Our 17th Foundation Day: Celebrating Success, Unity, and Talent

17th Foundation Day at Net Solutions

Net Solutions turned 17 this year! Like always, we celebrated the anniversary along with our families at our campus. The evening was as exciting as the preparations leading up to the day!

Before I talk about how the evening unfolded, I would like to take a moment to reminisce about the day I joined Net Solutions to head the People and Culture Department. What stood out conspicuously during my interactions on the very first day was the sense of pride, a feeling of ownership and fondness with which each member of the team talked about Net Solutions.

How each took pride in the Net Solutions culture and the value system upheld by Sameer. Today its been more than 3 years I have been with Net Solutions and I can personally vouch for all the words that back then seemed too good to be true! We proudly call ourselves Netizens and like all the years that have gone past this year too the Netizens put up a spectacular show for our families and guests.

The tight project deadlines, the difficult deliveries, personal hardships, nothing could stand in the way of their spirit to make this a spectacular event as it turned out!

I will now take you through the heart-warming and breath-taking performances of the evening. It does leave you wondering as to how did our super-talented performers find the time to rehearse.  It fills my heart with pride and joy to talk about the grace with which the Netizens manage to invest their thoughts, time and energy to make this event such a huge success year after year.

We celebrated our 17th Foundation Day on 31 March 2017.  The stage was set and all the employees walked in with their families to our elaborate event at our campus after dusk. Here’s how the evening unfolded:

Bollywood Dance Fusion: A Power-Packed Performance by Our Younger Lot

Bollywood Dance Fusion by Trainees At Net Solutions

The power-packed dance performances, especially, by our younger lot, kept us glued to our seats. Kudos to our trainees as they showed a great deal of enthusiasm and excitement and put up a wonderful dance performance.

Laughter-filled Skit: Dulhe Ka Interview

Punjabi Skit at Net Solutions

The skit scripted, acted and directed by our very own Netizens in Punjabi was hilarious and had the crowd splitting with laughter. I had my guests asking me if these really were software engineers and if they are sure they are in the right profession! Kudos to the extremely talented home grown actors!

The Punjabi Folk Performance: Giddha by Our Beautiful Women

Giddha at Net Solutions

Our beautiful girls added the flavor of the Panjabi folk dance to the evening, Giddha. We found ourselves transported to the heart of Panjab witnessing the cultural dance associated with ceremonies of a Panjabi wedding!

The Exceptional and Enthralling Dumb Dance

Dumb Dance at Net Solutions

And, the low-energy yet a power-packed dumb dance kept us at the edge of our seats. This performance won us over 9000 likes on YouTube, last year. We’ll update you soon on the numbers this time.

Solo Performances that Stole the Show

Solo performance at Net Solutions

Our solo performers had the audience’s eyes glued to them. They justified that there is no dearth of talent in Net Solutions. Their melodious voices and the perfect weather created a peaceful and enjoyable evening for us.

The Show-Stopper High-Voltage Bhangra

Bhangra at Net Solutions

The celebrations ended with an energizing bhangra performance. It filled everyone among the audience with a dancing spirit and saw most of them stepping on to the stage and joining in. More here: Foundation Day album on Facebook.

17th Foundation Day at Net Solutions

Summing Up

It’s the spirit of our Netizens that made this day and its celebration this special! It was great fun to meet and interact with their families. I carry back so many stories and fond memories each year through these interactions. I salute the sincerity and dedication with each of them work to bring the best in Net Solutions to the fore. It gives me great pride to be a part of such an awesome team and I look forward to many more such celebrations.

Ritu Tandon

About the Author

Ritu Tandon heads the HR function at Net Solutions. She has a total experience of about 17 years in HR.

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