Video Streaming App Development

Harness the Power
of Video with a Custom Streaming Solution

Net Solutions can work with you to develop a custom video streaming app that delivers the message and information in your videos in a modern, engaging way that supports your brand.

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The Net Solutions Approach

Develop Video Streaming Solutions that Feature Broadcast-quality with a High Impact

Video delivers unparalleled digital engagement, making it easier to get your information out to the people who want it. We can develop custom apps with live streaming, video on demand, OTT video solutions, eCommerce-related videos and content with interactive elements. The apps built by the teams at Net Solutions are capable of streaming the highest-quality videos to desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices alike. From launch, videos streamed via your new app will deliver an immersive UX and build your reputation, placing you ahead of the competition.

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Developing a Video Strategy

At Net Solutions, our experienced video strategy team looks at your targets and goals to help you determine what the ideal outcomes of a successful video streaming app deployment would be. We examine available infrastructure and whether it makes sense for your app to offer live streaming. Once we have estimates of video length and resolution, we analyze storage capacity and bandwidth. If the priority is VOD, we have to make it easy for the user to find the video they want to see.

A strategic approach sets the framework for a successful design and development. Net Solutions sets design criteria and puts a development plan in place that delivers the video streaming app results that you want. Our expertise allows us to prepare a strategic plan with the detail required to ensure success.

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Developing a Video Strategy
Modernizing Existing Video Apps

Modernizing Existing Video Apps

Sometimes companies have existing video applications that used to be adequate for their purposes but now look tired and old-fashioned. Such legacy apps often don't have the features today's users expect, and they are increasingly expensive to maintain as support expires and updates are no longer available. While the apps may be outdated, there are probably parts of your video infrastructure that can be reused.

Our video engineers can evaluate your video apps and components to identify the best path forward. We can keep those parts of your technology that make sense and modernize or replace other parts. The result is an updated video experience for your users at a comparatively low cost. Benefits include increased user engagement, lower maintenance costs and improved ease of use. By working with Net Solutions, you can be sure that your app modernization process is implemented seamlessly and successfully.

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Designing a Video Solution

Whether we're developing a completely new video streaming app or working with some of your existing video infrastructure components, Net Solutions develops a strategic approach that takes into account your goals and targets for app deployment. Our streaming video app design specialists work on the UI to make sure it delivers the UX you want. We have extensive experience and practical knowledge when it comes to streaming, rate limiting, transcoding and infrastructure development. We apply this expertise in designing a unique app that delivers a video solution with a powerful impact.

Our team develops the corresponding video streaming infrastructure and deploys the app to fulfill the required role, be it enterprise live streaming, education and training, eCommerce videos or video conferencing. Our approach produces a solution of the highest quality that delivers video to users free of problems.

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Designing a Video Solution
Delivering Real Time Experiences with a Live Streaming Video App

Delivering Real Time Experiences with a Live Streaming Video App

Many activities benefit from a real-time transmission of the event. The Net Solutions video streaming app development process can prioritize live streaming for activities such as sports, meetings, lectures or presentations. Sometimes commercial activities, such as auctions or product demonstrations, can benefit from live streaming. We make sure your streaming app allows easy access to the live stream and asks for user authentication if required for your application. Authentication has to be secure, fast and intuitive for the user.

Once the user has access and can see the video, we make sure that the streaming quality is excellent and that the controls are visible and easy to understand. We can add interactive elements, such as polls and charts, which engage the viewers and deliver an immersive UX. Our live streaming video app will impress your users, enhance your reputation and deliver on your goals.

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Promoting Learning with VOD Education and Training Videos

The advantage of using VOD for education and training is that the users can learn on their own schedule and control the timing. While live streaming of events such as lectures can reach a limited audience, the recorded lecture available as VOD can reach many more users over an extended time period. Net Solutions develops both live and VOD options, but VOD requires a different approach than live video. Based on our experience with both options, we develop the high-level storage infrastructure that VOD requires. We make sure that you can:

  • Offer the number of videos you want
  • Satisfy the number of users able to simultaneously watch videos
  • Stream the videos at high resolution and without stuttering

Using our VOD streaming apps, you can offer videos that empower your employees, inform your customers and promote learning.

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Promoting Learning with VOD Education and Training Videos
Marketing With eCommerce Video Apps

Marketing With eCommerce Video Apps

Videos related to eCommerce can include promotions, product demonstrations, simulated in-person shopping, user contributions and company stories. Some are VOD, where a visitor or shopper asks to see a specific video. Others are triggered by shopper actions, such as asking for more information on a product. Still others may run automatically, such as a video introducing the eCommerce site that could be shown to all visitors.

