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Turning the conventional approach on its head, Design Thinking puts focus on the user, making Discovery, Ideation, and Innovation the hallmarks of this process. Done right, it establishes overall direction and vision for the project.

Our projects start with an Ideation Workshop to understand business goals and set priorities and objectives. We also call this Design Sprint, since we primarily use Design Thinking, following User Centered Design (UCD) principles, to refine and build upon your idea through incremental iterations. We focus on micro details keeping the big picture in mind.

Net Solutions follows Design Council's Double Diamond approach for Design Thinking.

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The key to understanding user behaviour is through qualitative research based on one to one interviews and observation. The objective of user interviews is to understand the usage patterns in the context of a particular digital product or service.

The interviews help gain insights into different user's goals and motivations, identify pain points and opportunities, and consequently emphathise with real humans who will use the product to fulfill their real needs.


Personas, often called Point of View (PoV), are representation of users based on their needs and behaviour. Personas are created based on the interviews done during the user research.

Primary and Secondary personas are identified and Empathy Maps are created for each of them.

Define Personas diagram


We identify and define an ideal experience for each persona identified during empathy mapping using user journey maps.

Journey Maps and Storyboards visually illustrate a users' processes, needs and perceptions over the course of their journey which helps us to understand and improve the user's experience.

Journey Maps Diagram


We focus on making tangible through quick and cheap low-fidelity prototypes. The prototypes can take a variety of forms ranging from pen and paper sketches to interactive browser based prototypes.

We put the prototypes in front of real customers and employees for feedback. Repeating this process of refining and testing allows us to quickly arrive at an optimal solution.

We focus on making tangible through quick and cheap low-fidelity prototypes. We test the application or prototype with end users by giving them a set of tasks and observing them as they complete the tasks. This gives us insights into how easy or difficult it is for the users to understand and use the application.

Users provide the feedback that allows rapid iterations to create better versions of the solution in a low-cost manner.

  • Sarah Orill

    Net Solutions manage the design and develop a range of digital projects for us. Net Solutions act like an extended part of the team; offering a responsive level of service and high quality work. They really make the whole design and development process easy and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

    Sarah Orill

    Digital Campaign Manager, CPP Group Plc


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