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Our Mission

Help our clients succeed by producing world-class web and mobile solutions with ethical and cost effective high-quality services.

Over a period of almost 20 years, Net Solutions has become an internationally known brand in its field, with a team of nearly 250 working from its offices in Chandigarh, New York, Toronto, and London.

We carefully select our clients and take on their projects with a mindset of a partner, as an equal in responsibility to see it succeed.

We are Net Solutions!

Net Solutions has the reputation of being one of the top design and technology outsourcing companies. Meet our wonderful staff who has contributed to our success and make us look good.

  • staff
    Pradeep Sr. Designer
  • staff
    ArshpreetBusiness Analyst
  • staff
    Amit Project Manager
  • staff
    Harjap Sr. UI Designer
  • staff
    Ajay Tech Lead
  • staff
    Divya Business Analyst
  • staff
    AnchalAssociate UX Analyst
  • staff
    Ashwani Design Lead
  • staff
    Dheeraj UX
  • staff
    Akash Technical Architect
  • staff
    Ravneet Project Manager
  • staff
    Michael VP Sales
  • staff
    Vishakha Sr. Designer
  • staff
    Amanpreet Associate Project Manager
  • staff
    Ashish Sr. Business Analyst

Quality Produces Quality

We believe a high-quality output is possible only when there is a high-quality input. This is reflected in how we operate: with a focus on ensuring sourcing highest quality.

  • Processes

    We update our processes continuously and are currently using a very customised Agile-Scrum + DevOps methodology that uses Design Thinking at its base to build products for our clients. It is a proven methodology and we monitor it closely and continuously, making changes as needed.

  • Staff

    Our staff is selected extremely carefully. This is reflected in our hiring percentages: a handful is chosen from those filtered and interviewed, after a rigorous process; and in our retention numbers: we have an abnormally low attrition figure for our industry.

  • Environment

    We hired the best architects, interior designers, and psychologists to carefully design our building and environment. Spaces, colours, lighting, and furniture was selected and sourced from all over the world to build an envious office environment.

The Culture of Inovation

We use our processes internally to design, build, use, track, and improve our own internal-use products – running things exactly as we would for our clients, using the same processes and systems, with internal clients. This ensures our team is soaked through in the entrepreneurial mindset, and not only understands but empathises with the clients and the myriad situations they often find themselves in. And that ensures we know how to work with them to find a way forward. It also keeps our technology team on their toes, continuously trying out the latest frameworks and services to find a better, more optimal fit for the needs of our clients.

Partnerships & Alliances

To provide best-in-class technology services we have partnered and forged alliances with top providers in their industry.

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Our Vision

  • Our commitment to quality has netted a plethora of awards for our customers, including Adobe Site of the Day, the W3 Silver Award in Visual Appeal and Lifestyle, the Kentico Site of the Year 2012 and the Web Marketing Association Award. It's also seen us covered extensively by the biggest news outlets in our industry, including Techcrunch and Venturebeat.

  • As we continue to grow and develop, adding new elements to our services and new experts to our team, Net Solutions remains focused on its core vision: to become the most respected web application development and solutions company in the world by producing world class web and mobile solutions, providing ethical and cost effective services and employing people who love what they do.

Awards & Recognition

Our work has got immense love from our customers and has won us global awards and recognition.

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Crm application software
specialists 2017 in asia pacific

Adobe Site of the Day

Adobe Site of the Day

W3 Silver Award in Visual Appeal and Lifestyle

W3 Silver Award in Visual
Appeal and Lifestyle

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Top digital experience
service providers 2017

Web Marketing Association Award

Web Marketing
Association Award

Top App Development Company

Top App Developer

Interactive Media Award
Interactive Media Award
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