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A CMS is not just a tool for managing online content or CRMs for managing customer relationships. When used correctly, they can solve all the pain points that come up during the customer journey and deliver a perfect digital experience for each user.

By targeting our solutions to your customers, considering their preferred devices and online behavior, Net Solutions personalizes the way your users interact with your business through the CMS and CRM platforms. This, in turn, allows you to get a 360 degree view of your consumer base, meaning you can build stronger relationships and enhance customer retention.

Our Capabilities

Digital Customer Experience Strategy

The only way to deliver a truly effective digital customer experience is to fully understand your customer journey. At Net Solutions, we analyze each step the customer takes when engaging with a digital product and craft strategies that respond to each pain point. Also, we have the tech knowledge to advise on the best platforms to power your portals, websites and apps and promote better customer and employee engagement, with comprehensive knowledge of solutions such as AEM, Dynamics CRM, Drupal and Kentico.

Creating an Engaging Experience

Once we have helped you craft your strategy, we can then build and implement it for you. This service covers every stage of development and deployment, from enterprise portal development to digital publishing, building social intranets and integrating third party applications.

Maintenance and Enhancement

Once your digital customer experience strategy is up and running, it is crucial that you constantly maintain, monitor and measure its performance. This is another area in which Net Solutions can assist you, advising you on new enhancements that can be made along the way to optimize the customer journey.


We have the knowledge and experience to advise you on the right technological solution for your company. The platforms we generally recommend include:

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