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Our .Net development specialists build the apps and platforms you need to expand your business and help transform it into an agile, high-performing competitor.

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The Net Solutions Advantage

Delivering Innovative ASP.NET Core Solutions

As a Microsoft Gold Application Development Partner, we have engineered enterprise-grade solutions for customers in many different industries, including for Microsoft's own hardware division. Though, let's understand one thing first - users often get overwhelmed with the .Net Core vs .Net Framework debate and related products. The base fact is that Microsoft supports both these frameworks - .NET Core and the .NET framework. While the latter is a traditional version, .NET Core is more aligned to technological advancements. And ASP.NET Core relies upon and extends .NET Core's platform functionalities. We use Microsoft's position at the forefront of digital innovation and its versatile ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core frameworks to power innovative but robust business software. We specialize in custom .Net projects that range from writing pristine code to building web applications for the Azure cloud. Our ASP Net development services are all you need to deliver an optimal experience to any device, every time.

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Developing Apps That Respond to Your Needs

While the .Net platform offers flexibility for both Windows desktop applications and cross-platform mobile apps, only an experienced ASP Net development company can use that flexibility to build the apps you need. Net Solutions has almost 20 years of experience in digital products, platforms and software development. We can evaluate your business needs, develop the corresponding apps and help your business thrive. Our .Net and ASP.NET Core specialists can start with the features and functionality you require and build apps that are easy-to-use, scalable, and engagingly interactive. Our apps deliver the CX your customers want while giving you the functionality you need.

Developing Apps


Using the ASP.NET Framework for Custom Solutions

Our ASP.NET development team uses an agile process to build custom solutions within a tight framework. We employ best coding practices that leverage the ASP.NET platform's lightweight features and functions. The result is robust custom software and full-featured back ends for desktop, mobile, web and IoT solutions. For customer-facing software, we prioritize an engaging CX that helps bring in new users.

Our overall development process emphasizes attention to customer needs, thorough concept validation, fast app creation, extensive testing and successful final rollout. Our familiarity with the ASP.NET framework lets us execute our custom software development process to deliver excellent solutions that work for our customers at a reasonable cost.

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Using the ASP.NET Framework for Custom Solutions
Integrating Other Microsoft Platforms

Integrating Other Microsoft Platforms

In addition to working with custom software developed with the ASP.NET platform, Net Solutions can integrate other platforms that deliver standard functions, such as enterprise resource planning or business management. Our expert ASP Net web development services empowers us to build your software ecosystem to include custom solutions as well as Microsoft Business Solutions platforms like Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the Sharepoint collaborative document management software.

These platforms can be configured for many different business cases and we can make sure that they deliver the functionality you want and work with your other applications to share data as needed. We use powerful Microsoft tools and components to make sure your applications function as an integrated, streamlined software ecosystem.

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Modernizing Legacy Apps

Legacy software and apps generate ever-increasing maintenance costs and resist integration with modern software. As a result, many can't deliver the digital experience customers and employees expect. Companies maintain operations with legacy software because they often can't find the essential functions they need in standard, updated applications, and out-of-date apps may not have an obvious upgrade path. When we update such software to work on a .Net platform, we plan and execute a smooth transition.

When you partner with an ASP Net web development company like Net Solutions, you upgrade your existing tech stack to deliver improved performance — we make sure the updated software can execute all the functions you classify as important. Typical benefits include improved performance, increased speed, better usability and lower costs.

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Modernizing Legacy Apps
Building and Managing Microsoft Azure Projects

Building and Managing Microsoft Azure Projects

As a leading ASP Net development company, Net Solutions can help your company become a cloud computing powerhouse with the Microsoft Azure service and the .Net framework. We can design your Azure cloud computing projects to help with employee collaboration, remote work, computer backups and device management.

Our experienced .Net developers write, build and manage Microsoft Azure projects to make sure you get the results you need. Our leading-edge ASP Net development services include cloud-first software solutions that address common business challenges, such as data security, file availability, operational scalability and functional consistency. When we create cloud applications, we configure them so that your employees and customers can access the data and functions for which they have authorization from any device, anywhere. Your business becomes more flexible, more responsive to market demands and better at giving customers what they want.

