iOS Development Services for Clients From All Industries

Transform your business with a custom-engineered app for Apple mobile devices created by expert iOS app developers.

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Full-service iOS App Development Services

Our iOS app developers can collaborate with your team from concept to design to support after your app has launched, and every moment in between.

But why do you need an app to begin with?

Whether you're providing convenience and value to customers, making your employees more efficient, or increasing brand awareness, a mobile app might be the answer.

Here are some stats to drive this home:

  • Almost 4 billion people use smartphones worldwide.
  • Nearly 90% of smartphone users spend time on mobile apps.
  • Apps are estimated to have generated almost $6 billion in 2020.

The key insight here is that people use apps a lot—and they spend a lot while using them. This means having a successful, well-designed app is a vital part of reaching your audience.

Many iOS app developers (including Net Solutions) can also build apps for internal company use. Many apps allow employees to access work-related information whenever and wherever they need to.

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Expert iOS App Development Services

Net Solutions has been in the development game for more than two decades. As a pioneering iOS app development company, we know how to bring beautiful, functional, and reliable apps to the Apple App Store.

Our iOS app developers can deliver products for iOS mobile devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches.

We use a time-tested iOS mobile app consulting methodology to ensure a speedy time to market without sacrificing functionality or adherence to business requirements.

Net Solutions has provided iOS app development services to a wide range of industries, including:

  • Retail and ecommerce
  • Media and Publishing
  • Healthcare
  • Entertainment
  • Automotive
  • Food and beverage
  • Sports, fitness and wellness
  • Education and training

In a different industry? Reach out anyway—let's see what we can do together.

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iOS App Development Services from Net Solutions

We offer full-suite iOS app development and customize every solution to meet your needs. Net Solutions' iOS app developers can design apps to align with B2B, B2C, or B2B2C business goals. Our iOS development services include:

iOS Mobile App Development Strategy

Before we start designing and coding your iOS app, we work with you to understand your goals for an app. For instance:

  • Is it customer-facing, or will employees be the end-users?
  • Are you selling a product or service via the app? Is it your main service?
  • Do you want the app to provide extra value to customers?
  • Should the app improve employee productivity?

At Net Solutions, we know we can't design an app that checks all the boxes without taking time to learn what those boxes are for you.

Support Services to Meet Ongoing Needs

Depending on your service contract with Net Solutions, we can offer ongoing support services. These services can include app upgrades and changes as you find what works best.

iOS App Testing

Net Solutions' iOS app developers conduct robust app testing during the development phase and afterward.

iOS App Engineering

As an iOS app development company, we engineer an app to your specifications.

In addition, we provide oversight and expertise for both aesthetic design and functional development, so you end up with an app that looks great and does what you want.

Technologies to Support iOS Development

Our iOS app developers come from a wide range of backgrounds, so we can provide a comprehensive set of technology solutions for your business. That includes iOS development and support for launching your app.

But we also help you cross into other platforms to expand your audience or ensure the use of your apps by as many employees or customers as possible.

Swift & Object C

Swift and Objective-C

Our developers are experienced and skilled in the coding languages required by iOS apps, including Swift and Objective-C.



In addition to iOS apps, our team of experienced developers can deliver cross-platform functionality so you can also work with people who choose Android devices.

React Native

React Native

Our team can leverage open-source contributions to speed up development times and develop robust, native apps across various platforms, including iOS.

Net Solutions: An iOS App Development Company for All

Net Solutions can bring your iOS app ideas to life, regardless of how big or small your business is.

Our proven iOS mobile app development method can be scaled and customized to address a wide variety of needs, and we partner with businesses to drive success.

Already have an app, but it's no longer delivering what you need? That's fine. We can work with your team to strategically redesign the app to increase performance and provide better support to you and your end-users.

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Net Solutions iOS App Development Services: FAQs

There's no one-size-fits-all approach to iOS mobile app development. However, the FAQs below answer common questions about working with Net Solutions on iOS app dev projects.

Of course, you can also reach out to us to discuss your unique iOS app development services needs.

What Is iOS App Development?

iOS mobile app development refers to making mobile apps for Apple devices, which use the iOS system. These devices include iPads, iPhones, and Apple Watches.

App development, including for iOS systems, is like other types of software dev in principle. However, the developers must know how to create for the mobile environment, typically developing apps for devices with limited power and storage capabilities.

How Do I Find an iOS App Developer?

You can find iOS app developers or companies via recommendations from business partners, freelance tech professional sites, or search engines. Also, be sure to read reviews, testimonials, case studies, and portfolios.

Some companies choose freelance iOS app developers, while others opt for iOS app development companies. While a freelancer iOS app developer may be less expensive on the surface, they often provide limited services. So, you may end up spending more in cash or time in the long run to keep your app functioning.

Working with an iOS app development company like Net Solutions helps ensure you work with iOS developers with the necessary skills to get the job done right.

Why Should I Choose Net Solutions as
My iOS Development Company?

Net Solutions is a holistic design and development firm, which means we deliver creative design and agile development to help ensure your app stands out in the crowd.

Additionally, our iOS mobile app development teams have experience in a wide range of industries, including ecommerce, healthcare, and food and beverage. They know how to deliver products that drive customer satisfaction while ensuring compliance with regulatory demands and other business processes.

How Much Does It Cost to Make an iOS App?

The best way to understand how much iOS app development services will cost is to get quotes from developers. This is because iOS app development costs depend on various factors, which is the case with the cost for any form of app development.

For instance, the complexity and type of app you need, whether you want a lot of integrations, and if the design is from scratch or templated, affect how much app dev can cost.

Average prices range from $30k to $700k, with some apps coming in well above or below those ranges. Note: This is not necessarily reflective of Net Solutions' prices; these are overall averages.

For more information about the cost of developing an app, reach out to discuss options with our iOS dev teams.

How Long Does It Take to Build an iOS App?

iOS mobile app development can last weeks or months, depending on your company's needs.

If you want a minimum viable product, the answer might be measured in weeks.

Businesses looking for more comprehensive or complex tools should expect iOS app developers to take longer to complete the project.

Reach out to Net Solutions with some information about your business requirements for an app to get a better estimate on timelines.

How Do You Keep My iOS App Data Secure?

Apple offers incredible security options for its customers. That's true for iOS mobile app development as well.

For example, developers can use features like iOS Data Protection APIs to support data protection.

Net Solutions works closely with clients to clarify security and compliance needs to ensure the iOS apps we develop meet those requirements.

Will You Help Me Submit My iOS App?

Yes, we help submit your iOS app to the App Store and ensure it's accepted. Our iOS app developers understand the requirements of App Store submission, which puts you in a better position going into the process. Your product is designed with those requirements in mind, reducing friction when it's time to submit the app.

We also offer optimization services to help potential users find your app.

Can You Modify My iOS App Once It's Launched?

Yes. We don't wash our hands of a product once it's delivered, and our iOS app development services include options for ongoing support and product updates.

Reach out to us today to discuss your iOS app needs and the support you'd like in the future.

Will I Own the Source Code of My iOS App?

Depending on your agreement with us, you may own the source code of your iOS app. Contact us to discuss your situation further.

How Do I Start Developing My iOS App with Net Solutions?

To start the process, simply click the Contact Us button at the top of this page and provide a bit of information. Someone from our team will reach out ASAP to start the conversation about your app.

Once we've reached an agreement, Net Solutions' iOS development services begin when you show up with the idea or business need for an app. We then help turn your vision into a reality.

Net Solutions iOS Development Services: Success Stories


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