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Transform your business with a custom-engineered app for Apple mobile devices, including iPhones and iPads.

The Net Solutions Approach

Expert, Full-service iOS App Development

More than 85% of smartphone users spend time on mobile apps, and younger generations spend the bulk of their tech time with apps. Whether you're providing convenience and value to customers, making your employees more efficient or increasing brand awareness, a mobile app might be the answer.

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Expert iOS App Development

Net Solutions has been in the development game for more than two decades. As pioneers of iOS development, we know how to bring beautiful, fully functional apps to market that you and your customers can rely on. Our app development teams can deliver products that work across all iOS mobile devices including various types of iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches. 

We use a time-tested methodology for app development that ensures a fast-as-possible time to market without sacrificing functionality or adherence to business requirements. We're also well-versed in app development across a wide range of industries including:

  • Retail and ecommerce
  • Medial and publishing
  • Healthcare
  • Entertainment
  • Automotive
  • Food and beverage
  • Sports, fitness and wellness
  • Education and training
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iOS App Development Solutions from Net Solutions

We offer full-suite app development, but we also customize every solution to meet your needs. Net Solutions can design apps to align with B2B, B2C or B2B2C business goals. Our suite of services includes:

iOS app development strategy

Before we start designing and coding, we work with you to understand your goals for an app. Is it customer-facing or will employees be the end users? Are you selling via the app, providing extra value to customers or striving to drive up productivity? Every app has a different purpose and a different place in the processes of the business that needs it. At Net Solutions, we know we can't design an app that checks all the boxes without taking time to learn what those boxes really are for you.

iOS app optimization

We can work alongside you to increase the visibility of your app in the Apple app store. That includes ensuring it meets all requirements for listing and helping you ensure a keyword-rich, user-friendly app page that entices people to download your app. If you're producing an app designed for consumers or B2B customers, you can't afford to skip optimization. There are thousands of apps to choose from, and you want yours to be as close to the top of the list for relevant searches as possible.

iOS app testing

Our tech teams conduct robust testing of the app and all functionality during the development phase and afterward. We work hard to launch fully functional apps and include potential beta testing rounds with live users from your business if possible and appropriate.

iOS app engineering

After strategy, we move into the build stage for an iOS app. Developers work to engineer an app to your specifications. We provide oversight and expertise for both aesthetic design and functional development, so you end up with an app that looks great and does exactly what you want.

Support services to meet ongoing needs

Depending on your service contract with Net Solutions, we can offer various ongoing support services. That can include app upgrades and changes as you find what works best for you, your employees or your customers.

Technologies to Support iOS Development

Our teams include design and development experts from a wide range of backgrounds, which means we can provide a comprehensive set of technology solutions for your business. That includes iOS development and support for launching your app. But we also help you cross into other platforms to expand your audience or ensure use of your apps by as many employees or customers as possible.

Swift & Object C

Swift and Objective-C

Our developers are experienced and skilled in the coding languages required by iOS apps. That experience goes back to 2006, and Net Solutions is a leading developer of cutting-edge, native iOS mobile apps today.



In addition to iOS apps, our team of experienced developers can deliver cross-platform functionality so you can also work with customers and others that choose Android or Windows devices.

React Native

React Native

Our team can leverage open-source contributions from platforms such as GitHub to speed up development times and develop robust, native apps across a variety of platforms, including iOS.

iOS App Development for All

Whether you're a startup or a corporate enterprise, Net Solutions can bring your app ideas to market. We use an agile process to engineer bespoke digital products for businesses of all sizes and in all types of industries. Our time-proven development method can be scaled and customized to address a wide variety of needs, and we partner with businesses to drive on-brand, high-performance results whether they want a single app or an enterprise suite of apps.

And if you already have an app but it's no longer delivering what you need? We can work alongside your teams to strategically redesign, develop and deploy the app to increase performance and better support for customers or other end users.

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Common FAQs About iOS App
Development with Net Solutions

App development is a unique proposition. There are so many options and ways it can go, and every business has specific needs and preferences. Because of that, there's no one-size-fits-all approach we can describe for app development. You can reach out to us for more information about your specific project. However, the FAQs below may provide some general information for common questions about working with Net Solutions on iOS app dev projects.

What Is iOS Development?

iOS development refers to making mobile apps that run on Apple devices via the iOS system. That includes devices such as iPads and some iPods as well as iPhones and Apple Watches. Dev for iOS means creating apps that work specifically for these devices and can be provided via the Apple app store. That means programming in one of two languages: Swift or Objective-C. These coding languages aren't typically used outside of iOS development.

App development, including for iOS systems, is similar to other types of software dev in principle. However, the developers must know how to create for the mobile environment, which typically means developing apps that run well on devices with limited power and storage capabilities. 

For example, if you download a math software system on your desktop computer, all the functionality and data may exist on the device. With an app, you might rely on an internet connection to a network system for some of the functionality, making network connections and integrations an important aspect of iOS app development.

How to Find an iOS Developer?

