Optimize the Power of Low-Code and No-Code Platforms For Budget-Friendly, Rapid Releases

Accelerate your app development with expert product development that takes low code/no code to the next level.

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Full Spectrum Optimized Low Code App Development
The Net Solutions Approach

Full Spectrum Optimized Low Code App Development

Thanks to today’s constantly evolving, uber-competitive marketplace, your business must release, adapt, and scale quickly and efficiently. So, it’s no wonder that low-code/no-code platforms have experienced exponential growth. But just because it’s “easier” to create apps doesn’t mean just anyone should do it. With our customer-centric agile approach and DevOps culture, our experienced low-code app development pros design and build your apps utilizing the best low-code platform for your business. The result is a unique, innovative, high-performing app that stands apart from the competition and upgrades your user experience while optimizing low-code advantages, including cost savings, faster releases, greater security, and enhanced risk management.

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Our Technology Partners

With more than two decades of designing and building ground-breaking apps and platforms, we have been at the forefront of the low-code/no-code platforms explosion. We have first-hand knowledge of the pros and cons of the best low-code/ no-code platforms. And we have developed expertise working with the top enterprise-grade and high-security platforms to deploy high-performing applications with cross-platform functionality.

Here are our top picks for best low-code/no-code platforms, including why we have chosen them as our technology partners:

  • Recognized by industry experts, including Gartner, as a leader in enterprise low-code application platforms
  • High performance is its focus (for teams and otherwise)
  • Expedites the creation process from concept to completion
  • Empowers developers to design powerful user experiences for highly impactful applications
  • Make the process of transforming legacy applications simple and streamlined
  • Consistently a top low-code app development company
  • Easy customization means rapid deployment of interactive, multi-user applications
  • Features and templates are dynamic and engaging
  • Scalable infrastructure supports numerous marketplace integrations
  • High level of intuitive, visual development elements
  • Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) with top-notch security
  • Excellent built-in SEO
  • Top low-code development tool for web apps and cross-platform mobile apps
  • Supports custom, interactive UI with beautiful design and functionality
  • A single codebase saves time and money
  • Deep and vast connectors library
Microsoft Power
  • An incredibly intuitive low-code application platform
  • Data integration and distribution are powerfully enabled
  • Flexible in supporting app integration, extension, and capabilities
  • Deep and vast connectors library
  • A wealth of special tools for professional developers to support innovation

Transform Your Business With Our Low-Code/No-Code Application Development Services

We offer end-to-end low-code/no-code application development services to help you maximize the benefits of no-code/low-code platforms in the short term and over time as your business needs evolve and expand.

Low-Code/No-Code Application Strategy Design

Deciding to use a low-code or no-code platform isn’t just about saving time and money — it’s about making the best choice based on your business requirement and objectives today and in the future. Our expert development team begins with an in-depth analysis to evaluate all the uses of your app or platform. Then they create a design strategy that prioritizes user experience, agility, and scalability alongside your budget, timing, and resource constraints.

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Low-Code/No-Code Application Strategy Design
Custom No-Code/Low-Code Application Development

Custom No-Code/Low-Code Application Development

Our development team specializes in helping you get the most out of the infinite possibilities of the best low-code and no-code platforms present. From customized mobile and web apps and portals to internal business applications, we utilize a rapid low-code app development process to quickly prototype and iterate your software solutions so you can expedite your time to market and deliver an exceptional user experience across the board.

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Digital Transformation

Just because low-code/no-code platforms make it faster and easier to modernize your business systems doesn’t mean it’s turnkey. We help you make the best decisions possible to upgrade your user experience without interruption, integrating legacy IT seamlessly and ensuring compliance as needed. The result is customized software that helps you automate and optimize your business processes, increasing productivity and efficiency while streamlining your operations.

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Digital Transformation
Modernize Outdated/Legacy and End-of-Life Applications

Modernize Outdated/Legacy and End-of-Life Applications

Low-code/no-code technology makes it possible to modernize your legacy applications more swiftly, retiring what no longer serves your business and replacing it with state-of-the-art technology. As your partner in this essential aspect of life-cycle development, our low-code/no-code experts help make a seamless switch, preserving data integrity and prioritizing your team’s comfort with new features, functions, workflows, and processes.

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Ongoing Support and Maintenance Services

Like any other software, low-code/no-code platforms must be updated and upgraded to keep your business running without interruption and as optimized as possible. Our platform specialists are always on top of the latest advances in software and are dedicated to keeping your business operating smoothly and efficiently.

