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eCommerce Strategy

Think of Net Solutions as your partner in surprising and delighting your customers.

Leverage the experience of a custom software development company that has been building strategic, shopper-first digital commerce platforms for over two decades. Our reputation in the world of eCommerce web design services proves we have what it takes to get your project started on the right foot and see it through to the finish line.

Whether you're a B2B or B2C enterprise, it's not just about having the right tools. It's about using those tools to their fullest potential without disrupting what you're already doing right.

Branding, storytelling, amazing design, back-office optimization, smart digital marketing, and secure tech are all tools that need to be used effectively to ensure your online store’s success. Additionally, you’ll need to make regular site improvements and updates to maintain a seamless shopping experience. Our experts can assist you in bringing all of these elements together for explosive growth in your eCommerce store.

By enlisting our eCommerce development services, you get the advantage of our experienced and knowledgeable team going to work for you. Experts in UX design services, specialized eCommerce business analysts, and technical architects will come together to provide a results-driven, 360-degree strategy that’s robust and scalable. Plus, we give priority to ecommerce security in today’s digital environment. We can accommodate everything from a simple one-page site that lets you sell products to a complex storefront that dazzles your customers. Regardless of your business’s size, you can experience the benefit of professional eCommerce web design services.

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eCommerce Replatforming

eCommerce Replatforming

Enhance your shoppers' experience with the new MACH-enabled eCommerce platforms and stay ahead in a rapidly changing market driven by evolving customer expectations and technologies.

Struggling to integrate your eCommerce with other business aspects? We offer seamless ecommerce replatforming, backed by 20+ years of multi-domain experience. Our expert teams align solutions with your goals, ensuring zero data loss or disruption to your operations. Embrace the future with a scalable, feature-rich, and future-proof eCommerce solution. Experience optimized website performance and exceed customer expectations.

Don't let legacy systems hinder your growth. Upgrade, reinvent, and replatform with us to stay at the forefront of the industry. Connect with Net Solutions now to transform your online store!

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Customized Digital Experiences

Your eCommerce store needs to strike the perfect balance of style and substance to tide over the gamut of eCommerce challenges. It’s the only way to capture the attention of today’s online shoppers and cultivate consistent conversions.

We can help you design a personalized user experience that increases customer engagement, boosts revenue, grows your audience, and nurtures brand loyalty — all while delivering the data you need to gain powerful insight into potential growth opportunities.

Our eCommerce web development services produce platforms that deliver on your brand’s promises. We begin with a custom eCommerce strategy that focuses on intuitive, secure user interactions. The end goal is an eCommerce solution that’s completely scalable and seamlessly merges your back-office and customer-facing features.

You don’t have to build a custom eCommerce platform from scratch to work with Net Solutions. Our certified developers are well-versed in optimizing ready-made platforms like Magento and WooCommerce to get the most out of the features they provide.

We can also provide your brand with unique custom eCommerce experiences. Net Solutions can supply fully-optimized customer journeys for your online store that anticipate customer challenges and keep users happy throughout their shopping experience.

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Retail Experience Optimization

Today’s online shopper makes quick decisions. The goalposts for customer engagement and retention are constantly moving. Our eCommerce web design services ensure that you stay one step ahead by delivering advanced data analytics to intuitive dashboards in real-time.

Now, you can easily anticipate shoppers’ needs and provide the precise digital commerce experience they’re looking for.

Our eCommerce development solutions improve your customer-facing features as well. Users will be presented with outstanding retail service that will keep them coming back.

The checkout experience can be a major sticking point for online shoppers. Your customers want a smooth and secure checkout experience. Easy payment gateways, frictionless checkout, and customer loyalty program tools are just a few of the eCommerce development services we provide to help you connect your customers' experiences across their entire retail journey.

Whether you need to streamline your returns process, empower your customer-facing employees, modernize your digital inventory or integrate your brick-and-mortar and online platforms, Net Solutions has the tools and experience necessary to optimize your store’s overall retail experience.

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Ongoing Improvements

eCommerce apps and platforms typically require many moving parts to successfully guide the customer from “first touch” to checkout. It’s nearly impossible for one person to juggle them all effectively.

As a business owner, your focus should be on business development. Creating new products and engaging with your customers is the best use of your time. With that said, the other aspects of your eCommerce store still need attention.

For example, who's going to deal with “background” issues that affect your eCommerce site’s efficiency? What about when problems arise that affect your website or mobile app's usability, who's going to keep your site going? These issues may not seem important, but any slowdown in the efficiency of your site or mobile app will affect your bottom line unless you have a partner like Net Solutions.