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Migrating Existing Apps to ASP.NET Core

ASP.NET Core is the open-source, cross-platform version of ASP.NET, and we at Net Solutions can help you migrate existing apps to the new framework. When you migrate apps to ASP.NET Core, you can target Windows, Linux and Apple operating systems, but converting your files can be challenging. You need an experienced ASP.NET Core developer for a successful migration. We identify data structures, files and dependencies for your proposed migration and make sure that your data is safe for a flawless transition.

We use Microsoft tools to analyze portability and create clear steps for the conversion process. To make sure everything works as planned, we create test projects that we run on the migrated apps to show that they operate as expected. Net Solutions can complete your transition to the latest version of ASP.NET Core quickly and successfully.

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Migrating Existing Apps to ASP.NET Core
Optimizing App Performance

Optimizing App Performance

Users expect apps to run rapidly with an intuitive UI — excellent reliability and consistency are only prerequisites. In order to compete, your business needs apps that immediately communicate to users what they have to do and quickly give them the information and functionality they're looking for the same way every time.

At Net Solutions, we offer ASP Net core development services with these goals in mind — but there is always room for improvement via app optimization. Based on our extensive ASP.NET development experience, we review code and analyze crash data. We establish performance benchmarks and look for potential problem points. Net Solutions identifies which aspects of app performance are lagging and works on those. As part of this process, when we come across bottlenecks, we resolve them to improve day-to-day performance. When the app optimization is complete, your app will be fast, intuitive and reliable.

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Updating, Upgrading and Maintaining Your Software

Net Solutions is committed to your digital success and can continue to support you after launch. We'll be here to handle your updates, upgrades and maintenance and help you keep everything running smoothly. Our ASP.NET maintenance team is there for the support you need and to make sure you can serve your customers and exceed their expectations — that way, you can stay ahead of the competition and satisfy market demands. With our specialists to back you up, you can focus on your business and let us worry about your IT.

Net Solutions will keep your current software ecosystem performing at a high level, and when your business changes as a result of evolving markets, we can help you adapt and prosper.

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Updating, Upgrading and Maintaining Your Software


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Common FAQs about Working With Net
Solutions for ASP.NET Development

What is ASP.NET?

ASP.NET is an open-source developer framework. It was created by Microsoft and dates back to the 2000s, though constant upgrades have kept it competitive as a framework through the years.

What is ASP.NET used for?

ASP.NET is used by developers to build dynamic websites as well as web applications and services. While ASP.NET runs only on Windows, Microsoft issued ASP.NET Core in 2016. It runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS, expanding the accessibility of this free framework to more developers and systems.

Why use ASP.NET?

As an open-source solution, ASP.NET is free to use. That can reduce the cost of web development for agencies and businesses. It's built into the overall Windows framework, which makes it easy and familiar to use for most developers and requires less setup than some frameworks.

In some cases, ASP.NET also supports better speed. For example, most of the time a site built with ASP.NET will be faster than a site built with PHP, making ASP.NET more attractive for businesses that are worried about site functionality and user experience.

How much does an ASP.NET application cost?

ASP.NET web apps are often more affordable than apps developed with other solutions, due in part to the open-source nature of the technology. That being said, the total cost of your project depends on various factors, including how big or complex it is, how fast you need it and what integrations you might need. Reach out to Net Solutions, a trusted ASP Net web development company for a quote on an ASP.NET project today.

How is ASP.NET used in web development?

ASP.NET is only one of many coding languages under the .NET umbrella. Usually it's used to develop the back-end applications and utilities of a website or web application (in the same way Python is used for the same thing). As part of our ASP Net web development services, ASP.NET is paired with programming languages that may also be under the .NET umbrella (such as VB.NET), and those are used to code the front-end elements.

How do you find an ASP.NET development company?

You can search online, ask a business partner if they've worked with one they liked or check with your IT teams to get some recommendations. Or, you can reach out to Net Solutions today. We're an ASP.NET development company with plenty of technical resources and know-how to get your project completed.

Why hire ASP.NET developers?

There are so many coding languages and web development tools, and your IT teams can't know them all. Besides, you hired those professionals to keep your business applications running and support your other teams. Hiring developers for ASP Net core development services lets you build new web applications or sites without burdening existing tech resources. It also ensures you're working with people who are experts at the technology, so they're likely to be faster and more adept at using it. That's good news for your project timeline and cost.

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