You can find app developers via recommendations from business partners, on freelance tech professional sites or by hiring an experienced company such as Net Solutions. Working with a design and development firm helps ensure you're connecting with iOS developers that have all the necessary skills to get the job done right, especially if you're not sure how to vet these highly technical skills yourself. On top of experience with Swift or Objective-C, iOS app developers must have excellent spatial reasoning capability, understand how to implement design guidelines, be experienced in networking and version control, and have other skills specific to app and iOS dev. 

Why Should I Choose Net Solutions over
Another iOS Development Company?

Net Solutions is a holistic design and development firm, which means we're able to deliver creative design and agile development that ensures your app stands out in the crowd. With tens of thousands of apps to scroll through in the app store, users need a reason to choose yours — and we offer that difference.

We have teams across the globe and can connect you with top iOS developers who work to understand your business needs before developing apps with solutions and functions for those needs. We have experience in a wide range of industries, including ecommerce, healthcare, and food and beverage. Our teams know how to deliver products that drive customer satisfaction while ensuring compliance with regulatory demands and other business processes.

How Much Does It Cost to Make an iOS App?

The cost to make an iOS app depends on a variety of factors, which is the case with the cost for any app development. The complexity and type of app you need, whether you want a lot of integrations and whether the design is completely from-scratch or templated all play a role in how much app dev can cost. Average prices range from $30k to $700k with some apps coming in well above or below those ranges. For more information about the cost of developing an app, reach out to discuss options with our iOS dev teams.

How Long Does It Take to Build an iOS App?

The time to build an app also depends on various factors. If you're looking for a simple, minimum viable product, the answer might be measured in weeks. Businesses looking for more comprehensive or complex tools should expect an answer that's measured in months. Reach out to Net Solutions with some information about your business requirements for an app to get a better estimate on timelines.

How Do You Keep My iOS App Data Secure?

You might have heard that Apple offers some great security options for its customers. That's true for iOS app development too. For example, developers can use features such as iOS Data Protection APIs to support protection for user data. Net Solutions uses the data security resources available in iOS development to appropriately protect data, and we work closely with clients to understand security and compliance needs to ensure the iOS apps we develop meet those requirements.

Will You Assist Me in the iOS App Submission Process?

Yes, we provide assistance in submitting your iOS app to the app store and ensuring that it's accepted. We also offer optimization services to help potential users find your app. Our dev teams understand the requirements of app store submission, which puts you in a better position going into the process. Your product is designed with those requirements in mind, which can reduce friction when it's time to submit the app.

Can I Get Modifications to My iOS App Once it Is Launched?

Yes, Net Solutions works as a partner alongside clients. We don't wash our hands of a product once it's delivered, and our service models include options for ongoing support and product updates. Reach out to us today to discuss your iOS app needs and the support you'd like in the future.

Will I Own the Source Code of My iOS App?

Net Solutions provides a wide range of services, including original app creation for clients. Depending on your agreement with us, you may own the source code of your iOS app. It may depend on the app’s development and the type of service you requested. Developing a template-based app or one relying on open-source code, for example, is different from developing a from-scratch based app.

How Do I Start Developing My iOS App with Net Solutions?

You show up with the idea or business need for an app, and we help you bridge the gap from that point to a finished product. To start the process, simply click the contact us button at the top of this page and provide a bit of information. Someone from our team will reach out ASAP to start the conversation about your app.

Success Stories

  • Zenboks Case Study

    Personal Development Guide App

    A millennial-audience focused app that offers paid guided courses to improve physical and mental health holistically. The app has both streaming and offline-available content.

  • Mobile Commerce App

    The app gives users of Konga, the largest eCommerce store in Nigeria, online shopping on the go.

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  • Drive-Focus Case Study

    Driving Tutor & Research Tool

    A platform for users with cognitive challenges like Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or age-related cognitive decline learn driving in a simulated environment with comprehensive analytics for medical research.

  • sports-cash Case Study

    Sports Betting App

    A gamified platform that allows sports-enthusiasts to place bets on outcomes of sports events on multiple parameters. The platform sources data from real-time sports feeds. A user can bet against the house and other members.

  • Brand Licensing Approvals Workflow System

    A platform that gives brand managers & licensees workflow-enabled processes to manage the approval process of use of branding assets. The platform has comprehensive alerts & reports to ease management.

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  • Midful Case Study

    Guided Meditations App

    A platform that offers guided meditations from world’s most influential teachers to anyone looking to improve mental health and overall wellbeing.

  • Caddi Case Study

    Golf-course On-demand Ordering

    Golfers use the app to review & order refreshments from the golf-course on-demand. The orders are routed to and then serviced by the on-course beverage cart directly.

  • Food-based Social Discovery App

    The app connects people based on their liking of various dishes served in restaurants. The app can be used by restaurant owners to showcase specific dishes that attract people who like that food. Comprehensive analytics help identify posts that influence visits for rewards.

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  • Dity Case Study

    On-demand Pick & Drop Platform

    Deliver It To You lets users to have anything from food to documents picked up from point A and delivered to point B with tracking of location of the courier at all times.


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