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Expert, Full-Service Android App Development

While Apple may often seem like the name of the game with apps (and is certainly important!), Android is an even larger platform. Worldwide, Android makes up more than 70% of mobile operating systems! And there are millions of apps in the Google Play Store, where Android users go to download applications.

Developing an app can help you reach thousands or even millions of users. But the benefits of launching an app are maximized when you create a fast, reliable, and easy-to-find app with the assistance of an Android application development company.

Net Solutions is here to be your partner in this endeavor.

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Comprehensive Android Application Development Services

Businesses from across a wide variety of industries rely on Net Solutions for Android app development services that solve challenges and drive revenue,

Our experienced team of Android app developers never stop learning about the newest Android SDKs and paradigms, furthering their expertise in even the most complex, leading-edge implementations such as AR/VR, smartwatches, beacons, and IoT devices.

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Who Net Solutions Works With

With a complete suite of app design and development skills, an Android app development company can design and develop high-performing Android apps for all types of organizations, including the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Sports, Fitness and Wellness
  • Healthcare
  • Retail and Ecommerce
  • Education
  • Media and Publishing
  • Human Resources and Training
  • Entertainment

Not in one of these industries? Reach out to us anyway! We look forward to discussing Android app development services options for your business.

Android App Testing

Net Solutions' Android app developers have a steady regimen of robust app testing during and after the development stage. If needed, this can even include beta testing with live users.

Android App Engineering

Our goal as an Android app development company, is to make sure your app is engineered to your exact specifications.

Along with this, our team provides additional oversight and support for functional development and aesthetic design. The end result is an app that meets the needs of your customer base while looking great.

Essential Android App Development Services

Along with crafting apps for a variety of industries, we also have a full suite of mobile app consulting services to ensure your app sees long-term, consistent performance and conversions. Here are some of our key areas of focus.

Support Services to Meet Ongoing Needs

Depending on your service contract with Net Solutions, we also can provide ongoing support services. Examples of these services include making changes as your team determines necessary adjustments, as well as app upgrades.

Experience and Technology

The Android development teams at Net Solutions are experienced in the processes and technologies required to bring your apps to life. These include:



Kotlin is Google's preferred language for app development. Our developers leverage its brevity, speed, and reliability to increase development efficiency and reduce your project’s time to market.



Xamarin is a robust Cross Platform app development framework. Our Android developers leverage the reusability of the source code to speed up engineering while delivering a superior, intuitive digital experience for each client.

React Native

React Native

React Native, an open-source technology from Facebook, powers an accelerated development time. This allows Net Solutions to maximize efficiencies and optimize the experience for both native and cross-platform apps.

Net Solutions Android App Development FAQs

What is Android app development?

Android app development is the creation of apps for Android operating systems.

Android, created by Google, is a versatile operating system. It's generally used as a mobile OS on certain tablets, smartphones, and other touch screen devices. However, some immobile products, like smart TVs, also use Android apps.

Net Solutions is more than an Android mobile app development company—we ensure our apps can work on all sorts of devices.

How do I choose an Android app development service?

When looking for a professional partner to help you develop Android apps, it's important to understand why you need the app and what solutions it might offer your customers or staff. This information helps you determine the type of developers you're looking for.

Once you understand your why you want an app and what you want it to do, look for Android app development services that can support you in meeting those goals. For example, you might consider working with:

  • Freelance developers: Individual contractors hired for specific app development jobs, particularly basic apps or improving on existing solutions
  • Android app development companies: Typically provide a wider range of services and support businesses of all sizes across a ton of industries; Net Solutions is an example of an Android app development company

Why should I choose Net Solutions for Android app development?

Net Solutions offers comprehensive Android app development services, and we don't stop there. We provide efficient, streamlined, and creative solutions that drive customer satisfaction and revenue for your business.

An agile, end-to-end process lets our teams take time to understand your business needs and partner with you to build design solutions that work.

Our teams have experience with B2C, B2B, and B2B2C development for startups, SMBs, and enterprise organizations.

How much does it cost to make an Android app?

Android app development services' costs range widely, and the main factor in differing cost levels is the complexity of the app design. Business of Apps puts the average range of app dev costs between under $30k to over $700k; however, that's an overall average and may not reflect actual costs.

The only way to know how much the app you want might cost is to get an estimate. If you have an Android app development project in mind, reach out to Net Solutions today.

How long does it take to make an Android app?

The app's complexity is often the determining factor for dev timelines, but an average expectation is four to six months.

Full implementation of a from-scratch Android app might take longer because a developer creates every little thing you want on your app before launching it. It looks exactly how you want it, performs all functions, and goes through extensive testing before release.

A minimum viable product (MVP) can be developed faster, and you can build from there. An MVP does the primary things you need an app to do, has basic testing done, and is launched. So, if your app is primarily for ecommerce, an MVP app would simply focus on ecommerce and not, say, signing people up for a membership program—yet.

Other factors that can impact the timeline of an Android app development project include, but aren't limited to:

  • Amount of collaboration: If you're not yet settled on what you want your app to do and need to work through that with our team, development can be delayed.
  • Type of app: Apps that work only on one platform, such as smartphones, might be less time-consuming to develop than apps that need to work across platforms.
  • Integrations: Adding other elements into the mix can increase developers' work, which drives up the timeline.

How do you keep my Android app data secure?

Android app development and use are inherently reasonably secure. Every Android app resides in its own security "sandbox," which means your app is never mixing it up with other apps. Every Android app also has a unique virtual machine, so code always runs in isolation. As a result, security concerns for one app don't necessarily mean concerns for other apps.

But Net Solutions goes beyond the standard security offered by Android. Our dev teams have worked with clients in highly regulated industries, including healthcare, to create internal and external solutions that are safe and secure.

Will you help me submit my Android app?

Yes. Net Solutions offers support for submitting your solution to the app stores. That includes app optimization, which helps ensure users find your app easily.

Can I get modifications to my Android app once it's launched?

Yes. Net Solutions offers a full range of Android app development services, including ongoing testing, implementation, and modifications support.

Will I own the source code of my Android app?

In general, source code ownership is a complex topic. For example, many app projects may begin based on open-source coding. This can create efficiencies and drive faster time to market for your apps, but you can't own the open-source coding.

Net Solutions' teams use transparent processes to keep you in the know about your app, so no part of the code should be a surprise—even if it can't be entirely owned by you or anyone else.

If you're concerned about how much control you have over your app and code, contact us to discuss your options and what we can do for your business.

How do I start developing my Android app with Net Solutions?

All you need is an idea for an app solution and our contact form. Click on the "Contact Us" button at the top of this page, and our teams will work with you to get things moving.

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