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When you trust our mobile app development services, you get trend-worthy, business-transforming apps.

The Net Solutions Approach

Innovative, Full-service Custom Mobile App Development

Today, consumers expect to have instant access to the brands they care about. Mobile apps offer a simple and effective way of communicating with customers and keeping your brand at the forefront of their minds.

At Net Solutions, we have more than two decades of experience in digital development, having worked with many top brands building strategies and designing user journeys to engage target audiences at scale. We build mobile apps that help to grow those brands even in the most challenging of times.

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What We Do for You

Turning Your Mobile
App Vision into Reality

Whether you’re looking for an e-commerce app, a loyalty app or a SaaS product, we are here to help you. Trust a mobile app developer to create innovative and eye-catching products that users love. Our mobile apps load reliably time and again, bringing success both digitally and in the real world.

The team of developers and UI/UX designers at Net Solutions has the digital transformation expertise to revitalize your online brand or bring your small brick-and-mortar store into the virtual world.

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How We Can Help You

Full-service App Development for Your Brand

As a full-service application development company, we provide web and mobile app solutions. Whether you need help with designing the initial user journey, planning  digital transformation or crafting the back-end and front-end of the application, Net Solutions has the expertise to handle the job.

Our UI/UX design teams carefully craft smooth and pleasant user experiences, sending your customers down conversion funnels using tried and tested methods.

Our expert developers use app optimization techniques to ensure optimal performance not just from a technical standpoint, but with conversion rates too. We use independent testing to ensure your apps are bug-free, pleasant to use, and produce results.

Our expertise in developing B2B, B2C, B2B2C, and custom mobile applications includes:

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    MVP App Development for Startups

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    Custom Consumer Enterprise App Development

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    Product Development

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    SaaS development

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    Native Android and iOS development

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    Migration of existing apps to the latest hybrid frameworks

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    App Optimization

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    App Redesign

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    Ongoing Support & Maintenance

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    Independent Testing

Experienced Usability Experts

It's no longer enough to simply take a web app and use a wrapper to make it mobile. Our mobile application development company is well-versed in usability best practices. We create apps that work fluidly and intuitively, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction, regardless of the device the user loads the app on.

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Mobile Apps for Every Purpose

Our mobile apps are ideal for loyalty programs, digital games, online shopping, account management, and customer support and engagement. From room design and planning apps for interior decorators, to digital stamp cards for coffee shops, the possibilities of mobile are endless.

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Cross-platform App

To maximize your reach, it’s important to have a presence on both app stores. Our expert team of developers includes both iOS and Android developers with many years of experience in creating native apps.

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We can help you deploy user-friendly, fully-featured digital experience designed for iPhones and iPads, with extra features for the Apple Watch, too. By providing polished experiences for Apple users, your business can build loyalty among an affluent and tech-savvy user base.

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In addition to native apps, we also work with multi-platform technologies, creating innovative cross-channel apps to help you expand your reach and build your brand’s profile with customers nationwide. Net Solutions helps brands get their apps published on the main app stores, increasing visibility and allowing for huge organic reach.

Cross-platform development helps you get more out of your app budget and enter the mobile market quickly. Take this chance to respond to the ever-changing marketplace and get ahead of your competition.

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Our Android team understands the complexities of developing for a marketplace accessed by a vast range of devices from all different manufacturers. Our experts build user-friendly, intuitive and polished applications that look and feel just as good on a small budget device as on a large screen flagship phone.

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Future-proof Your Brand

Empower your customers to engage with your brand the way they want to with our featurepacked, interactive, data-rich and eye-catching apps that give real-time feedback.

Let your customers buy from you or manage their accounts on their terms, at any time of the day or night.

Consumers across the B2B and B2C spaces expect fluid and innovative products that put them in control. We provide our clients with the web apps and mobile tools they need to grow an engaged user base.

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Award-winning Apps

Net Solutions has worked with innovative startups and thriving enterprises to publish awardwinning apps on both the iOS and Android app stores.

