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Full-Spectrum Django Development Services

Full-Spectrum Django Development Services

Since Django’s launch in 2005, Net Solutions has been using the full-stack Python web development framework to build scalable, secure solutions. It’s one thing to hire Django developers; it’s another to hire an expert Django development agency like Net Solutions. We amplify the framework's power with our Agile methodology for project management, delivering exceptional outcomes for various projects, from highly personalized websites and mobile apps to full-on enterprise applications.

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Transform Your Business with Our Custom Django Development Services

As a full-service Django web development company, we offer clients a wide variety of opportunities to leverage our expertise, from Django consulting to robust design, development, and support services, including:

Custom Django App Development

Django is our go-to Python framework for rapid app development — and it's our top tech choice for developing the backend of mobile apps. As a Django web development company, we appreciate having its “batteries included” full-stack capabilities at our fingertips to develop highly functional, personalized, and interactive mobile applications tailored to fit our clients’ needs.

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Custom Django App Development
Django Web Development

Django Web Development

In today’s highly competitive world, customers expect instant connection and fully responsive service – and it’s not so simple to hire a Django programmer that can effectively maximize flexibility, speed, and data security for a website, portal, or web app. We specialize in customized Django-driven solutions for highly scalable, responsive software that captures and converts customer attention and supports long-lasting brand/buyer relationships.

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API Development and Integration

Our Django development services go beyond building simple front ends. We provide sophisticated APIs/web services that empower you to make better business decisions for all of your digital needs and unique use cases. As an end-to-end Django software development agency , we utilize the core components of the Django REST system, including transparency, adaptability, quality, and serialization, to deliver secure and feature-rich RESTful APIs.

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API Development and Integration
Migration to Django

Migration to Django

As your tech stack or app ages, concerns about performance, viability, and ongoing support naturally arise. Before it’s too late, it’s time to hire Django experts (aka our team!) for app modernization and to get more from your data. We provide complete accountability and transparency while migrating your data and apps to this flexible, scalable framework.

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Ongoing Support & Maintenance Services

In the world of software development, projects are constantly evolving. Our Django development services don’t stop at launch — we offer ongoing maintenance and support, including troubleshooting, proactive security updates, upgrades, and day-to-day management. If you need new features or improvements, our Django developers are always happy to help.

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Ongoing Support & Maintenance Services

At a Glance: Why Net Solutions as Your Django Development Partner

  • We’re a leading Django development agency that has been working with the Python framework since its inception in 2005. (And as a web development company , we’ve been in business since 1999!)
  • We don't simply code the application; we design and build it, so it runs for years without any need to re-design the system.
  • We prioritize one of Django’s greatest assets – its easy scalability (i.e., catering to 1,000s of users with no impact on the performance or availability) – so your digital apps, products, and platforms work seamlessly.
  • Our strong understanding of the customer experience concepts, combined with our extensive experience in Django consulting, ensures a high-level UX.
  • From conversion rate optimization to data scraping, we have extensive experience building digital assets that grow your business through high-level, customer-centric features and functionality.
Django Development Partner

Customer Testimonials for Our Django Development Services

  • We have been working with Net Solutions since 2004 and I can't ever imagine us working with anyone else to bring our product ideas to life. We don't just see Net Solutions as another Vendor; they have become a value-added Partner.

    Will Paterson


    CEO, Cameo.net Cameo

FAQs About Net Solutions’ Offshore
Development Services

Is Django still used for software development?

Believe it or not, we get this question from time to time! That may be because Django has been around since 2005 when it was released as an open-source project. Adrian Holovaty and Simon Willison, developers who worked at the news website World Online, invented it to “meet fast-moving newsroom deadlines while satisfying the tough requirements of experienced web developers.” Today, Django’s tagline is: “The web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.” And the tech can be used to build any kind of website, including content management systems (CMS), eCommerce sites, and even social networks.

