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The Net Solutions Approach

World-class, Advanced JavaScript Development Services

Today’s digital consumers want it all: a captivating, engaging look and feel, and speedy, seamless use. In delivering an exceptional digital experience, JavaScript tops the list of programming languages for its versatility and ability to simplify complex integrations for user-friendly results. Since our inception 20 years ago, our seasoned team of JavaScript developers has designed and delivered lightweight, feature-packed digital products, including applications, and platforms that scale and future-proof businesses.

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JavaScript Development Services

Web Application Development

To deliver the robust, dynamic digital experience that your customers crave, be it web or mobile, you need a JavaScript development company you can count on. The potent combination of our AgileDevOps-driven culture, UX/UI expertise, and vast experience with the leading JavaScript frameworks — Angular, React, and Vue — empowers us to ideate and implement exceptional B2B, B2C, and B2B2C digital products and platforms.

Single Page App (SPA) Development

The smooth, instantaneous performance of a single page app (SPA) is what today’s users prefer and expect. While JavaScript’s versatility makes it the perfect technology to build a SPA, its main advantage — user experience — relies on expert configuration. Our JavaScript development company has deep experience designing SPAs that connect and covert quickly and efficiently.

Interface Modernization, Migration & Upgradation

When you hire a JavaScript developer to update or upgrade a legacy product or platform, it’s also the perfect time to improve your user experience. From moving to a new JavaScript framework to recreating an existing application, our seasoned team of JavaScript developers maximizes opportunities for interactivity, speed, and customer delight while ensuring secure, scalable porting.

Support & Maintenance

Ensuring that your app, website, or platform is consistently high performing isn’t simple housekeeping. Our expert JavaScript developers go above and beyond, combining proactive troubleshooting with current best practices to keep your digital experience safe, smooth, and consistent.

Testing Services

Delivering reliable performance and unparalleled user experience go hand-in-hand, yet it can be hard for an in-house team to vet the full-spectrum of use properly. Our JavaScript developers provide rigorous independent  testing services for interactive interfaces built using JS frameworks and libraries.

JavaScript Frameworks

Angular logo | Net Solutions JavaScript development framework


For dynamic web applications, Angular is a go-to option for clean, lightweight, extra-responsive functionality. Read More.

React Native logo | Net Solutions JavaScript development framework


When it comes to SPAs and high-traffic sites and apps, our JavaScript developers utilize React to create robust, user-friendly, and scalable interfaces.

Vue logo | Net Solutions JavaScript development framework


A high-performing framework for SPAs and progressive interfaces, Vue delivers on Key counts, from speed to a rich UX. Read More.

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