The State of B2B eCommerce in 2020: Infographic

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The growth of B2B eCommerce has been phenomenal in the recent years and is soon catching up with the B2C eCommerce. This has been proved by the reports being published in recent years, showing how B2B eCommerce has acquired the bigger slice of the global retail sales pie.

With B2C eCommerce sales growing exponentially, the B2B industry has also followed suit. Not only is the B2B market gradually increasing its online presence, but it is also doing so by mirroring the B2C eCommerce strategies.

Infographic - The State of B2B eCommerce in 2020

Both B2B and B2C industries are shifting from offline to online because eCommerce has evolved into the buying method of choice for the customers.

This rapid shifting of commerce from offline to online is validated by the significant investments from B2C giants, such as eBay and Amazon, made in the B2B space.

The growth of B2B eCommerce makes complete sense because B2B buyers are essentially B2C buyers who expect seamless, high-quality online purchasing experiences. They look for a simple and elegant experience, similar to their B2C shopping experience when shopping as a B2B buyer.

Therefore, instead of spending time and energy on picking up the phone to call a vendor for making queries regarding pricing or engage directly with sales, marketing, and customer service representatives, B2B buyers prefer the option of self-serving online by researching, finding, buying, and managing their accounts through a single web-based platform.

This, however, can only be achieved through an eCommerce website solution that has robust features, is intuitive, possesses integration capabilities for pulling the back-end and is easy to use. There are several eCommerce web solutions, such as Magento, Demandware, etc., providing these features for a better customer experience.

Therefore, in order to be successful as a B2B eCommerce seller, one needs to first select the right B2B eCommerce solution and then invest in building their website using that solution.


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