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Our Approach to React Native App Development
The Net Solutions Approach

Full-Spectrum Mobile App Consulting

In our digital age, every on-the-go touchpoint factors into your business success. As a leading app development consultant, we specialize in designing and deploying enterprise mobile applications. Our team of analysts, UX specialists, designers, and developers have extensive industry and vertical expertise that they bring to the creation of your custom digital strategy and mobile app roadmap. The result is a next-level mobile experience that delights users, ignites opportunities, and supports results-driving digital transformation.

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Our Mobile App Consulting Strategy

Your business is unique, and your product or platform's mobile expression must reflect all of your brand's aspects while delivering a user-friendly experience. Our mobile app development consulting services support you every step of the way and include:

Market Analysis

We provide a comprehensive analysis, including feasibility studies, that takes a deep dive into your user needs and the competitive landscape to identify all the ways your mobile app can solve pressing problems and earn advantages over competitors in your market niche.

Product Roadmap

We design the way forward with a customized roadmap that details the features and functions of your mobile app.

Infrastructure & Technology Selection

At this critical juncture, we determine the best app environment for your product or platform — native (iOS, Android), hybrid, or cross-platform — along with other significant factors, like language.

Testing & Launch

Our mobile app development consulting isn’t just about designing the app right; it’s also about creating the right app for your business. So our testing criteria cover all critical factors, from usability to practical integration and implementation, security and implementation.

Maintenance & Support

Just because you’ve launched your mobile solution doesn’t mean your mobile app development consulting journey is over. Our team of experienced pros helps you make data-driven decisions for continuous improvements, upgrades, and even new mobile products and platforms.

Our Mobile App Development Consulting Services

With more than 15 years of mobile development consulting, we provide an array of services from initial app audits/analysis to strategic modernization planning and all aspects of designing and developing mobile apps from scratch. With the help of our expert mobile app consulting team, we empower our clients with a custom strategy that earns engagement and loyalty — and sharpens their competitive edge.

Services include:

Mobile App Strategy Design

Plotting out the app itself is just one part of the solution; ensuring your mobile app is integrated into your overall business and enterprise strategy is critical. We help you analyze and evaluate all mobile uses of your app or platform to ensure that it’s cost-effective, efficient, and user-friendly.

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React Native App Development
React Native Consulting

Mobile App Audit & Optimization

Your business performance is tightly aligned with your mobile app performance. Our app development consultants are experts in a variety of niche audits, including:

  • UX/UI

  • Code

  • Security

  • Compliance

  • Compatibility (device, platform)

Once we’ve determined obstacles to progress and opportunities for improvements, we create and execute a custom plan to optimize your apps for better outcomes and ROI.

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Mobile App Development

Having been at the forefront of mobile app development since the dawn of the mobile app (2007), we have experience and expertise in designing and deploying a bespoke solution that supports your company’s needs in innovative ways. And we ensure that every angle — from the back end to the front end and every point in between — is optimized for speed, usability, conversion rate, and performance.

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React Native Migration/ Legacy App Migration
React Native Team Augmentation

Mobile App Modernization

One of the smartest ways to maximize your budget, efficiency, and impact is to update your mobile app’s features and functions. Our seasoned mobile app development consultants collaborate with your team to craft a modernization strategy that supports business objectives and continuity for a seamless upgrade to your user experience.

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Why Choose Net Solutions as Your Mobile App Development Consultant

With more than two decades in digital consulting and Agile software and app development, we’ve helped design and build apps for global companies of all sizes and scopes, from startups to enterprises. Here’s why we’re the perfect choice to help you with your mobile app strategy and implementation:

  • We provide full-service mobile app development with a proven track record and award-winning apps.

  • Net Solutions is known not only as an iOS app development company, but we also offer end-to-end android application development services.

  • Our team has vast experience developing mobile strategies across industries and verticals for B2B, B2C, B2B2C, and custom mobile applications.

  • We use cross-platform app development frameworks to accelerate native app development.

  • Our design-led engineering ensures that the mobile interfaces we develop provide a seamless experience to on-the-go users.

At a Glance: Why Choose Net Solutions as Your React Native Development Partner?

FAQs About Net Solutions’ Mobile App Development Consulting Services

What are the benefits of partnering with a mobile app consultant?

A mobile app development consultant like Net Solutions brings much more to the table beyond technical ability. Here’s a snapshot of the top benefits:

  • All you need to make your mobile app dreams a reality is available under one roof.
  • A full suite of mobile application development consulting services makes the process faster, more seamless, and more cost-effective.
  • An accelerated time to market sharpens your competitive edge.
  • A dedicated external and virtual app development team frees your internal team to prioritize other revenue-building activities.
  • The difference in time zones means we work on your mobile app while you sleep!
  • Digital transformation and mobile accessibility are no longer nice-to-have – they’re a must for today’s on-the-go world. A mobile app development partner invested in your success makes the process smoother, safer, and easier.

How do consultants audit a mobile app?

A mobile app audit is the first step to ensuring you’re providing an optimal user experience. Generally speaking, here’s the process:

  • Step 1: The app development consultant discusses the goals for the audit with you. This is also the perfect time to review business objectives and ensure the audit’s focus is perfectly aligned with your needs.
  • Step 2: You and the consultant go through a “guided app demo” — a walkthrough of the app’s user roles, functionality, and workflow. This helps the auditing team understand the app's purpose and features, so they can effectively audit its functional requirements.
  • Step 3: The development team conducts a functional and technical documentation review to better understand the architecture, components, third-party libraries, etc., used to develop the app. Ideally, you (the client) can provide this documentation, so the development team can quickly ramp up for the audit.
  • Step 4: The prescribed audits are conducted by the mobile app development company (i.e., UX/Ui, code, security, compatibility, etc.)
  • Step 5: The findings are compiled, and an audit report is created and provided to the client.
  • Step 6: The recommendations are implemented.

At what point in the product design process should a business invest in app development consulting?

App development consulting is, as the question indicates, an investment, but it’s not one you should put off until the end. In fact, an experienced mobile app development consultant can save you money, time, and effort by being your first investment. After all, a strong mobile app consultant can help you:

  • Thoroughly research your marketplace and competition to find your unique position and potential competitive advantage.
  • Define the problem your app solves and who (audience) needs your mobile app the most.
  • Decide what kind of mobile app(s) you’re going to develop: native (iOS, Android), hybrid, or cross-platform.
  • Identify monetization opportunities.
  • Create a secure, compliant solution.

The sooner you consult a seasoned app consultant, the more efficient and effective your mobile app development process can be!

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