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The Net Solutions Approach

Expert, Full-service Cross-platform App Development

Savvy cross-channel mobile strategy is built on numerous factors, including speed to market, compatible technology, easy updates, and overall cost-effectiveness — and only cross-platform app development encompasses it all. As a top-tier cross platform mobile app development agency, our multi-platform mobile technology experts engineer high-performing cross-platform apps that deliver excellent engagement and conversions across platforms, devices, industries, and audiences.

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What We Do for You

Cross Platform App Dev to Reduce Time to Market and Development Costs

We provide cross platform mobile app development services that let you create apps that work across multiple operating systems quickly and efficiently. Ensure you're reaching the highest number of mobile users with your product while also supporting lower dev budgets and increased bottom lines.

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Cross Platform App Dev for All Organizations

Whether you're a start-up, SMB, enterprise organization or public or nonprofit agency, our cross platform mobile app development agency has the resources and expertise to provide cross platform app development that works for you. We provide cross platform mobile development services to organizations in a wide array of industries, including:

  • Physical and online retail and commerce
  • Food and beverage service and manufacturing
  • Healthcare and other regulated industries
  • Automotive
  • Entertainment
  • Publishing and media
  • Education 
  • HR and training
  • Sports, fitness and wellness

Net Solutions Leverages the Best Cross Platform App Dev Technologies

Our cross platform mobile development services teams are well-versed in technologies that help drive success and efficiency for cross platform app development projects. That includes, but isn't limited to, frameworks such as:

React Native

React Native

React Native, which helps accelerate cross platform development so we can pass efficiencies along to our clients. Read More.

React Native


Flutter, a relatively new addition to the cross-platform development space from Google that drives efficiency and productivity in building high-performing, high-fidelity apps. Read More.

Common FAQs About Cross Platform App Dev
with Net Solutions

What is cross platform app development?

Cross platform app development refers to the process of developing an app that will work across multiple platforms and operating systems. Most commonly, this may be developing an app that can be packaged for both Android and Apple devices. However, it can be developed as an app for any cross-channel uses.

Cross platform app dev is in contrast to native app dev, which occurs when you're creating an app specifically for Android, iOS or another operating system. When developing native apps, programmers use specific codes. Android calls for using Kotlin, Java or C++ and iOS calls for using Swift or Objective-C. Products developed in these various languages aren't ready to deploy on the other systems.

When providing cross platform mobile app development services, developers use programming languages and technical options such as JavaScript, CSS and HTML that aren't specific to a single platform. Once the apps are built, they're packaged into virtual "containers" that allow them to work and interface with each platform. 

Why develop cross platform mobile apps?

Developing cross platform mobile apps allows you to provide your app to the highest number of users and not alienate any section of your user base or target audience. Mobile device shares by operating system as of 2021 broke down roughly as:

  • Android: 72%
  • iOS: 27%
  • KaiOS: less than 1%
  • Other: less than 1%

As you can see, by developing a mobile app that works on both Android and iOS, you can essentially cover all mobile device users. If your app doesn't work on iOS, you're leaving out a quarter or more of potential users, depending on the preferences of your target audience. And ignoring Android leads to an even larger missed opportunity for most companies.

You could obviously develop an iOS app and then develop an Android app — or vice versa. It's also an option to develop both apps separately but in tandem. But all of these choices mean more work, expense and time. Turning to cross platform app development processes instead of individual app dev options may help save you time and money, getting apps to market faster and within a more feasible budget for your organization. 

However, cross platform app development has a few challenges. It requires more complicated code because you're combining components native to each platform as well as non-native components that can be made to work on each. These types of apps also don't support all native-only features, including certain 3D effects or animations, limiting some design and customer experience elements to what works across all platforms involved. Update challenges can also occur because a cross platform app has to be separately updated when Apple or Google makes updates to platforms — native iOS and Android apps tend to be updated automatically.

Because of these potential obstacles, it may be better to develop some apps separately via native app dev services. Whether or not cross platform app development is right for your project is something you'll need to consider with your dev team, but this process typically works best for projects that don't require extremely advanced design elements, have large data processing needs or require access to platform-specific features.

How much does cross platform app development cost?

Cross platform app development costs depend on a variety of factors, including the project’s complexity, types of integrations you need, how many platforms you want to develop for, and what type of dev team you're working with. Pricing will vary depending on the cross platform mobile app development agency you choose.

