Building a Fitness App: 7 Essential Features Needed for Success

Fitness App- A great startup idea, mainly for people who have expertise in this domain. In our previous blog, we rounded up the 10 best fitness apps that encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle. As more and more people today are becoming health-conscious, the popularity of fitness and lifestyle applications is on a rise.

As indicated by the report by Grand View Research, Inc., the global mHealth market is growing at a CAGR of 44.2% and is expected to reach 111.8 billion US dollars by the year 2025.

Genuinely, these smart applications have raised the guidelines of wellness as users nowadays follow the best diet and exercise plans ready for their use with just a simple tap. Are you looking for healthcare app development for a startup? Then, this is the perfect time to enter the healthcare industry.

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The chart above suggests revenues from wearables in billions of US Dollars, and as the estimate for 2019 suggests, wearables business will keep on rising.

To build a user-friendly app for a startup, take a look at the essential features that your fitness app developer must include to take the app a notch higher:

1. Customized Diet Plans

Customized Diet Plans

The fitness apps are just similar to a fitness coach in the gym. A significant feature that you can incorporate into a fitness app is the customized diet plans. It will assist users in creating a diet plan that best suited to their body & daily activities.

It should ideally give the option to pick the ingredients and help the users choose the recipe as per their requirement. This feature includes simple and affordable options in the app by suggesting the food that fits in your users’ pocket.

2. Push Notification System & Reminders

Push Notifications in fitness app

Any individual who is working out consistently will never wish to miss a session. In any case, staying aware of the bustling lives; now and then, it does slip one’s mind. In such cases, a pop-up message from an application can be exceptionally helpful to remember your exercise session.

But take care that push notification system works as a double-edged sword. By sending too many push notifications, you may annoy users who will leave the app and never wish to return.

3. Social Sharing

Track your Social Sharing

Social sharing is one of the essential features of the fitness app that startups can include in their fitness app. The community-based feature gives users an opportunity to compete with their friends and family members in various types of difficulties and activities. Users love to share their outcomes with friends because it helps to stay motivated and feel energized with new accomplishments.

This component can offer a platform to associate with like-minded people. It enables users to exchange tips and share their own accomplishments with individual users. Additionally, this is a factor that spurs them up to accomplish new goals and work considerably more steadily.

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4. Geolocation

Importance of Geolocation

This feature enables users to follow their walking tracks and record workouts. By leveraging this platform, your fitness tracking app can make a powerful space in the hearts of its users, as this will enable them to track their fitness activities with the passage of time.

Geolocation not only helps to send appropriate location-based notifications to the users but also helps them recall their activities accurately in the context of their desired location. This component is especially valuable for outdoor aficionados.

5. Gamification

Gamification in fitness app

How about adding gamification to a fitness app? It’s a great feature to spur the formation of habits. With the concept of gamification, you can effortlessly add fun factors to your app processing, making it more user-friendly and engaging.

While playing games is fun, if the games include competing with other users, they become even more exciting. By including various components like rewards, leaderboards, badges, and progress bar, startups can boost the user retention rate. So, let your users earn, and analyze results with their companions.

6. Wearable Device Integration

Wearable Device Integration

By integrating wearable devices to the fitness app, users properly stay connected with various external gadgets. Users manage to track their activities and exercise schedule. What’s more, they can look at their workout data by week, month or year and reach their fitness goals.

Your application can interface with as a number of trackers as could be allowed only if you integrate wearables. You could use Apple’s HealthKit or Google Fit for capacity and use particular wearable producers’ APIs to link devices to your app.

7. Goals and Tracker

Goals and Tracker in fitness app

This is the must-have feature which is highly recommended for the startups who want to create an app that helps users to track workout. An application that highlights objectives for the users has a winning advantage as it spurs them to go for the better. The above component allows the users to compare their actual performance with their goals to gauge the viability of their plan.

With this feature, users can check their total steps of an entire day and calories burned while walking, running, and cycling throughout the day. They can even monitor their sleep, food, and water intake as well. Thus, considering this feature, you can make your fitness app unique from the other apps.


When it comes to fitness mobile app development world, it’s a crowded place with myriad apps and the best way to succeed is to be different. Having these essential features can take your app a long way.

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