Healthcare Software Development Services

Patient Portals

An optimized digital patient experience is at the heart of any effective healthcare IT system. Our expert UX/UI team and healthcare app developers have the expertise necessary to devise and deploy patient portals that make it quick, intuitive, and seamless for patients to get care and make payments — maximizing your EHR investment and ROI. Healthcare facilities can also maximize their EHR investment through Net Solutions’ seamless data flow between platforms and parent EHR systems.

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Doctor showing medical records on a tablet | Healthcare app development
Doctor using a mobile device | Healthcare app development

Mobile Healthcare App Development Services

Health and wellness are top-of-mind nowadays, and leveraging a healthcare software solutions company can go a long way in helping providers and patients collaborate from wherever they are. Our expert healthcare app development services can help you create custom mobile apps that track vital signs, simplify sharing lab results, and create opportunities to improve patients’ health and well-being. Our work can provide positive real-world impact by making healthcare services accessible to groups with traditional accessibility issues, like seniors in retirement communities and private homes.

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Medical Practice Management & Operations

A savvy medical practice uses technology to automate and streamline processes while maintaining HIPAA and other regulatory compliance. Our custom healthcare software development company is experienced in building medical data management systems encompassing all business functions, from patient registration to laboratory charting, pharmacy and inventory management, insurance claims processing, and accounting In addition, medical professionals can leverage Net Solutions’ cutting-edge technology to manage everyday office tasks like scheduling, route optimization, upcoming visits, as well as patient and employee data.

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Nurse using a management system | Healthcare app development
Lady connected to a doctor by using telemedicine | Healthcare app development


One of the most significant digital healthcare accomplishments has been making medical services accessible to patients when they need them most. As a leading Telemedicine software development company, we have experience building bespoke telemedicine systems that seamlessly integrate EHR systems, deliver superior video quality, and empower physicians and patients to connect securely and privately for better outcomes. We’ve also helped our clients set up eCommerce platforms for ordering and tracking OTC drugs, as well as pharmacy transfers.

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Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare providers have a quantifiable and qualifiable impact on their patients in today's digital world. Our enterprise healthcare software development services include state-of-the-art analytics to give you insights into all areas of your business. Net Solutions can provide a cutting-edge platform to handle everything from management to patient records, costs, diagnoses, creative support, better treatments and care, and waste and cost-cutting measures.

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Man tracking his heart rate on a watch and mobile phone | Healthcare app development
Doctor logging medical records on a laptop | Healthcare app development

Compliance and Security

Regulatory compliance and patient privacy are a top priority for medical services companies. As a leading healthcare software development company, we understand the complexities of HIPAA and global privacy regulations and are experienced in designing and building healthcare software solutions that protect patient data, ensure proper use by providers, and simply the auditing process.

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Success Stories

  • We Build Social Platforms for Medical Professionals

    One of our most impactful, innovative achievements as a healthcare app development company was a social platform that advanced collaboration within the medical community. Click here and read on to learn how this healthcare social app is empowering global healthcare practitioners to safely and securely connect, network, and share notes on the industry’s latest data and trends.

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