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Google runs one of the largest, most reliable, resilient and highly scalable IT infrastructures in the world.

Your Google Cloud App Development Partner

Its servers handle billions of requests daily, from search results to YouTube videos to emails. And now, you can use that infrastructure to host and run your own apps

The benefits, over and beyond the obvious are:

  • Unlike Amazon's EC2, no configuration or assembly of hardware is needed.
  • All development tools are available in a single integrated environment.
  • Customers don't have to deal with backend tasks like checking application status and handling workflow.
  • Tasks like authentication are also dealt by Google's App Engine.
  • Other features like load balancing and time sensitive triggers for various tasks are also included.
  • Plans start from free to paid.

Right now Google allows you to build applications using languages like Java PHP and Python.

And with our demonstrated expertise in these languages and familiarity with Google Cloud platform we can help you leverage their infrastructure for your app.

But we won't just build the app. Because Google Cloud's application development and hosting environment is very different compared to other vendors like Amazon, we will hold your hands through the entire software development lifecycle.

For an app as great as yours it deserves the benefits of a solid and scalable infrastructure.

It deserves to be on Google Cloud.

  • Petter Sorum

    I am very happy to work with Net Solutions, which was recommended to me about 2 years ago. I find their people highly qualified, motivated and friendly! Net Solutions deliver on time and budget, over and over again.

    Petter Sorum

    CEO & Founder, No Hotels