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Ongoing Support and Maintenance Services

Low Code Application Development Use Cases

There are countless ways that low-code and no-code platforms can help you revolutionize your business while saving you time, money, and resources. The following use cases give you an idea of the vast opportunities for robust, flexible applications that this technology provides:

Digital banking

Safe, secure, mobile-friendly applications


Receive payments, manage inventory, and location-based features (i.e., currency)


Stay connected to customers, increase sales, and improve profitability

Field inspection

Enterprise-level inspection reporting for properties, vehicles, and more

Appointment scheduling

Share calendars, book/cancel meetings, and get reminders and notifications

Social media

Facilitate sharing, connection, and engagement between registered users


Connect customers with service providers

Listing directories

Industry-specific directories (i.e., real estate, job boards, and more)

File management

Save, organize, and share files

Internal organization

Connect your team asynchronously (i.e., an intranet)

Human resources

Manage team members from hiring through exiting (i.e., employee onboarding, leave management, employee directory, digital exit interviews)


Reserve and cancel bookings (i.e., car rentals, hotel reservations, restaurant reservations, and so on)

Medical staff scheduling

Manage clinician schedules and coordination of patient care

Budgeting and estimation

Empowers sales teams to do estimates and budgets and receive approvals on the go (i.e., construction, vehicle repair/inspection, manufacturing)

Asset Management

Track valuable assets (i.e., computers and other digital assets, inventory)

Event management

Plan and execute all aspects of an event

Management system

Manage a variety of operations (i.e., productivity, inventory, transportation, projects, and more)

At a Glance: Why Choose Net Solutions as Your Low-Code App Development Partner?

  • With more than two decades of experience providing full-spectrum web development services and mobile app development services to businesses worldwide, we are experts in digital strategy for businesses of all sizes, from startups to scale-ups and enterprise companies.

  • As specialists in UX/UI, we use Design Thinking and a human-centric approach to ensure your app(s) solves your customers’ problems and pain points, engages them at all digital touchpoints, and encourages loyalty and repeat business.

  • Thanks to our Agile methodology-based product development, we help you optimize the built-in benefit and competitive edge of accelerated time to market provided by low-code/no-code application platforms.

  • We’re focused on how the latest technology can simplify and automate your process, freeing you and your team to focus on new paths to grow your business.

At a Glance: Why Choose Net Solutions as Your Angular Development Partner?

Low-Code/No-Code Application Development FAQs with Net Solutions

What is low-code/no-code?

Both low-code and no-code platforms simplify automating and accelerating application development and deployment.

A no-code platform makes it simple for anyone to create and launch applications using visual tools (i.e., drag and drop, graphical user interface). No experience with coding is necessary.

A low-code platform requires some basic coding knowledge, and it’s designed to make it faster, easier, and more cost-effective for developers to create customized software solutions.

What can you build with low-code/no-Code?

The answer is… pretty much anything! The sky's the limit with low-code/no-code platforms for building business applications. And the best part is that chances are you only need a few hours or, at most, a few days to get your idea off the ground — when building applications with basic functionality and attractive features used to take much longer.

Examples of low-code/no-code applications include:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Project and Task management

  • Help Desk

  • Travel and Expense management

  • Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

  • Employee self-service

  • Asset management

  • Procurement

Low-code/no-code application development services deliver the full application development life cycle from concept through development to deployment and ongoing maintenance. Low-code/no-code supports companies in optimizing the impact, speed, and delivery of enterprise without compromising the UX, functionality, and logic of the application.

What’s the difference between low-code vs. no-code?

No-code applications were developed so ordinary people (aka "citizen developers") with little or little technological know-how could quickly and easily create applications. In other words, you don’t need to know programming languages to create a functional and appealing application.

On the other hand, low-code app development involves having at least some coding ability. You don’t have to be an expert, but if you are, a low-code application platform empowers you to speed up the development process by minimizing the amount of hand coding necessary.

What can industries do with low-code/no-code?

Given the explosion in the low-code and no-code platforms, just about any specific industry niche can be served with specialized features and functions. Here are just a few examples of the benefits of using low-code or no-code technology:

  • Manufacturing: Speed up processes in diverse areas, from inventory to inspection, audits, and more.

  • Utilities/Energy: Empower customer engagement and spur sales with customized solutions.

  • Logistics and supply chain: Mobilize teams to handle crucial tasks from procurement management to reporting, supply chain transparency, warranty management, and more.

  • Service providers: Automate workflows from scheduling to deliveries, customer management, reporting, billing, and more.

What are the benefits of low-code/no-code?

As you can tell by all we’ve described, the biggest benefits relate to the savings in time, money, and resources afforded by the best low-code/no-code platforms. Here are a few more specific upsides of this flexible technology:

  • Anyone can use it: This benefit is in the name — you don’t have to be an expert coder to swiftly and efficiently create game-changing, business-building software solutions.

  • Economical: Save on overhead and person power. Plus, an accelerated time to market means your business accrues financial benefits faster.

  • Maximum agility: All aspects of development are automated and simplified, from conception through building and testing. Your team can spend more time doing the work than prepping for it!

  • Supports innovation: By taking the burden off of IT and giving anyone with a vision the tools to get it done, low-code/no-code platforms create space for greater creativity and innovation.

  • Enhanced productivity: Built into all low-code/no-code platforms are automated processes that increase efficiency by streamlining tasks, identifying and alleviating bottlenecks, and reducing unnecessary steps. You’ll move faster and work smarter with the right low-code or no-code solution.


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