throughout their process. We seek to understand how they see the product or service and the sounds and feelings associated with them (i.e. anticipation, patience, excitement) as they step through the cycle. Businesses that hit all the right touch points at the right time are better at building brand loyalty and reinventing themselves to do better than their competition.

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UX Experience Design sprints diagram | Net Solutions
Net Solutions usability testing and validation diagram | UX Experience Design

Usability Testing & Validation

Capturing the Voice of the Consumer

Excellent design demands iteration and innovation. We focus on improving UX through usability testing and honest feedback. This helps us to engineer a more seamless experience by eliminating user flow silos.

As a team, we have a chance to go where the people are by testing in any environment. With this approach comes the opportunity to understand the daylight between user perception and product use. By increasing our exposure hours, we uncover insights that help you to make better future decisions.

Design done in the voice of the consumer validates the process. When we are able to capture their expectations, aversions and preferences, we have the means to craft a more intuitive user experience.

User-centered product design that strengthens loyalty and trust is what we do.

Our goal is to create a seamless digital experience that speaks the language users will understand no matter where they are. Get in touch with us for a free consultation to find out how we can do that for you.

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