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For building a web application, a trusted name with almost two decades of history that springs to mind immediately is ASP.NET, be it the venerable .NET Framework or the new .NET Core. Net Solutions has experienced ASP.NET developers with a proven track record in producing powerful web applications.


ASP.NET Web Development Services

Net Solutions offers wide range of world-class professional ASP.NET programming services in both .NET Framework and .NET Core for our global clients, from a bootstrapped startup to a large enterprise.

ASP.NET Framework Development

Build your web applications with full-featured powerful backends from the ground up using Agile processes & best coding practices with ASP.NET Framework

ASP.NET Core Development

Take advantage of cross-platform, microservices oriented ASP.NET Core to build powerful, scalable web applications.

WCF Implementation

Build your WCF enabled ASP.NET Framework application with our expert ASP.NET Framework developers.

Mobile App Development

Build cross-platform mobile applications using C# with our experienced & proven Xamarin development services.

Migration to ASP.NET

Migrate your web application from your existing technology stack to ASP.NET with our expert .NET Framework & .NET Core developers.

ASP.NET Upgrade

Use the latest .NET features and capabilities by moving up your web application to newer version of ASP.NET Framework or ASP.NET Core with our experienced ASP.NET developers.

ASP.NET Framework to ASP.NET Core Migration

Move from traditional ASP.NET Framework to cross-platform ASP.NET Core with our ASP.NET web development team.

ASP.NET App Optimisation

Our skilled & experienced ASP.NET web development team will review code, analyse crash data, and do performance grading to identify problem areas to optimise.

Support & Maintenance

Join global brands that trust Net Solutions to provide support & maintenance services by moving your ASP.NET application projects to our top ASP.NET maintenance team.

Independent Testing

Double-check your ASP.NET web applications with our testing services that include functionality testing, code review, load testing, and more.

  • Sean Devlin

    Net Solutions is our Outsourcing partner. They really focus on customers and understand their business objectives. We worked with them for over 6 years and they have really done an outstanding job for us. They consistently exceed our expectations despite being in separate time zones.

    Sean Devlin

    Product Development, Front Rush

What Makes Us Different

Security Focussed ASP.NET Development

We take special care to sensitise our ASP.NET Framework developers and ASP.NET Core developers to industry-leading application security practices.

Constantly Updated ASP.NET Developers

Our experienced ASP.NET web developers are constantly upskilled and trained for latest versions of .NET Framework, .NET Core, Visual Studio IDE, etc.

Rich ASP.NET Experience

As Microsoft Certified Partners, we picked up .NET as soon as it was released in 2002, and have built hundreds of web applications since.

Agile Processes Focussed

We provide rigorous training of best engineering practices and processes like Agile development methodology and DevOps.

Why Work with Us

19+ Years of Experience

An established .NET Web development company with over 19 years in servicing clients globally, you know you are in good hands when you sign up with us. The depth of experience shows.

Focus on Standards and Quality

All our ASP.NET developers are trained against and follow best-in-class coding standards that are enforced through automated & manual code reviews.

Handpicked ASP.NET Developers

We have some of the best ASP.NET developers in the world. Besides the usual technical skills, we also evaluate aptitude & attitude of every person.

Flexible Contracts

Recognising the varied situations that can exist for our clients, we have very flexible terms of engagement that are designed for maximum client benefit.

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