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PHP is perhaps the oldest and most widely used, versatile, and powerful general-purpose server-side scripting language used to build a wide range of web applications and websites. Businesses that prefer PHP web development leverage our experience and expertise of nearly over 20 power their projects.

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PHP Development Services

Net Solutions provides a diverse range of world-class professional PHP website development services for our global clients, from a bootstrapped startup to a large enterprise.

Web Application Development

Build high-quality web applications that are robust, reliable, and scalable with our top PHP web application development team that are hosted on cloud or shared hosting environments.

Web Services & API Development

Create and offer consumable yet secure back-end systems and data platforms with powerful and scalable, well-documented web services and APIs.

Content Management Systems

Deploy or create custom powerful content management systems to build content-powered websites with highly customisable workflows and features.

Migration to PHP

Worry-free and reliable migration from your existing tech stack to PHP with an unheard of transparency and accountability.

Upgrade PHP

Modernise and extend the capabilities of your PHP implementation by tasking our expert PHP developers to upgrade the PHP to desired version.

Support & Maintenance

Rest easy by transferring support & maintenance of your PHP projects to our highly experienced PHP developers trusted by global brands.

Testing Services

Verify your PHP projects with our professional testing services that include functionality testing, code review, load testing, automated testing, and more.

PHP Frameworks

Net Solutions provides professional PHP development services in all popular PHP frameworks to transfer the benefits of ready-made structures and lower costs to our clients.

One of the oldest PHP frameworks, CakePHP comes with baked-in security features to help build robust & secure PHP applications and websites.

A reliable old workhorse, CodeIgniter is a lean framework that enables and uses third-party plugins to build powerful and fast PHP applications quickly.

Thanks to "Blade", its templating engine, and features like elegant syntax, Laravel has become a favourite for rapid application development oriented projects.

Symfony provides great power, versatility,and speed to PHP developers with its reusable components, even such that other frameworks are based on it.

What Makes Us Different

Security Focussed PHP Web Development

We take special care to sensitise our PHP developers to industry-leading application security security practices like IFSQ standards.

Constantly Updated PHP Developers

Our skilled PHP developers are constantly upskilled and trained for latest in frameworks, best-practices, related technologies and techniques.

Rich PHP Experience

PHP has been our mainstay for over 19 years of servicing global clients developing a wide range of PHP-powered web properties.

Agile Processes

Besides technical skills, our experienced PHP developers are rigorously trained in best engineering practices and processes like Agile methodology and DevOps.

  • Sarah

    Net Solutions manage the design and develop a range of digital projects for us. Net Solutions act like an extended part of the team; offering a responsive level of service and high quality work. They really make the whole design and development process easy and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

    Sarah Orill

    Digital Campaign Manager CPP Group Plc

PHP Content Management Systems

One of the most popular and effective PHP CMS systems, WordPress is highly customisable and a favourite to build content-driven sites of all sizes. Read more about our WordPress Development services.

An enterprise-oriented CMS, Drupal's massive helpful community is another reason to pick it for large-scale content sites for both internal & general use. Read more about our Drupal Development services.

One of the oldest PHP CMS, it is probably only second to WordPress in its usage, its numerous built-in features allowing a wide gamut of implementations.

Almost synonymous with e-commerce, Magento has enabled millions to become online retailers, as well as powered large-scale e-commerce shops. Read more about our Magento Development services.

Why Work with Us

19+ Years of Experience

An established company with over 19 years in servicing clients globally, you know you are in good hands when you sign up with us. The depth of experience shows.

Focus On Standards & Quality

Our entire PHP web development team has been trained against and follows best-in-class coding standards that are enforced through automated & manual code reviews.

Hand-picked PHP Developers

We have some of the best PHP developers in the world. Besides the usual technical skills, we also evaluate aptitude & attitude of every person.

Flexible Contracts

Recognising the varied situations that can exist for our clients, we have very flexible terms of engagement that are designed for maximum client benefit.

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