Silicon Valley VC, Rohit Sharma on Web, Mobile, Cloud and Why Understanding Customers is More Important than Technology

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When he entered with a mug of tea in his hands with a smile; one wouldn’t guess that those small curious eyes are great observers, but Rohit Sharma is ‘more than meets the eye’.

It was an interactive session. But after his brief introduction, the listeners were quite sure that they will be taking back more than only the queries put forward.

So, when our speaker started with, “I’ve never had a job!” there were curious expressions on almost every face. A person with nineteen patents to his name, accepting that he is fine with not having any work experience. This is the kind of courage that Rohit holds which led him to many engineering accomplishments and later mentor early-stage start-ups via True Ventures.

A glance through this VC’s profile will tell you how much he appreciates innovativeness, “There’s nothing wrong in failures, you might not succeed all the time; it is the tiny probability that you strive for, helps you become successful.”

Amongst the various topics discussed, I am putting down a selective few which are relevant to technology readers like you:

10 Years from Now Web will Become What Telephony has Become Today

The World Wide Web will soon be history because we are fast moving towards a new phase. In not less than five years mobility will be ruling the tech industry and our lives. “We might have to actively unlearn a lot of things we learned in the web area”, said our speaker and there was no reason for disagreeing with it.


A strong backend determines your apps capability to handle traffic and provide steadier customer engagement. Most applications lack this standpoint, as a result, they soon lose their rank and subsequently identity.

Iteration and User Research are Very Important in Every Project

You might think this is similar to the last project you worked on but the same solution will never apply. There has to be a new angle that you must have overlooked or something unique about the requirement that you didn’t analyze. “In all these years, I have never come across two absolutely similar projects. Until you iterate you will never realize the difference.”

While sharing his experience, Rohit emphasized quite a few times on the importance of iteration. A product manager needs to continuously iterate and ask questions in the earliest stage.

Another problem which he distinctively mentioned was, “we do not listen to our users”


A proper user-research means taking feedback during the different stages of the project; this helps in getting proper insight into major user-pain points. Although this is not as easy a job as it sounds; taking feedback at every stage and then working on them is a tedious task, even our speaker agreed. However, if we are able to nurture this habit, it sprouts in the form of a usable and appreciable product.

It seemed you could ask him anything and Rohit could give you facts and predictions based on his immense knowledge. But time was a constraint here and we needed to conclude our session, yet we got so much to learn and implement.

Silicon Valley VC, Rohit Sharma on Web, Mobile, Cloud and Why Understanding Customers is More Important than Technology
Article Name
Silicon Valley VC, Rohit Sharma on Web, Mobile, Cloud and Why Understanding Customers is More Important than Technology
An interactive session with Silicon Valley VC, Rohit Sharma that helped us understand why user-feedback are important and the future of mobility.
Rohit Dogra

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Rohit Dogra leads Marketing at Net Solutions. He is an evangelist for Inbound Marketing and has a rich experience (close to a decade) in various roles which includes Marketing, Presales, Sales and Business Development. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experiences while consulting his clients on developing web and mobile based solutions for their business. He also loves to spend a lot of time with fellow colleagues, share his experiences with them as well as learn from their experiences in life. When he is not working, he loves to spend time with his son, cycle around the city and going for long walks. You can reach him via Twitter, his twitter handle is @rohitdogra

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Susan Dukow

7:44 PM, Jan 22, 2015

Wish I could have been there! Thanks for sharing and thank you Net Solutions for the journey we are taking together...

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