Net Solutions combines engineering expertise with dynamic digital thinking to develop powerful products for our clients. First, we work side by side with you to identify the precise needs of your company and the results you are hoping to achieve.

Then, we utilize innovative, flexible engineering practices such as Agile, Dev-Ops and Designing Thinking, to ensure the product's development is supported by empirical feedback, constant communication and intelligent collaboration between all parties.


Our product engineering capabilities can be split into four key categories:

  • Product Strategy and Roadmap Planning

    To fully understand the product your company requires, we first look at the market. What customer needs is it fulfilling? What equivalent software are you competitors using? How will this software position you in the market? Whether the product should be sold as Licensed version or as Software as a Service (SaaS)? When we have answered these questions, we can then create a roadmap to ensure the product will be developed in the most efficient fashion to garner the intended results.

  • Product Development and Operations

    Our service goes beyond development and design, as we manage and monitor the product's performance throughout its lifecycle. This way, as changes in the market and shifts in customer expectations occur, we can tweak the software in response, keeping your ahead of the competition at every step.

  • Product Experience Design

    How will your customer experience the software? By focusing on the user experience as well as the pure functionality of the product, we ensure customer satisfaction and retention is kept at the highest possible level without ever lessening the product's basic effectiveness.

  • Product Maintenance and Support

    Once the product is up-and-running, we are on hand to ensure it continues to serve your company at peak performance levels. Our team is available round the clock to solve any issues that may crop up and answer any questions you might have along the way.


The Net Solutions product engineering team works with the most powerful available technologies to create your software.

Net Solutions is our Outsourcing partner. They really focus on customers and understand their business objectives. We worked with them for over 6 years and they have really done an outstanding job for us. They consistently exceed our expectations despite being in separate time.

Sean Devlin
Sean Devlin Product Development Front Rush