At Net Solutions, we're familiar with different eCommerce video functionalities, and we typically design a basic app for this purpose and add features to satisfy different situations. Our eCommerce apps are designed to inspire your visitors to make purchases, introduce them to your products and boost overall sales. Our videos can make shopping on your eCommerce sites fun and productive for your customers.

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Improving Video Conferencing with Custom App Add-Ons

There are several well-established video conferencing solutions, but they all have standard functionality that may not be exactly what you need. When you carry out video interviews, hold meetings via video or provide video presentations, you may need specific functions that aren't part of the standard out-of-the-box video conferencing software.

Net Solutions can develop a complete custom video conferencing solution for you, but it's usually more cost-effective to build add-ons for available programs. We enable functionalities such as the ability to record meetings, live chat, whiteboards and screen sharing, and ensure they work exactly the way you want. With our video-conferencing add-ons, you can optimize the way your video conferencing runs.

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Improving Video Conferencing with Custom App Add-Ons
Providing Support and Maintenance

Providing Support and Maintenance

Net Solutions designs, builds and launches your video streaming app, and we'll still be here to offer our support afterwards. Ongoing maintenance, updates and upgrades keep your apps looking fresh and your users engaged. We'll prevent you from falling into the legacy software trap, where you end up with outdated software that's no longer supported and can't be upgraded. As your video streaming app development partner, we'll help you keep your competitive edge and ensure that your videos run smoothly.

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Video Integration Expertise

For more than two decades, we have been at the forefront of delivering leading-edge video applications and enterprise video streaming solutions for companies of all sizes and scopes on diverse platforms, devices, players, and formats. Our expertise includes:

Education & Training VOD graphic | Video streaming app development

Education &
Training (VOD)

The successful integration of video into a curriculum brings the learning experience to life in profound ways. From educational OTT or VOD to streaming live training, we’ve helped evolve how companies can empower people to connect, learn, and grow.

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What’s better than an in-person shopping experience? Artfully employed video can make shopping even more fun, productive, and experiential for shoppers. We help clients inspire new buyers, support new product discovery, uncover trends, and, most importantly, boost sales.

Client first graphic | Video streaming app development

Live Streaming Video App Development

Delivering the virtual experience of events in real-time is more critical than ever before. We’ve customized live streaming capabilities for programs, events, meetings, auctions, and much more, with interactive elements like polls and chats that enliven the experience and foster engagement.

Headset with microphone graphic | Video streaming app development

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is a business game-changer, but the out-of-the-box solutions often aren’t enough. We build custom solutions or add-ons to tailor video conference capabilities, including recording, screen-sharing, whiteboards, live chat, and many other integrations to uplevel online conferences, interviews, presentations, and meetings.

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OTT Apps

OTT content distribution has many moving parts, with the ultimate goal being a consistently high-quality viewing experience across the board. From high-performance video streaming applications for top OTT platforms to a broad spectrum of digital OTT video solutions, we help clients deliver the right content to the right people on their preferred devices.

Our Tech Expertise

  • RTMP
  • WebRTC
  • Pexip
  • Quickbox

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Common FAQs about Working With Net
Solutions for Video Streaming App Development

What are video solutions?

Video solutions can refer to a number of technologies that use or support videos in some way. Video solutions for streaming help people access video content. Some common examples include Netflix and Hulu, but businesses can create video streaming apps for a variety of reasons.

How can you create a video streaming app?

To create a video streaming app, first you must determine the purpose and niche for your app. For example, a fitness company might create a video streaming app for workout videos while a grocery store could create one with short cooking shows. Then you'll need to decide where to get content. Will it be original or from a distributor? Finally, decide whether you want to monetize the app with ads or subscription requirements.

Once you have those plans, you can work with an app development company such as Net Solutions to design and build an app that best meets your needs.

How much does it cost to make a streaming app?

The cost to build an app depends on a variety of factors, including how unique you want your streaming app to be and what built-in features you want to add. App costs can range from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. To find out more about how much your app might cost, reach out to Net Solutions for a quote.

What are the best streaming apps?

The best streaming apps are those that meet the needs of the user. Popular streaming apps provide the content people want, are easy to use, and have desired features such as parental controls. Some top streaming apps include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Crunchyroll, Peacock, and Hulu.

Why hire video streaming app developers?

Video streaming apps may seem simple when it comes to the user experience. They provide access to videos and options for searching or browsing through them. But the best streaming apps are extremely robust and fast and offer intelligent AI recommendations and other features. By hiring a qualified video streaming app development team, you can ensure your app is competitive with other options on the market while creating unique video services that support your business and consumers.

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