In some cases, cross platform app dev costs are lower than other forms of app dev, and certainly it's usually less expensive to develop an app that works on multiple platforms all at once instead of developing apps for each platform individually. Cross platform app dev is based on a single code that can be reused, which is faster and takes less effort for quality testing. 

Starting prices for cross platform app dev projects can range on average from $15,000 to $25,000 or more, though some apps may cost much more and the simplest apps may come in under that range. On the high end for a complex flagship app, you might be looking at $500,000 or more.

The only way to understand the costs of your specific cross platform app project is to get an estimate. Reach out to Net Solutions today and provide us with a little information about what you want to accomplish with your app. Our team can help you understand the options you have and the potential costs of each.

What is the cross platform app development process?

The cross platform app development process works like most app dev processes:

  • You typically begin with strategy. During this phase, you answer questions about the app’s business goals and the required features and functions. This helps your dev teams decide the best path forward, including whether or not cross platform app development is right for your project.
  • The app is designed. Design phases consider the look and experience of the app. Business requirements are hashed out, designers create wireframes for approval and you begin to see the app take shape in theoretical form.
  • Developers create the app. Once everyone understands what you want to create and design elements are approved, developers begin building the app according to those plans. For cross platform app development, that means building one app that will be launched across all chosen platforms. Dev includes all standard components, such as coding and QA testing.
  • Apps are packaged for native environments. Once the app is done and tested, it's packaged for the various native environments. This may include a small amount of coding and technical work for each platform, but it's minimal when compared to developing individual apps for each operating system.
  • Apps are implemented. End users test the app and the team provides last-minute adjustments and troubleshooting. Then you can begin marketing the app to your customers or using the app within your business processes and training employees.

How long does cross platform app development take?

Cross platform app development is often faster than native app development — and is certainly faster than developing individual apps for each platform you want to appear on. However, the exact timeline of your project depends on factors such as your app’s complexity and how many platforms you want to deploy on. 

An average time to market for apps is between four and six months. The simplest apps may be completed in weeks rather than months, and the most complex apps might take more time to develop. To understand potential timelines related to your specific app development project, reach out to Net Solutions today. Our teams can work with you to provide various options and help you understand the length of each so you can make an educated decision about your app dev project.

How do you choose a cross platform app development company?

Choosing the right cross platform app dev company is important to ensuring your project’s success. Look for a company with experience in cross app dev as well as experience working with companies in your industry and of your type and size. The needs of a small business or startup are often different from those of an enterprise or nonprofit, for example, and common challenges in creating apps for retail organizations differ from those related to creating apps for healthcare companies.

Ask questions about the dev firm's cross app development experience, including what platforms they work with, what problems they've been able to solve, and whether they offer full-scope services to move your project from strategy all the way to implementation.

You may also want to ask about post-implementation services and support. What options does the partner offer for modifications once an app is launched and will they help you get the app into app stores?

How do you keep my cross platform app data secure?

Most app platforms have built-in security, and that's definitely true for both iOS and Android. For example, Android apps are held on their own virtual machines, which means code and functions from each app in the app store never interact. That helps increase the security for each.

At Net Solutions, we work to provide even more security, ensuring your app data is secure from the start of your project through implementation and beyond. That includes using DevSecOps procedures to build security into the app development frameworks we use.

Can I get modifications to my cross platform app
once it is launched?

Yes. Net Solutions offers app dev service packages that include ongoing support for your products. 

Will I own the source code of my cross platform app?

"Owning" source code is a bit of a misnomer and can be a complicated consideration. In many cases, app dev works based on open source code, which is shared code made available for use by any developers. This code can be used as the building blocks for app dev to help increase efficiencies and reduce time to market.

However, Net Solutions doesn't hide your code from you or make it difficult to access or carry over to other services. Learn more about our relationship with our partners and how we support you, including transparent access to your code, by reaching out to us about your potential project. 

Why should I choose Net Solutions over other
cross platform app development companies?

Net Solutions has a deep understanding of advanced cross platform app frameworks and offers a complete spectrum of development services. That includes strategic ideation, app engineering, optimization, testing and support and maintenance. We ensure to meet your business goals through an exceptional product experience that delights your users and bolsters your bottom line.

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