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The Net Solutions Approach

Expert MVP Software Development for Winning Digital Products

When you use Net Solutions to develop your Minimum Viable Product (MVP), you receive valuable insights into what really is viable for your customers. We make sure you get the right product for your situation and all the feedback you need.

As a leading MVP development company, we analyze your product vision from all angles, examining your business needs and how your product best fits in. We use our analysis to present you with a detailed plan, demonstrating how your concepts lead to a differentiated product developed on time and within budget.

We execute our plans by designing a prototype that incorporates exciting new features, encouraging and then responding to feedback. From the prototype, we build your product to be scalable, flexible and easily adjusted to reflect market realities.

Our MVP product development process is driven by a user-centric approach. This gives you insight into the things your customers value and empowers you to make changes that optimize product performance, ensuring that your product launches strongly with a powerful market impact.

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MVP Product Development Services

Business Analysis

Naturally, you want to launch your new MVP quickly to meet your company’s overall goals and specific product needs. Our comprehensive, Agile MVP development services start with a deep dive into your business objectives, so we can quickly create an MVP that satisfies those needs.

First, we examine your product vision and analyze it in terms of your objectives, priorities and challenges. By looking at your customers, proposed users and the competition, we can place your product concept within your overall marketing strategy to leverage your strengths and take advantage of opportunities.

Once we have a detailed idea of what you want to do and how you want to do it, we flesh out your product concept. Net Solutions works with your team to ensure that the developed MVP fits seamlessly into your business plans.

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Business Analysis
Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Rather than develop an MVP based on assumed user preferences, Net Solutions investigates what users want directly. We then make sure that we satisfy the minimum and that the proposed product will in fact be viable.

We recognize that one of the reasons for MVP product development is to gain market insight on what users value and we develop products that facilitate these efforts. We look at your target market to find industry requirements and examine your user profiles to help develop a product that will excite them with user-friendly design and open the door to further discussions from their feedback.

When we evaluate the market environment into which we will place your product, we take a marketing perspective that solves user problems, matches user preferences and highlights product uniqueness and differentiation. Our work at this stage builds the basis for a subsequent successful product launch.

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Strategic Plan

As part of our process, we bring you expert MVP software development services or an MVP app development plan for strategic product development. Using the information about your business and the collected user data to show you how a strategic approach can result in the product you need.

Based on our analysis, we detail how the MVP development fits into your business plans. Our strategy is designed to further your business goals using your existing capabilities and resources.

Our strategic plan includes a validation of your product concepts and details what technologies we propose to use to get you to market quickly and within budget. Our MVP development experience and our broad technological expertise allow us to provide you with a plan that includes all the details you'd like to see.

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Strategic Plan
Prototype Design

Prototype Design

We design a high-fidelity prototype using an agile approach that assigns priorities to functions based on user profiles and preferences, as well as your business needs and business environment. We design the prototype with the desired UX in mind and include a minimum functionality.

Based on feedback and prototype performance, we can add product functions and features to the list of priorities. We work to get a prototype to help define the minimum functionality required for viability.

Net Solutions uses the prototype to show your stakeholders what is possible and to get them excited about further development. We add functions and features as we work our way down the list of priorities until we arrive at a meaningful design for an MVP.

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Project Development

Our dedicated MVP development team goes to work to create the product your users are looking for, and we base our design on the functionality of the prototype and the features your users want.

Our approach gets you to market fast in a cost-saving way while developing exceptional products. Key characteristics of our MVPs are scalable infrastructure, easy distribution, user-centric design and flexible expansion of functionality.

We design for a launch inviting feedback that is positive and constructive. You'll learn what functions and features your users value the most and which ones have less value. Your initial users will spread the word, all but guaranteeing the success of follow-up versions of your product.

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Project Development
Product Evolution

Product Evolution

Agile product design and MVP product development are used to quickly meet the demands of an evolving market. As consumer preferences change and technology advances, the needs of your business and the expectations for your products change as well.

Our real-world analysis and user-centric design help you react appropriately to such changes. You'll have the required feedback and market intelligence that will help you make critical decisions for the best possible outcomes.

The scalable features and adaptability of our MVP designs let you react quickly with a highly positive market impact. We make sure your product can evolve as necessary and give you the tools to steer the evolution in the right direction.

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Common FAQs about Working With Net
Solutions for MVP Development Services

What is MVP?

MVP stands for minimum viable product. It is a product or service that is developed and ready for proof of concept with early customers. It's often a product that will be adapted and improved over time once the product has gained traction and sales. Once an MVP becomes popular and proves it can gain market share, it can be developed into a product that is mass-produced and marketed across a wider market.

Why outsource to an MVP development company?

In addition to being able to rely on a team of experts who have industry connections and experience, it's often less expensive to outsource to an MVP development company that specializes in the field. You can often save time, and a good project manager can ask all of the right questions to determine your end game and how to turn your dreams into something tangible. If you have never developed an MVP before, you may need all of the help and advice you could get.

What is MVP development?

MVP software development is the process of studying the market to determine how well your idea or product might resonate with potential customers. During this process, you must evaluate what exactly your customers will do with your product or service, your customers’ greatest needs and how your new product can solve their problems.

Whether you need help with MVP app development or MVP software development, we are here to ensure you access essential insights and feedback to make improvements that address your target audience’s most pressing concerns. This ensures that by the time you're ready to launch, you already have an idea of who to market your new product to and the most attractive features you might want to highlight.

How do you build an MVP application?

Building your MVP application typically involves the following steps.

  • Conduct market research. If you don't have a product people actually want, you shouldn't continue past this step. Typically, you want to find a need that already exists instead of trying to create a need where there is none.
  • Determine an appropriate value for your application. People won't invest in things they don't perceive as having any value. Find the balance between not underselling yourself and delivering something customers believe is worth what you're charging or more.
  • Focus on the features people want most. An MVP doesn't need to be perfect. It just needs to be something that provides the features your target customers want and will use.
  • Launch your product once you determine it fills a need. Even though it's only minimally viable, it needs to be easy to use and have a purpose.
  • Improve your product based on feedback you receive from users. This valuable feedback helps you refine the application so it begins to attract more users and data you can study for future product development.

Why is a minimum viable product important?

Many startups have cash flow challenges, and an MVP lets you solve that problem by releasing a product sooner and without overinvesting in product development. As your product gains sales, you're able to use the revenue from current customers to perform more market research, add features users really want and invest in marketing to a broader audience. For businesses that lack capital or investment, this helps them get on their feet without the need for outside influences.

One of the most valuable aspects of MVP development is that you're already building a user base. This helps you establish your own market that is ready and willing to try your newest and latest products. It is far easier to sell to the customer you already have than to find a new one.

How much does it cost to make an MVP app?

Your application will vary in cost depending on its scope and requirements. The quality and success of your MVP app also depends on who you select to assist you in its development. You can get a quote for our services and let us know more about your ideas and goals to learn what it is we can do and for what cost.

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