How we helped FilmSkills, a provider of industry-standard motion picture and television production training, enhance their website with a new user experience and some really useful features.


FilmSkills provides courses that cover the entire process of production. The courses culminate in certification and are conducted by industry-recognized instructors. The professionals who provide training include Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe and DGA award winners and nominees. Besides the courses that FilmSkills runs online, many universities have subscribed to teaching tools and materials provided by FilmSkills to enhance the classroom learning experience of their students.

About FilmSkills Case Study

The Problem

FilmSkills wanted its Drupal website updated to add new features and functionalities, such as 'question manager', 'new individual tabs' and 'individual class'. They also wanted to have a few existing ones, such as 'take test' and 'quiz', enhanced.

They had approached another developer earlier but had disengaged as they had not been satisfied with the work done. So, they approached Net Solutions to redo the required changes.

Solution For Style Library Case Study

The Solution

  • Similar Structure

    The development team followed a structure similar to the existing website, while coding.

  • Replica of Existing Website

    We created a replica of the existing website on a demo server, which helped us carry out and test changes before making them live. So there was hardly any 'downtime' for the website.

The Result

  • Better UI/UX

    FilmSkills got a new website that provides a lot better user interface and better user experience than the previous version.

  • Question Manager

    With the introduction of a 'question manager', instructors are able to better manage (add/delete/edit) questions for each module. Using these questions, instructors can create quizzes for different classes for their students.

  • Individualization

    Individual students (those not affiliated to any university or school) can use 'new individual tabs' and 'individual class' to access course material, lessons, tests and projects. After successfully completing a course, individuals can download certificates of completion. After completion of a course, individuals can re-subscribe to any of the modules. They can also access the certification database.

  • Use of 'Take Test' and 'Quiz'

    Students affiliated to a university or school can use 'take test' and 'quiz' to answer tests and quizzes. If they don't complete a test or quiz in one go, they can visit the website again to complete the test or quiz.

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