10 Magento Enterprise Features Which Make it an eCommerce Leader

Magento Enterprise Features

While watching a video of Nespresso, a leading brand from the coffee world, I learnt how far can a Magento Enterprise can take you. Well, I don’t mean to belittle other eCommerce platforms but what made me feel really good about this open source platform was the hand holding guidance they provide to their customers; helping them gauge and evaluate their growth.

So, when the CEO of Nespresso elaborated on how choosing Magento Enterprise Edition helped him, these were the points that stood out:

  • Get more visitors
  • Acquire more orders
  • Increase organic traffic
  • Upturn mobile traffic
  • Intensify conversion rates

The picture was clear about how Magento Enterprise helps you retain customers and provide additional advantages.

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According to one recent survey of B2B vendors in the US, also validated by eBay, Amazon, and Google, 57% of B2B companies believe commerce is rapidly shifting from offline to online. Magento Enterprise is amongst the most feature-rich PHP software endowed with all the attributes that make it a customer-centric eCommerce dais.

To know more about why Magento is the best open source eCommerce platform, read this blog.

In the words of Roy Rubin, “When we set out to build the Magento Enterprise Edition, our mission was to build a product that put the merchant in control. A product that was flexible enough to allow merchants to create the best consumer experiences they can.”

Below are some features of Magento Enterprise Edition which prove why it is a worthy choice for eCommerce business, especially those with broader future plans:

1. Default Solr Search Available

Integrating this customizable search engine which is also open source, enables users to easily discover their products. Its intuitive functionality provides relevancy based search options, thus even if the user types something closer to the intended word or phrase, it won’t be difficult for him to make his pick from the listed suggestions that will appear.

To cut the long story short, you have a search engine optimized eCommerce store, ensuring that your customers will not be harassed while looking for their choice of products.

Apache Solr

2. Full Page Caching and Faster Re-indexing

In a blog by one of our UX experts I came across this interestingly factual point that Frontend Tips to Kill Mobile Web. Considering the criticality of this point Magento Enterprise provides full page caching instead of collating the page dynamically while loading. There are pages already created which decrease the loading time and also the bounce rate.

One of the mandating requirements of an eCommerce store is quick loading of pages so that your customers do not get bored just waiting for the page to appear before them, while some other vendor woes them away with his legerity.

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Magento Enterprise is 80% faster than Magento Community when it comes to re-indexing; which implies that adding any new product or category in the database the manager does not have to wait for it to be added and stored before moving forward. Rather even if there is more than one person making changes in the product database the flow goes unhindered. This is aids in testing of new modules or tailoring the store according to your needs without causing obstructions in the running of the eStore.

3. Trustworthy Partner for Unique Development Needs

The customization options in Magento Development Enterprise Edition are abundant. When it comes to modifying this eCommerce platform there are plenty of tools that will help you build a more refined eStore pertaining to your business needs.

Considering the Enterprise viewpoint in this regard, Magento Enterprise has been created to fulfill B2B shortcomings in eCommerce which require critical attention. Being a highly scalable platform it provides the space to equip yourself with the latest as well as integrated functionalities you can’t do away with. It helps you create an ecosystem within your business that is well connected and works in tandem with your online store.

As Magento goes mobile, it has opened doors to better customer reach; not to forget the extensions, custom landing pages, multiple sites, multi-device approach and more benefits that come along with this PHP-based software.

4. Backup and Rollback Service Available

Amongst other advantages of Magento Enterprise managing backup operations is calculated as a vital one. And for reversing any changes there is the ‘rollback’ option. While introducing any new modifications or upgrading your Magento store, this feature proves really useful. If the change does not suit your business needs you can take it back without hampering your database or any other stored information.

Backup and Rollback Service Available

5. Custom Coupons, Reviews and Awards

Magento Enterprise is a highly user-centric platform based on the belief that a store’s credibility lies in its ability to lure its customers back. The integration of awards and custom coupons are buyers’ delight. Hence if you are able to serve these add-ons not only do the customers feel privileged but there are more chances of your brand being recognized, even if by word of mouth.

Magento Panel

6. Built in Import/Export Tax Rules Functionality

Magento Enterprise Edition targets a global audience; and merchants choosing this platform can easily find themselves connecting with buyers from across the world. The inbuilt import-export feature in Magento EE helps in acquiring data about the product catalogue through File Transfer Protocol or locally. The managers or admin also get aid in identifying mistakes in the inventory, studying the delivery and return status; including managing the backup.

Magento Admin Panel

7. Multiple Administrator Roles for Different Websites

With Magento EE you can own multiple eStores that too with single administrative dashboard. However, this does not imply that all your information will be visible to everyone. Segmenting and managing the content is also an added benefit of Magento. With its content management and multi-manager benefits, Magento Enterprise provides ease of handling to the merchant.

8. In-built RMA system

For a clearer and user-specific experience, Magento brings the RMA or Return Material Authorization functionality. Along with easy buying, shipping and tracking process return of products is an equally important part of user experience. With the inclusion of RMA customers are informed about the status quo and the process takes place in an organized manner.

Every eStore owner believes in focusing on hassle-free services for his customers; hence the easy return policies are counted as added advantages also boosting customer retention.

In-built RMA system

9. PCI compliant Code for Secure Payments

Keeping your customers’ accounts related credentials safe is one of the biggest concern for eCommerce development merchants. The rising cyber security concerns has brought to light the need for ensuring absolute protected payment procedures. One of the major advantages and reasons why merchants prefer Magento.

10. Refined Automated Mails Functionality

Magento Enterprise Edition is also chosen for the marketing advantage it provides. The automated mails functionality helps in the brand recall process. Apart from email marketing there is also value addition through reminders about wish lists, promoting new items, newsletters, tracking and delivery of products. In order to enhance relationship with your customers it is important that you keep them updated about your store, thus also getting the analytics on your customer loyalty.

Refined Automated Mails Functionality


In a survey in 2013 by Forrester and Retailer survey of B2B executives it was stated that 46% executives agreed that by 2016 more than 50% of their customers will be online buyers while 67% have plans to increase their eCommerce investments in 2014.

Now as we can actually see this change happening there’s no doubt that Magento Enterprise Edition will not prove to be the choicest of solutions. A highly customizable solution that has been created to cater to Enterprises with great expansion plans, Magento EE has proved to be a leader amongst eCommerce platforms.

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