FourFourTwo is a football stats app developed by Net Solutions for Haymarket Consumer Media. Built using HTML5 and Java, this slick and visually appealing app gives football fans the statistics and information they need to fully engage with each game, managing insights for the real world and fantasy teams.

The app, which uses native canvas drawings for animations to ensure optimum performance, was named App of the Year by PPA Digital Publishing and won the Innovation Award and Grand Prix Awards from AOP Digital Publishing, among many other accolades.

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If you'd like to know more about our mobile app development services, book a free consultation with us today . Our team is eager to discuss your brand and its services. We'll work with you to find innovative ways to use digital technologies to improve your services and reach a wider audience.

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Common FAQs about Working With Net
Solutions for Mobile App Development

What is a mobile app?

A mobile application, or mobile app, is a type of software application designed to run on a mobile device like a phone or tablet. Mobile apps are isolated software units rather than integrated systems. This means their functionality is limited to the purpose of the app, whether that’s a game, calculator or grocery list. Apps are becoming an increasingly important part of digital commerce, with 42% of U.S. small businesses already having a mobile app and another 30% planning on developing one in the future.

How do you create a mobile app?

All mobile app development starts with an idea. Spend time researching your idea and asking yourself questions about your audience, how the app will be used and what the app will look like. Once you flesh out the idea, it’s time to move onto app development. This includes wireframing, assessing the app’s feasibility and developing a prototype.

After the interface is designed and the app is coded, test the app and then test some more to ensure it works as expected and fits the customers’ needs. When the app is ready, it’s time to roll it out and start maintaining the app so it continues to improve and attract positive reviews.

What is mobile development?

Mobile development is software development for mobile devices. It isn’t only developing native apps designed for phones, tablets and smartwatches. Mobile developers can also develop hybrid apps that work across computers and mobile devices. As smartphones and tablets continue to grow in popularity, more software development comes with a mobile component to ensure users can access their favorite websites and programs on their favorite device.

How do mobile apps work?

When smartphones first hit the market, hardware resources were limited. Because of this, the first apps provided isolated functions that focused on providing what the customer needs. Today, this precision is part of the appeal, with consumers able to download apps that provide the exact functionality they’re looking for.

Modern mobile app developers look at the essential functions of any app they’re developing to ensure it’s useful to customers and build the app to work well on mobile devices. They also take advantage of the benefits of a mobile platform by integrating things such as location-based functions and touchscreen capability.

How do you hire a mobile app developer?

Your mobile app developer is a key component of your project’s success, so it’s important to take the time to find the right person. When looking at a developer or development team, start by determining their achievements. Assess their portfolio and check their references to see if they’ve successfully completed a similar project in the past.

You’ll be spending a lot of time with the developer, so choose someone you can build a relationship with. Ask questions about how they work, the process they use to finish projects and how you, as the customer, will fit into this process. Make sure you’ll be kept up to date about time lines, budgets and design decisions.

While budget is an important consideration for any business, don’t just choose the developer with the smallest quote. A larger budget gets you higher quality work, which can save you money on upgrades and fixes in the future and may help ensure your project achieves success.

How much does it cost to build a mobile app?

There are a lot of factors that go into determining the cost of app development, including the platform, project complexity, the features you need and the customization of visual design. One study from GoodFirms found that the minimum cost for a simple app was around $25,000 while an advanced app can cost upwards of $135,000. The best way to find out how much your app will cost is to talk to an app developer about your project and ask them to provide a quote.

What makes a good mobile app?

The key to a good mobile app is a great UI, or user interface. Apps should be simple, intuitive and easy to use. If your customer finds it difficult to navigate, they’ll delete it and try the next option in the app shop. Speed is also a key factor. Customers continue to become less patient, and if the app is slow to load, they may close it and not come back.

You should also make sure your app provides something useful or new to customers. Your app needs to provide genuine value to users through entertainment, convenience or in another area. Adding great customer support can help you ensure customers are getting the most from your app, and an option for feedback lets you make the improvements customers want.

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