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Being the world's most widely used mobile platform with an incredible range of form-factors and versions, Android development requires a skilled, experienced team that can balance the complexity of the ecosystem with the latest advances & high expectations of modern mobile users. Our android mobile app development services help you build impactful mobile applications for Android using best native & cross-platform languages.




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Android Application Development

Net Solutions offers a wide range of world-class professional Android app development services for our global clients, from a bootstrapped startup to a large.

Android Product Development

Build your Android app based products with full-featured powerful backends from the ground up using Agile processes & best coding practices.

Native Android Mobile Development

Focus on only native Android mobile application development with our expert Android app developers who work with your existing backend team.

Android App Optimization

Our skilled and experienced Android app development team will review code, analyse crash data, and do performance grading to identify problem areas to optimise.

Android App Redesign

Use our deep experience in using Design-Led Engineering and best practices of design thinking to redesign existing Android apps into impactful new products.

Support & Maintenance

Join global brands that trust Net Solutions to provide support & maintenance services by moving your Android application projects to our top Android app maintenance team.

Independent Testing

Double-check your Android apps with our mobile & product testing services that include functionality testing, code review, load testing, and more.

  • Alexander

    We work with Net Solutions on key development initiatives. They consistently exceed our expectations despite being in separate time zones.

    Sean Devlin

    Product Development, Front Rush

What Makes Us Different

Security-Focused Android App Development

We take special care to sensitize our developers to industry-leading application security practices.

Constantly Updated Android App Developers

Our experienced Android app developers are constantly upskilled and trained for latest Android SDKs and paradigms.

Physical Android Testing Lab

We have a large physical mobile devices lab. All Android apps built by us are tested on physical devices.

Agile Processes Focussed

We provide rigorous training of best engineering practices and processes like Agile methodology and DevOps.

Broad Skill Spectrum

Our Android app developers have a wide range of core skills to help kickstart all types of mobile apps:

Wide Industry Exposure

Net Solutions mobile app developers have produced successful mobile apps for a diverse range of use cases:

Why Work with Us

19+ Years of Experience

An established company with over 19 years in servicing clients globally, you know you are in good hands when you sign up with us. The depth of experience shows.

Focus On Standards & Quality

All our Android app developers are trained against and follow best-in-class coding standards that are enforced through automated & manual code reviews.

Handpicked Android App Developers

If you are looking for the best Android application development company, we have a team of handpicked developers that are one among the best in the world. Besides the usual technical skills, we also evaluate aptitude & attitude of every person.

Flexible Contracts

Recognising the varied situations that can exist for our clients, we have very flexible terms of engagement that are designed for maximum client benefit.

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