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Software is more than just a tool. Truly great digital products deliver a positive experience for their users, helping build loyalty and passion for your brand.

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The Net Solutions Way

Full Life Cycle Digital Product Development Services

At Net Solutions, we strive to produce engaging, fulfilling and useful products based on leading-edge technology, helping users achieve their goals. We deliver full-service digital product development covering the whole life cycle, from strategizing and designing a digital transformation to developing, testing, deploying and supporting scalable solutions for any size of business. Whether you’re a growing start-up, a small brand, or an established enterprise looking to revitalize your existing digital presence, our team can deliver solutions.

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Innovative and Agile

As a leading digital product development company, we use lean, agile methodologies to support rapid development of scalable solutions that work well today and can continue to serve you and your users well for many years to come. Our software is built on robust platforms to ensure ongoing support, meaning your team can depend on them for the future.

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Product Strategizing &

At Net Solutions, we take your great ideas and make them a reality using proven methodologies and many years of research into the world of design thinking and UX/UI. Our designers understand how users think, so they can deliver an experience that they'll truly enjoy. We compile strategic roadmaps that help you and us work together to develop a functioning and polished digital product quickly and smoothly.

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Robust Product
Development for a Global

The digital world doesn't have to observe geographic boundaries. Work with our software product development company to expand your reach and grow your brand internationally. The Net Solutions team has many years of experience in solving enterprise-level challenges for global markets, reducing your risk and helping build your business value. Data can travel around the globe in milliseconds. Use that power to help your message spread fast.

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Empowering Your

Knowledge is power, and our mission as a digital product development company is to arm you with the information you need to understand your users and meet their demands, boosting your brand value. Our market research, CRM, and data analytics and reporting platforms boost your brand value and help to ensure maximum customer retention. Our digital transformation team helps you make the most of the audience you already have.

Users aren't always customers. Some of the applications we've developed have been for use in-house. These applications improve employee morale and productivity, boost engagement and help staff members feel like real stakeholders in their organizations. We provide product development services that help you connect with your employees using the devices that they carry with them day-in, day-out.

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Multi-platform Expertise

Net Solutions is a dedicated software product development company with a diverse team of seasoned designers and developers with expertise and experience in multiple languages, frameworks and applications, including:

  • WebRTCWebRTC
  • Wowza Media EngineWowza Media Engine
  • AWS Elastic TranscoderAWS Elastic Transcoder

Software Testing

  • JMeterJMeter
  • KatalonKatalon
  • SeleniumSelenium

We also have many years of expertise in popular marketing platforms and technologies such as Hubspot, and analytics tools such as Posthog and PowerBI.

In addition to developing bespoke applications for web, mobile and desktop, we also work with a variety of popular platforms, including Magento, Drupal, AEM, Shopify and WordPress.

Whether your aim is to update an existing website, launch a new online store or simply improve the performance of your existing site, we are here to help you. If you already have a website or online presence, our team of designers is happy to audit that site and suggest improvements to the end-user experience. From there, we will work with you to strategize a new, innovative and engaging experience for your users, helping you get more value out of your digital platform.

We Drive Your Success

Our team of experienced developers has helped many businesses (from fast-growing start-ups to big brands) transform their digital presence. One of our recent successful partnerships is with Soaq, a tech startup based in Montreal that was struggling with employee engagement. We developed an enterprise video platform that brought the organization together and encouraged employees to get more involved with the business.

Using Prediction IO to improve video recommendations, AWS Transcode and O Player to improve video performance and a variety of other tools including Java, Angular JS and Scala 2.11, our team of developers produced a high-performance video application that engaged the entire organization.

If you'd like to learn more about what we can do for your business, contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.

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Common FAQs about Working With Net
Solutions for Product Development

What is a software product?

Software products are literally end products that are software programs. Usually, the program is delivered alongside instructions for using the product. For example, if you download a mobile game, that's a software product. So is Microsoft Office or the media player that lets you watch videos on your phone.

How can you create a software product?

You create a software product by going through a software development process. This typically requires specific resources and skills, such as a programmer who knows the right type of programming language for the job at hand. You'll also need to know the business purpose for your software, what you want the program to do and who will be using the program. For example, are you developing software for use by internal employees or as an offering for external clients or customers?

Armed with the answers to these questions, you can find a software development company to meet your needs. Software development service providers bring the technical resources, experience and knowledge to your project to turn your ideas into a software product.

What are the types of software products?

Software products can be categorized into four major types:

  • Application products. These are what many people are most familiar with. They're the apps and programs you use for communication, entertainment and productivity. Email programs, word processors, games, and video streaming apps are examples.
  • Embedded products. These are often "invisible" to the average user. They're built into equipment, machines and devices to help them run or perform tasks. For example, most cars today have embedded software to help manage sensor processes.
  • System products. These are the software solutions that run a system, such as the operating system on your computer.
  • Programming products. These are software solutions designed for use by developers to help them build and maintain other software programs. Examples include text editors and debugging tools.

What is software product development?

Software product development is the act of designing, coding and implementing a software product. Typically, the process is completed by a development team. The resources required for the team depend on what type of software is being developed.

How much does it cost to develop a software product?

Cost can vary widely for software products. Something very basic that can be built on top of existing open-source frameworks might come with a price range in the hundreds or low thousands of dollars. A comprehensive piece of software with complex business requirements could cost much more. The most expensive software programs cost millions, though these are outliers and not reflective of average prices.

For more information about digital product development and what your software project might cost, reach out to Net Solutions to get a quote.

What technology do you use for software product development?

An experienced development team can help you understand the best technologies for your project. Popular options include Python, JavaScript and Java, in part because they are widely used and easy for most developers to work with and pick up. More modern programming languages such as Rust and Kotlin are sometimes used for digital product development services, and in many cases, the technology used depends on the project. If you're developing software for use on iOS or Android devices, for example, you're limited to the languages those platforms support.

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