How we developed Production Yak – A Digital Community for Hollywood Production Crew

How we developed Production Yak


Production Yak’s story began in year 2005 when five Production Coordinators wanted to start a conversation with their film and television peers. A forum where they could privately share their professional experience and communicate directly with others about work-related issues. So in their ‘spare time’ while working on some of Hollywood’s biggest features they started a Google Group, Coordinators 411, in 2005.

Cut to year 2015 where the Production Yak Team continues to listen to the membership and strives to find new ways to fit the needs and requests of the Yak community.

What is Production Yak anyways

Production Yak is an intimate group of people in the entertainment industry, sharing their experience, resources and recommendations, and making it easy for anyone to hire production crew or props in general. It is a rendezvous for these creative eggheads where they share their requirements pertaining to their projects and avail resources from respective vendors or service-providers.

When our client Jason Tomaric, for whom we had recently redesigned a website Filmskills, referred our name to Production Yak it was about upholding the trust of one and ensuring the best delivery to other.

Team Production Yak was really worried because their website would soon shut down, based on Google’s new guidelines for responsive websites. A proper analysis of this website worried us a little more; it seemed like a case which had come in for upgrading but required complete renovation especially from the UX perspective.

All types of classifieds connected to the entertainment industry can be posted here whether for personnel or equipment. For instance the requirement of makeup artists, cameraman; or facilities like camera, lights, trolley etc. the platform lets the service-provider connect with the seeker and vice-versa.

However, the website needed urgent upgrading otherwise it would go out of business soon, which also implied that we needed to work on strict deadlines.

Apart from refurbishing the website to make it responsive and appealing, we also integrated some new features which would make it easy for the admin to monitor the activities on the portal as well as hassle-free interactions amongst users.

Enhanced User Experience (UX)

The appearance of the old website needed complete makeover, we gave it an absolute new look and feel. The opportunities posted were placed such that they got more visibility and even the benefit of the advertisers were given due consideration. In this case the UX stressed more on how these classifieds got proper visibility and the website could rank better in the coming days.

In our process of redesigning and redeveloping the website we ensured that the Admin part of this WordPress site became stronger in its new avatar.

Paid Registration with Addition of Payment Gateway:

The old website was receiving decent traffic, which meant the business was pretty good and there was space to make it better with a few changes. One of the most important changes that would benefit the ROI of the client was making the registration paid. And in order to ensure secured transactions on the website we integrated PayPal as the payment gateway.

Paid Registration with Addition of Payment Gateway

Fixing Linkrot:

There were broken links in the old website which were not only harming the traffic but also affecting its ranking in search engines. These were taken care of and new properly linked tabs and pages were added, which would also ease navigation for the users.


A week before the launch of the renewed website the client approached us with the desire to dedicate a page on site credits to Net Solutions. It was indeed overwhelming on being appreciated by a client so much and also a motivation to cultivate such relationship with all our clients and prospects.


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