Here are a few Django use cases:

  • Developing a web application or API backend
  • Rapid web application development
  • Deploying the application fast and scaling it according to your needs
  • Working with databases instead of database queries (it’s the perfect ORM)
  • Creating a secure single-page application for either retrieving data or posting data

There are many additional use cases, which you can read about in our article, Flask vs. Django Framework.

Is Django good for software development?

Django isn’t good for software development… it’s excellent! Here are the top reasons:

  • Allows rapid development: Django helps developers to take applications from the conceptualization stage to completion as quickly as possible and prioritizes scalability. This ensures business applications reach the market swiftly without compromising the quality.
  • Highly scalable and customizable: The whole point of your business is to grow and drive profit – the Django framework is designed to scale easily and be customized, allowing your sites, apps, and platforms to not only handle high traffic but also never miss a beat with your customers.
  • Robust security features: Django provides top-notch security and protection against privacy breaches such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery, and clickjacking.
  • “Batteries included”: Django comes full-featured, enabling developers to get sites and apps up and running quickly. It’s also been engineered to “do the right things” to protect the software automatically.
  • Streamlined and efficient: Django code is written using design principles and patterns that encourage the creation of maintainable and reusable code. In particular, it uses the Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY) principle, so there is no unnecessary duplication, reducing the amount of code.

There are loads more from our perspective as a Django development company :) Let us know if you are interested in hearing more about the framework’s technical benefits.

Is Django in high demand?

Even though it’s been around since 2005, Django remains a top in-demand web development framework. (And we’re not just saying that because we’re a Django development company — it’s true!) It’s been reported that Django has had a market share of over 28% since 2021. Plus, if you Google, “hire Django developer,” you’ll see how popular it is as a search term!

(That said, it’s not so simple to just type in “hire Django developers” or “hire Django programmer” and find vendors who will deliver consistent, high-quality work. That’s why we believe a full-service Django development company is a better choice.)

Is Django used in companies?

Absolutely! Django is a full-stack framework that satisfies the needs of all kinds of organizations, from startups to enterprises. No matter the application, it's an excellent choice, as it's explicitly designed to make developing complex database-driven websites easy. Django facilitates secure and faster development by freeing developers from performing repetitive web development tasks. Plus, it’s got a vast reservoir of excellent features, enabling Django developers to create robust, high-performing applications.

What major companies use Django?

Thanks to its infinite scalability and full stack, the Django framework has been used for many high-profile companies, including:

  • Spotify
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Disqus
  • Bitbucket
  • Eventbrite
  • Prezi
  • The Knight Foundation
  • The MacArthur Foundation
  • Mozilla
  • National Geographic
  • Open Knowledge Foundation
  • Open Stack

If you’re looking to hire a Django expert for enterprise-level development like the above companies have utilized, we’re here for you.

How much does a Django website cost?

This is a great question – because, truthfully, websites range in cost from a couple of hundred dollars (USD) to five or more figures! Django is open-source software, so if you have the expertise, you could even use the framework to build your site yourself. But most look to hire a Django developer, which runs anywhere from $30 per hour up.

The best thing to do is put together your project wish list and contact us for more information on pricing.

What is Django mainly used for?

Django is perfect for web and mobile application development. It’s particularly well-suited for complex or enterprise projects with loads of user interactions, heavy traffic, advanced functions or technology (i.e., machine learning, IoT), and/or high-volume content.

That said, it works great for smaller projects, too – and best of all, it’s easy to maintain and scale as your business grows.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Django?

We’ve covered the pros of using Django on this page, but there are certainly cons, too.

To summarize the advantages of using Django (plus a couple more)

  • “Batteries included” (loads of features and functions “out-of-the-box”)
  • Excellent security
  • Highly scalable
  • A robust, supportive, mature community
  • Built-in admin

The disadvantages of Django include:

  • All the functionality can feel like too much for smaller projects
  • It’s slower than other Python frameworks (i.e., Flask)
  • Highly scalable
  • It doesn’t provide support for APIs
  • It’s a monolithic framework, which might feel rigid to some

contact us if you have questions about whether Django is the best framework for your project.

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