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Google’s Android is the world’s most dominant mobile platform, making it the top choice for companies worldwide to grow their businesses. We’re pioneers in Android app development with a versatile, skilled team of experts who artfully balance the complexity of the Android ecosystem with the latest advances and high expectations of modern mobile users. Our Android developers are your partners in developing transformative, profit-driving digital experiences.

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Android App Development Services

With advanced proficiency in the incredible range of Android’s form-factors and versions, we offer a broad spectrum of services, from strategy to engineering optimization, support and maintenance. We develop a wide range of Android apps (B2B, B2C, or B2B2C) including sports, multimedia, geo-location, IoT, utility, AR/VR, chat, news and entertainment, ride, and more, delivering superior customer engagement, loyalty, and retention you can count on.

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Android Development Company for Startups and Enterprises

Calling upon our core skills including, SDK integration, local DB systems, and API integration, our all-pro development team has the expertise necessary to design and develop high-performing Android apps that are at once user-friendly and business-forward. Our agile process allows us to move rapidly from initial strategy and prototyping/MVPs to engineering, and optimization, compressing your time to market and leveraging trends and technology for a superior development experience and customer-centric end product.

Our development team has expertise in developing customized Android apps — from a single product to an entire suite of apps. We marry business objectives with customized workflows and superior security for enterprise-oriented, internal-use solutions delivered through MDMs. If you are redesigning an existing app, our experienced pros bring creativity and strategy to the process, leveraging analytics and native and hybrid technology for increased productivity, efficiency, and impact.




The long-time standby for Android, as well as for cross-platform app development, this classic programming language fuels a smooth, fast development process. Our Java specialists design and develop lightweight Android apps that offer high efficiency and an intuitive, seamless user experience.



Our team of Android developers is comprised of experts in Google’s preferred language for app developers, and we appreciate its flexibility, especially when we’re designing mixed-language projects. We leverage its intuitive and concise syntax and ease with which it interoperates with Java to increase development efficiency and reduce your project’s time to market.



When it comes to building high-performing, user-friendly Android apps, Xamarin is one of the most robust cross-platform mobile development solutions. Our experienced team of Android developers takes advantage of the reusability of the source code to speed up engineering while delivering a superior, intuitive digital experience.

React Native

React Native

Our development team has been using this dynamic, open-source technology from Facebook since its inception, and it’s an ideal solution to build user-friendly, native Android apps. React Native powers an accelerated development time, which allows us to maximize efficiencies and optimize the experience for both native and cross-platform apps.

Android Devices

We’ve been at the forefront of Android app development from the start, engineering apps for a variety of Google’s products. Our experienced team of Android app developers is continuously upskilled and trained for the latest Android SDKs and paradigms, with expertise in even the most complex, leading-edge implementations such as AR/VR, smartwatches, beacons, and IoT devices.

Our UI-driven solutions empower you with app usage tracking and analytics integration with configurable dashboards, so you can optimize experiences by device to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.

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Success Stories

  • y-pree Case Study

    Vicinity Focused Social Networking

    YPree lets users find, connect, and chat with people in their immediate vicinity without sharing any personal details like phone numbers. The app works on Bluetooth instead of mobile networks.

  • Mobile Commerce App

    The app gives users of Konga, the largest eCommerce store in Nigeria, online shopping on the go.

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  • avito Case Study

    Classifieds App

    Focused on Morocco, Avito is the largest classifieds platform in the country. The app provides all functionality of the platform in the mobile app while extending the functionality to view ads local to the user based on their GPS location.

  • Caddi Case Study

    Golf-course On-demand Ordering

    Golfers use the app to review & order refreshments from the golf-course on-demand. The orders are routed to and then serviced by the on-course beverage cart directly.

  • Parchuni Case Study

    Local Grocery Ordering Platform

    Using a combination of apps for grocers and buyers, the platform allows grocers to make their inventory available for the buyers to browse & order online with features like shopping lists and regularly repeated orders. The orders are routed to grocers while buyers can track the delivery.

  • Video Commerce Platform

    The app gives alerts of availability of products shown in a video created by brands or inflencers a user is watching for direct, easy ordering of those products.

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  • Food-based Social Discovery App

    The app connects people based on their liking of various dishes served in restaurants. The app can be used by restaurant owners to showcase specific dishes that attract people who like that food. Comprehensive analytics help identify posts that influence visits for rewards.

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