Understanding A Unique Automation Testing Framework That Can Eliminate Manual Testing Woes

Hybrid Framework for Automation Testing

Software development is a matured industry and now customers are highly price-conscious. They focus heavily on the value created by the service provider. They ask questions like why we need to spend more money for automation testing if you are already building a product for us? Why so much time spent in regression? So, if your customers also critically ask you to reduce overall costs for development, especially, by curtailing testing expenses, you will find this post highly useful.

Automation Testing is one of biggest trends in the software industry these days. Perhaps, like many other startups, even you may also be vying to implement automation testing, but to no avail. Reason: Pressures of quick and continuous applications releases, busy schedules or non-availability of internal skilled resources.

Manual Testing for effective software delivery is certainly useful. However, for foolproof results, you cannot survive without complementing it with automation testing.

The problem must have mounted for you when you would have attempted to search paid automation testing tools since they are very expensive. For using Open Source automation tools, meanwhile, you needed programming knowledge and a lot more time to automate and, that too, for one platform – either web or mobile.

So, manual testing has been no cakewalk for you, especially, while you’ve been running projects using Agile Methodology — where you must be testing stories of a particular sprint at least 3-4 times before releasing the sprint to the client.

We earlier told you about Testing Strategies For Building Successful Mobile Apps. In the present article, we have helped you identify a premium and most cost-effective solution – A Selenium- Appium Hybrid Framework. This will entail setting up an Automation Testing Framework which will collectively handle your web and mobile automation testing issues. Take a look.

What Is Selenium-Appium Hybrid Framework

It is a combination of two open-source automation tools coded in Java – Selenium Web Driver and Appium. Selenium WebDriver is a well-known Open Source tool for web automation. It is a web automation framework that allows you to execute your tests against different browsers.

Appium is an open-source test automation framework for use with native and hybrid mobile apps. It drives iOS and Android app development using the WebDriver JSON wire protocol.

Using this framework, you can automate functional test scenarios which can further become reusable and repeatable test repository. This framework is based on the hybrid model that applies the best features of Keyword-Driven Framework, Test Library Architecture Framework, Test Script Modularity Framework and Data-Driven Testing Framework.

Selenium Webdriver

Why Selenium-Appium Hybrid Framework Is The Right Fit For You

We earlier tried to help you understand the importance of automation testing for mobile apps in our post Why You Need Automation Testing For Mobile Apps & The Right Way To Do It and also explained how Appium is the right fit for automation testing of mobile apps.

However, as a company that also excels in mobile app development in both native and hybrid applications, one cannot keep writing separate scripts each platform separately using different paid expensive automation tools.

Even responsive site automation requires writing two set of scripts one for the desktop version and second for the mobile version and, that too, separate ones for iOS and Android. This amplifies the workload.

This is why you must embrace and learn how to use Selenium-Appium hybrid framework based on Java. Here, the tester responsible for creating automation test scripts does not need to know Java or any other programming language. He/she just needs to write test scripts by using the predefined MS Excel-based test case template to create test scripts by adding test cases using predefined functions.

The fundamental motive of adding automation is to reduce the time cycle and enable faster turnaround time for commercial viability.

Using this framework, the tester can automate any web applications by writing test scripts in excel using the simple English language with little training. These scripts will test functionality not only in different desktop browsers like Firefox, Safari, Chrome but will also execute functionality testing on all mobile browsers with little modifications to the desktop scripts.

The Benefits of using hybrid development framework are numerous. With the help of the same framework, the tester can automate any mobile application developed for native iOS and Android platform. The best part is that if the same application is developed for both iOS & Android platforms, then the tester does not need to create separate test scripts for iOS and Android app.

This framework is capable enough to run scripts for both the platforms by making few changes in the second set of scripts. So, it brings down the time spent on creating the script for second application by about 50%. Similarly, we can also automate Xamarin application using this framework.

Selenium-Appium Hybrid Framework Merits


This approach is highly significant especially if you, as a company, are also focusing on Continuous Integration (CI) development practice. In CI, the developers need to integrate code into a shared repository several times a day. Each check-in is then verified by an automated build, allowing teams to detect problems early. In this scenario, the testing team cannot survive with only manual testing and finds it difficult to release a quality product in a short period of time. This framework can ultimately also help you in bringing down the bid price for testing for the customer.

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