4 Reasons Why Mobile Dashboards Are Critical To Run Your Business

Business Need for Mobile Dashboards

All geared up to achieve your business objectives this year? Have you included mobile dashboards? They are, in fact, the perfect to boost your business.

Mobile technology has transformed the manner in which we communicate with the world. When it comes to investigating relevant business insights, mobile dashboards provide the opportunity and adaptability to transform statistics into progress while you’re on the go.

According to Statista, there are approximately 4.78 billion mobile device users globally. We are now no longer bound to the shackles of desktops and laptops that are fixed or cumbersome to carry respectively. In this hyperconnected age, it’s conceivable to interface, campaign, and produce work from anywhere around the world.

Here, in this article, we will explore why there’s a need for mobile dashboards to run businesses effectively. Keep reading…

Critical Information On The Go

With mobile apps, users can explore the dashboards with optimized native mobile displays to let you look into your data and apply filters to see the information you need. Users can use the dashboards anywhere and anytime with the help of iPhone, or Android apps to see your mobile dashboard on the go. These dashboards are built in ‘mobile-first’ design to enhance user engagement and keep the brand experience constant by placing data analytics within a mobile app.

Set up Alerts

Mobile dashboards allow you to set alerts with the power of business intelligence (BI)  and its services. Alerts help businesses send notifications to users when information in a tile changes beyond the limits that had been set. Alerts work best for tiles featuring a single number, for example, cards and measures, however, not with streaming data. Dashboards enable users to screen the KPIs progressively and mechanize your reporting for their business. They record data updates and set up alerts to adjust marketing campaigns.

Customized Business Decisions

Custom dashboards give you efficient project flow customized to the users’ role in businesses and what they touch or go through every day. With this, one can quickly act visualize, and analyze any data to reply to queries and make real-time data-driven decisions. With customized dashboards, users acquire relevant information the way they need. It helps unlock the maximum capacity of their mobile marketing and engagement data by exploring, driving experiences, and visualizing data. Businesses can accomplish their objectives and further bring about an improvement in the way your business works.

Data Visualization

No matter what your business is, digital technology has become a necessity. And data visualization helps in enhancing your business tasks. To have a successful mobile dashboard, having the right approach to data visualization is a must.

It is the presentation of data with the help of graphics and images. Its main goal is to help decision-makers in identifying the patterns or understanding difficult ideas that cannot be detected in content-based applications.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, a perfect mobile dashboard can revolutionize the success of your business in all aspects. While these four reasons are not the only valid reasons to adopt mobile dashboards, they sure are enough.

Did we miss anything important? Or, do you want to share your success story? Share with us in the comments section given below.


Amit Manchanda

About the Author

Amit Manchanda is working at Net Solutions as Project Lead and has over 9 years of experience in technologies like ASP, Adobe Flex, and Android. He has been part of SME (Subject Matter Expert) Group for RIA applications. He possesses a sound understanding of technical requirement/problem analysis and resolution for providing the best solutions to clients. He is passionate about his work and enjoys interacting with his team. In his leisure time, he loves to listen to music, watch cricket, and play with his daughter.

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