Our programmers do more than just create your eCommerce development solutions. They monitor them for you, too. You can feel confident knowing the health of your eCommerce platform is in their expert hands. The Net Solutions team will provide regular code audits to help you break through bottlenecks in your store’s workflow and maximize your efficiency by performing CRO audits, firewall updates, troubleshooting, and implementing customized solutions to amplify your brand's growth.

Our task list goes well beyond simply fixing bugs. We’ll work alongside you to ensure that layout, coding, security management, traffic insights, and store updates keep humming along without unnecessary downtime. Your site functions at its best for longer periods, which means you reach more customers and increase conversions.

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eCommerce FAQs

What is eCommerce?

Ecommerce, short for electronic commerce, is the buying and selling of goods and services through online platforms. Businesses can sell to other businesses (B2B) or directly to customers (B2C) through branded digital storefronts. Consumers can also sell to each other (C2C) using third-party marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon.

Ecommerce encompasses a wide range of activities that involve exchanging payment online for a product, including:

  • Shopping for books, groceries, and other goods
  • Making donations
  • Booking a hotel or vacation rental
  • Purchasing theater or museum tickets
  • Subscribing to streaming services

How do you design and develop an eCommerce website?

There are two ways to build an eCommerce website:

  • Software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms such as Shopify or BigCommerce offer off-the-shelf ecommerce web design services that don’t require programming knowledge. You can choose a design or template that reflects your brand, add your logo and product information, and launch the site without needing to code. Hosting, payment gateways, and encryption are included for convenience, but each software platform has its own limitations.
  • Custom solutions are built specifically for your business needs by a professional eCommerce web design company. These developers may use open-source platforms such as Magento or offer fully-customizable eCommerce development services that provide you with your own site built from the ground up.

How much does an eCommerce website cost?

SaaS ecommerce platforms cost about $30 to $300 per month, depending on what features you need.

The cost of a custom-built site depends on the vision you have for your eCommerce store. Web developers typically assess your needs and provide a quote for building and launching the store based on the project's scope. In addition, ongoing maintenance and support is usually billed monthly.

What is eCommerce software?

Ecommerce software is a series of computer programs and applications that tell your online store how to respond to customer interactions like clicking on a product page or filling out a shipping address. The software includes the front-end interface that consumers use and the back-end databases and systems necessary for you to fulfill orders and accept payment.

Ecommerce software offers a wide range of functionalities.

Customers can:

  • Browse and search products
  • Add items to a shopping cart
  • Use discount codes and gift cards
  • Choose shipping options
  • Make payments
  • Add product reviews and ratings

Businesses can:

  • Manage inventory
  • Calculate taxes and shipping
  • Track customer activity
  • Automate order confirmations and shipping notifications
  • Integrate sales channels such as third-party marketplaces and social media
  • Personalize customer experiences
  • Capture and analyze data for more targeted marketing

What is eCommerce development?

Ecommerce development is the process of designing and building a company's digital storefront. An experienced eCommerce web design company will start by researching how a company works, the challenges it faces, and its digital commerce needs. This knowledge is used to craft eCommerce development solutions that allow for affordable agility and scalability. Once the concept is developed, the eCommerce site is built, tested, and launched.

A basic online store can involve just a few product pages and a simple checkout process. More advanced storefronts can include features that support a company's overall business operations and growth. For example, more complex components such as omnichannel retailing, order fulfillment, and marketing analytics can be integrated into your site to streamline operations and boost productivity.

How long does it take to build an eCommerce website?

SaaS eCommerce platforms enable you to create a digital storefront in as little as a day. Keeping to this timeline requires you to have your domain name, business logo, sales copy, product images, and inventory prices already available. This type of out-of-the-box software features user-friendly interfaces with drag-and-drop editors and checklists to help you easily complete your store’s setup.

A store built using custom features may take a few weeks and usually requires coding. Building and developing an eCommerce website from scratch may take months. The project timeline depends on the level of functionality and complexity your project requires. Aspects like requiring integration with existing systems may make things more complex.

What is an ecommerce developer?

An eCommerce developer oversees the process of building and launching a digital storefront. Providing high-quality eCommerce web development services relies on understanding the capabilities and limitations of different ecommerce platforms and how to best fit them together.

An effective eCommerce developer should:

  • Analyze the needs of a company
  • Select the right tech stack to achieve their individual business goals
  • Design the architecture of the digital storefront
  • Work closely with programmers who code, build, and test the site

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