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Digital commerce and bespoke apps are within the reach of almost every business. Net Solutions is a software development company with two decades of experience in creating custom solutions for every budget and niche.

The Net Solutions Approach

An Award-winning, Full-service Custom Software Development Company

Today's consumer expects to be able to reach the brands they love whenever they wish, enjoying an interactive experience on their phones, tablets, and desktops as well as in the real world. Businesses that can't deliver that rich experience and instant feedback soon find themselves left behind.

Our offshore software development team develops and deploys web apps, dynamic single-page applications (SPAs), progressive web apps (PWAs), digital experience platforms and complex Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms designed to meet the needs of our clients.

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Create Compelling Digital Experiences for Your Users

The Net Solutions team is made up of a dynamic group coders, server administrators and digital experience designers with over 20 years of experience in UI and UX technologies. This diverse team goes well beyond basic functionality to ensure that each app not only works well but is also a joy to use, getting your customers coming back time and time again.

User searching for reviews on a mobile device | Software development company
Team collaborating on different code elements| Software development company

An Expert Full-stack Development Team

We have a full-stack development team in house that’s able to work with front-end and back-end technologies. From mobile apps for Android and iOS to ERP and CRM platforms, browser-based apps, cross-platform apps and custom-coded programs, our team can build you the solution you're looking for.

Software Development Services

Software Strategy and Consulting

Essential and fundamental as it is, coding is just one part of the service at Net Solutions. We understand that there's more to developing a successful product than writing good code. That's why we work with business analysts and UX specialists to put together products that help your business achieve its goals. We come up with solutions to make your business more efficient, increase its reach and engagement, and accelerate growth.

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Strategy for implementing accurate code | Software development company
Implementing seamless code without bugs | Software development company

Modern Enterprise Software Development

As a business grows, it needs more complex software to ensure all customers have a good experience. We have a proven track record of designing, developing, deploying and maintaining ERP, CRM and other products for businesses operating on an international stage. Whether you're looking for a custom-built app or a system to integrate with your existing platform, we can help you.

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Custom Product Development

Delivering a smooth, user-focused experience out of the gates is essential to custom software development. We help companies from startups to scale-ups bring their ideas to fruition by choosing the right leading-edge technologies and using a rigorous, enterprise-level approach to engineer results-driven solutions with a strong ROI.

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Writing efficient code for the World Wide Web | Software development company
Writing code for multiple interfaces | Software development company

Mobile App Development

Delivering an engaging, intuitive user experience to your customers’ fingertips is a must in today’s mobile-first world. We’re the best at software development outsourcing, thanks to our full suite of development services for iOSAndroid, and Cross-Platform apps. We specialize in innovative, scalable mobile solutions to help you stand out in your industry.

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Digital Experience Platforms

Some of the products we deliver are built on popular CMS platforms such as AEMDrupalWordPress or Kentico. For those whose needs are not met by those platforms, we offer custom software development and solutions from scratch using robust languages and libraries and our extensive knowledge of user experience design to create a product that holds the user's attention and drives conversions.

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Writing code to be used on multiple platforms | Software development company
Digital web application on a laptop | Software development company

Digital Commerce

To build loyalty in an increasingly digital world, brands must offer a smooth, intuitive, secure and reliable online shopping experience. Our team of developers offers full-stack web development. Our eCommerce solutions include customized Magento online stores and bespoke digital stores. The team will discuss your online store requirements with you and recommend a strategy for your business to help you attract targeted traffic and gain conversions. With our help, you can provide a mobile-first, speedy and great-looking store that gives customers the online shopping experience they were hoping for.

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Designing the Digital Experience

Usability is something that is often overlooked in the world of online shopping and even general web development. An app or website can look good but still be hard to use. At Net Solutions, we have UX specialists who understand how users think and can map out the user experience for your products, ensuring that when a user loads up your app they know exactly what to do to achieve their goals, and they have a good time getting there. Our UX team builds designs that match your brand and provide a loyalty-building, conversion-driving user experience with every click, swipe, tap or scroll.

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Designing the digital experience on multiple platforms | Software development company
Building a SaaS product on a laptop | Software development company

SaaS Development

For a growing business, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) can be an effective way of driving revenue. To achieve true scalability, however, it's not enough to simply outsource your development and run a script in the cloud. Reliability, scalability, and security are significant challenges that need to be managed by a team with many years of expertise in the industry, and a commitment to ongoing growth and learning. Our team has more than ten years of experience in SaaS development and cloud technology for both startups and enterprises. We're here to help you get results.

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Security, Maintenance and Support

Once a product has been deployed, the next challenge is to keep it running well — this means audits, updates, patches, and day-to-day support and troubleshooting. Choose Net Solutions as your partner for ongoing maintenance and our engineers will always be on hand to ensure your app, website or software is performing at its best.

