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Mayank Kukreja

Insights authored by Mayank Kukreja

Mayank Kukreja, an Associate Technical Architect with over 14 years of experience, has carved a niche in the tech world with his knowledge and work ethics. His expertise lies in application architecture design, with a strong focus on open source technologies like Python, Django, PHP, and AWS. Always open to challenges, Mayank is proficient in using tools such as Draw.io and project management platforms like Taiga and ZOHO Sprints, showcasing his versatility and technical acumen.

Mayank’s personal interests are as diverse as his professional skills. He has a keen interest in exploring local cuisines on his travels. Music is solace for him and his musical tastes are deeply rooted in his culture. When not working, Mayank also loves to watch series and travel vlogs. Keen on good health patterns, he follows a strict fitness regime. His moment of pride at work has been the recognition he received for the launch of an internal portal.

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