Top 10 Successful Online Food Delivery Apps in the World

Top 10 Online Food Delivery Apps

Getting food delivered right at your doorstep anytime anywhere is easier than ever. Thanks to all the incredible on-demand delivery apps available nowadays. All you need to do is download one of the best food delivery apps, make a selection, place an order, and make payment via your smartphone, or pay on delivery.

Not only the consumers but the sellers too benefit from these apps. The latter can invest in food ordering app development to reap higher sales. Also, these apps help sellers in many ways like cost-cutting, online presence, and customer satisfaction.

So, food ordering and delivery are going to be an incredible disruptor in the food industry. In fact, it has begun already and most companies are opting for mobile app development for food delivery. But, what are the reasons behind its popularity?

Given below are the top 10 food delivery apps that you can use to browse menus from nearby restaurants to place your order via your smartphone.


Zomato, an online restaurant search platform, was founded under the name ‘Foodiebay’ in 2008. The company expanded the features by including food ordering and delivery in the top cities of the world. Zomato is now available in nearly 25 countries all over the world including India, Australia, and the United States.

Zomato online food delivery app

Zomato food delivery app offers the list of best restaurants to its users. Not only does it offer the best restaurant choices, but it also works as a social network like Twitter or Facebook for foodies.

Zomato, one of the best food ordering apps, received the latest update, which is built on the foundation of their new design system—Sushi. It brings the following features to the app:

  • One search fits all
  • Sorted and how
  • All answers under one umbrella
  • Fastest way to review now
  • Brand new profile

Available – Android | iOS


UberEats is operational in more than 1000+ major cities in various countries around the world. The app enables clients to choose their preferred food from local restaurants and delivers food to the clients’ place in the shortest possible time.

UberEats online food delivery

UberEats and Uber are two different apps, they share several similar features such as cashless transactions and expected delivery times. If you trust Uber to drive you safely around the city, maybe you’ll trust them to deliver you good quality food as well. Recently, UberEats acquired Ando: a delivery-only lunch menu that operates out of a couple of industrial kitchens around Manhattan.

The UberEats app is a standalone food delivery app, which is currently available in many countries including Brazil, Japan, Mexico, India, and the United States.

Fun Fact: Do not take Zomato lightly. Uber sold its Uber Eats business to its local rival in India—Zomato—for $400 million.

Available – Android | iOS

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FoodPanda is quite a famous online food ordering app, which has been operational in 41 countries. The company is headquartered in Berlin, Germany and started service in 2012. The firm has banded together with nearly 40,000 local restaurants in different cities to provide on-time delivery.

FoodPanda online food ordering app

The reason behind the popularity of the FoodPanda delivery app is the huge database of restaurants from various cities and the accessibility of rebates and offers. The application accepts credit, debit, and cash on delivery payment methods.

Foodpanda reported a net loss of USD 105,128,528.40 for FY19.

Available – Android | iOS


Swiggy is the top-rated mobile app, based in Bengaluru, India. With close to 1,500,000 downloads in the play store, Swiggy has been rated No. 1 online food delivery app in India and is currently available in almost all the cities across the country.

Swiggy on-demand food delivery app

Swiggy came up with an idea to provide delivery from the restaurants to big-time urban foodies. Swiggy food app lets customers order their favorite food from their favorite nearby restaurants by detecting the user’s location so that the agent can deliver food as soon as possible.

Recently, Swiggy came up with a new upgrade—Wallet Function—where users can store money and pay for transactions on Swiggy.

Available – Android | iOS


GrubHub’s widespread list of more than 30,000 restaurants in more than 800 U.S. urban communities will make sure to satisfy their customers, thereby making it one of the best food ordering apps. GrubHub has offices in Chicago, New York, and London.

Grubhub on-demand delivery app

The GrubHub app was launched in 2004, which allowed the company to set up a partnership and build relationships with various restaurants. All the orders are managed by the company’s 24/7 customer service teams.

It offers an option to search for your desired food or browse through the list of local restaurants. You can filter as per working hours, customer feedback, coupons, discounts, and so on. You can even save your order details to your top picks for future orders as well.

Surprisingly, Grubhub recently added a Colorado bakery to its platform without notice or permission.

Available – Android | iOS


Deliveroo is a London-based food delivery startup, which works in over 200 cities. It is the most popular food delivery app across Europe. It enables customers to order food from restaurant outlets that don’t have a set-up of their own and charges a fee from the customer and the restaurant for the service. Users are charged as per their order, whereas restaurants pay a commission.

Deliveroo online food delivery app

The quick food delivery options and the coupon deals engage customers who wish to avail the best possible facility. The use of the app is high due to a higher number of customers, world-class client benefit, and higher restaurant choices throughout the world, thereby making it one of the best food ordering apps available across the globe.

The U.S. eCommerce giant, Amazon, stepped into the Europe’s food delivery market by investing $575 million in Deliveroo.

Available – Android | iOS

Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s app is a well-known pizza delivery app to place an order without having to call. Also, it’s the first fast-food delivery app to execute online fast food delivery. This delivery app allows you to make quick online orders and guarantees to deliver the order within 30 minutes.

Domino's Pizza online delivery app

Domino’s offers various coupon deals and discounts for customers to pick the best available to satisfy their taste buds with the cheesy and luscious pizza anytime, anywhere with multiple payment options. You can make your payments through an online wallet, credit/debit card, or cash on delivery.

Available – Android | iOS

Just Eat

Just Eat was established in 2001 in Europe. It’s a search tool for all the local restaurants that deliver food. The company covers more than 82,000 restaurants and profits from charging a commission fee from them.

Just Eat online food delivery

In 2017, Just Eat empowered 21.5M customers, out of which 11M are active users, to order more than 170M takeaways everywhere around the world. The Just Eat food delivery app includes similar features like Foodpanda. The customers can filter the menu as per their food choices and pay either via card or cash on delivery. is on course to acquire Just Eat in £6bn deal.

Available – Android


DoorDash is one of the more established food delivery apps. It supports over 300 cities in 32 markets. The app offers great services in Canadian cities including Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver; and U.S. cities including Atlanta, Seattle, Boston, New York, and Chicago. The service also brags of a Yum score on restaurants.

Door Dash on-demand delivery app

It not only focuses on food quality but also on how the restaurants work well with DoorDash to get your food delivered on time, aiming at complete customer satisfaction. The app includes features like “DoorDash Delight” that has a scoring system based on food quality or restaurant popularity.

The world’s third-largest pizza chain, Little Caesars Pizza, struck a deal with DoorDash Inc. to add delivery to its operations for the first time in its 60-year history.

Available – Android | iOS


Postmates delivery app is available in more than 90 cities throughout the U.S.

Postmates food delivery app

This app is quite different from other online food delivery apps. When someone places an order for food, the food valet who works for Postmates gets the alert and heads towards the restaurant for pickup. Then, they’ll pick and bring the ordered food directly at the customer’s doorstep. The delivery app not only offers food delivery, but also alcohol delivery to the user’s choice of location.

Available – Android | iOS

Why Are Food Delivery Apps So Popular?

To begin with, here are a few reasons that make food delivery apps so popular:

  • The menu is visible and easily accessible within the app.
  • They offer ordering options for delivery or takeaway.
  • They offer real-time in-app tracking of the delivery.
  • Well-designed apps offer great performance for great customer experience.
  • Restaurants can make use of location-based services, using geo-location notifications to connect with customers.

Now that you know about all the popular food delivery apps, all you need to do is download the app from Play Store or the App store, and order away.

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