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Testing a product for quality assurance on a laptop | Software development company
Ensuring product functionality on many platforms | Software development company

Modernizing Your Platform

If your brand has an existing app or website that is starting to show its age, investing in a more modern solution could help your brand keep (or regain) its competitive edge. Our developers have expertise in a variety of legacy systems, making the process of upgrading to modern platforms a simpler one and allowing you to see results a little bit sooner.

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Solutions for Your Industry

Our team has worked with many industries, including:

Cubes linked together with a circle | Software development company solutions


Customer-focused apps built to help automotive companies collect data and build loyalty

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Open education book ready to be read | Software development company solutions


Interactive, engaging, and easy-to-use cloud-hosted solutions for multimedia learning

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Media that is ready to be played | Software development company solutions

Entertainment, Books, and Magazines

Entertaining games and apps made to engage users for any industry

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Soda and a burger | Software development company solutions

Food and Beverage

Customized digital experiences, targeted specifically to their users, which promote repeat business

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Person riding a bicycle | Software development company solutions

Sports and Fitness

Empowering and data-driven hubs allowing your users to track health metrics, keeping them coming back for more

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Retail shopping bag | Software development company solutions


A seamless shopping experience, helping your customers engage with your brand online and offline

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Hand lifting a weight | Software development company solutions


Go the extra mile for your users with high-performing software that empowers a smooth, intuitive digital experience.

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Exterior of a Net Solutions building | Software development company

Build a Brighter Future with
Net Solutions

Invest in digital transformation for your business today to secure its future for tomorrow. The online world is becoming increasingly competitive and our team is here to help you stand out among your rivals. Contact us today to discuss your brand's goals and start on the path to a brighter digital future.

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Our Tech Expertise

Data Analytics

  • Power BIPower BI
  • AWS QuicksightAWS Quicksight
  • MetabaseMetabase
  • PosthogPosthog
  • WebRTCWebRTC
  • Wowza Media EngineWowza Media Engine
  • AWS Elastic TranscoderAWS Elastic Transcoder
  • PexIPPexIP
  • QuickbloxQuickblox


  • JMeterJMeter
  • KatalonKatalon
  • SeleniumSelenium

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Common FAQs about Working With Net
Solutions for Software Development Company

What is software development?

Software development is the process of designing and developing a software solution. It might refer to the type of software you use on your computer, such as a word processing program. But it can also refer to software that's used on or runs various other technology devices, including mobile phones and tablets, smart TVs or internet-connected devices.

How much does software development cost?

The cost of software development varies widely depending on the complexity of your project, when you need it, whether you want integrations, and numerous other factors. Very simple software programs may end up costing a few thousand dollars, for example, while complex software solutions can cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

For more information about the potential costs of your project, reach out to Net Solutions today. Our development teams will work to learn more about what you want and present you with several options and estimated price ranges.

How can you outsource software development?

You can outsource software development by working with an experienced, comprehensive development team such as Net Solutions. Usually, this requires a series of meetings to help determine the business requirements of the solution and check-ins throughout the process to ensure your software development project is on schedule and working toward the goals you laid out.

How can you choose a software development company?

Start by searching for software development service providers. Review the type of projects each works on to find vendors that may be a good fit for your project. Then do a deeper dive into your short list to find out how they work with clients, what type of timelines they can meet and whether they can work with your budget.

At this point, you have probably narrowed the field down to just a few contenders. Consider meeting with them and asking for references, demos, and more formal estimates before committing to a partner.

What makes a good software development company?

The best software development company for you is one that can meet your business needs and preferences best. In general, good software dev firms are:

  • Experienced. They can offer a portfolio of work and references that demonstrate their ability to get the job done.
  • Comprehensive. They have a robust enough staff with disparate skill sets to complete most or all of your project.
  • Professional. They have processes in place for proactive communication, troubleshooting and customer service to best serve your business.

How long does software development take?

Time to market on any development project depends on a variety of factors, including how complex the project is, what types of integrations you need, how you want the software to be able to scale in the future and what you're willing to pay to get the job done. Software development can take weeks or months or more, so reach out to Net Solutions with your business requirements to understand how fast we can turn your project around.

Which technology is used in software development?

Developers use a variety of coding languages and systems to develop software. That includes programming languages such as Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, PHP and Swift. Some projects might also make use of technologies such as blockchain.

Why should you choose custom software development?

Custom software frees you from tools that might not have been developed with your specific use in mind. By choosing custom software development, you can work with a team to bring your unique vision to life, support your employees and customers in the most appropriate ways, and create a system that is poised to grow with your company.

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