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Your Python Web Development Partner

    • Backend technology for successful scalable applications like Google, Facebook, Quora and YouTube.
    • Developed under an OSI-approved open source license, it is free even for commercial use; not to forget the steadfast support of the Python community.
    • Python's large number of development frameworks lay stress on security, testing and administration, thus makes it ideal for rapid software development.
    • Experience in delivering successful web based applications using Pyhton frameworks like Django, Grok, Pylons, TurboGears and web2py.

At first I was hoping outsourcing would save labor expense and now I see that their work is not only more affordable, but often better than that of our US counterparts. And their responsiveness to project details via phone, instant messenger, and email is better than folks in the next building you'd never know they were multiple time zones away.

Dennis Yu
Dennis Yu Social Analytics Evangelist at BlitzMetrics


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