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An Instant Callback Platform to Engage Website Visitors

A company headquartered in London, their motto is to enable businesses to communicate with more potential customers than ever before in order to engage visitors, increase the conversion rate, and lead to sales calls.

With the help of an instant callback widget, the platform offers an instant callback to prospects who are on the website and ready to make a purchase. The technology sends the calls to available agents and connects them within 27 seconds by removing all global communication barriers and allowing visitors from all over the world to call for free and resolve the issue.

The user can simply schedule the date or time as per their availability so that they never lose interest.

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The Problem

The client had already developed a POC for a lead generation platform that received good response and traction with signups from multiple clients. Since it was a POC and wasn't robust enough to handle the load, the client approached us to solve the issues, which they had been facing in their current lead generation platform, and to scale it with more features.

The platform was unable to meet the current demand of customers because of issues like:

  • Widget loading speed
  • Unexpandable architecture
  • Problem in handling large concurrent users
  • Business user website slowing down

The Challenge

The challenges faced while working on the platform were:
  • Making It Scalable: The platform needs to be scalable to accommodate visitor traffic coming from all the organizations, that have signed up with the cleint
  • One Code Installation: Organizations should be able to install multiple widgets with one code installation to engage customers or visitors on the website and address the queries.
  • Less Loading Time: The loading time of the widget must be very less so it doesn't affect the loading time of the organization's website regardless of the number of visitors.
  • Third-party Dependency: To integrate the third-party calling API, where Plivo calling platform was used for calling purpose works behind the rendered widget.
  • Strict Timelines: Launching the application as early as possible to retain customers that were leaving due to performance issues in the existing platform.

The Solution

Here are the solutions we offered to the client to help resolve their issues:

Backend Technology

Net Solutions suggested building this application from scratch, using Django framework and Python programming language, that works with PostgreSQL database back-end. This was done to achieve aggressive timelines laid by the client. Also, the app was developed with Django admin to adhere to the timelines.

Implementing Widget Data Caching

To reduce widget load time, Net Solutions implemented the caching mechanism for rendering widget data in sync with the client's website. It eliminated the need to hit database on runtime and have pre-stored information that is readily available to be served. The discrete background services were created with the help of the Redis server to update Redis Caching and email processing.

Concurrent User Handling

The architecture was designed to handle large concurrent users, and tested up to 1800 concurrent users.

Frontend Technology

We built web pages for web applications with the help of front-end technology. It implements the structure, design, behavior, and animation of everything you see on the screen when you open any website, web application, or mobile app. The core technologies that Net Solutions used were:

  • JavaScript Library – jQuery
  • Web Markup – HTML
  • Web Styling – CSS
  • Responsive website, using bootstrap

Multi-tenancy Multi-schema Platform

We delivered a Multi-Tenancy via Multi-schema database to handle network bottlenecking for better widget rendering response time and call handling. This further helps organization in engaging their website visitors to increase sales conversions.

The Result

Improved Conversion Rate

Net Solutions helped them improve the conversion rate by providing the solution with fast widget rendering without impacting the performance. The platform tracks the visitors and provides detail analytics to the organizations to help them in understanding the total number of visitors using desktop browser/ tablets, call success and failure rate, etc.

Optimized Marketing Investment

The platform helped the cleint's customers to analyze the number of visitors visiting the business user website, and what device and browser are being used to visit the website. This helped in managing the investment done on marketing.

Increased User Engagement by Enhancing ‘Take Test’ and ‘Quiz’ Feature

Students affiliated to a university or a school can use 'take test' and 'quiz' to answer tests and quizzes. If they don't complete a test or quiz in one go, they can visit the website again to complete the test or quiz. This one unique enhancement increased the user engagement.

Improved Widget Load Time

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Redis caching mechanism was used to pace up the widget rendering speed without impacting business user's website load time.

E-certifications increased Subscribers

Introduction of e-Certifications for completing a course or achieving a set target by the course instructor. These certificates were highly customizable while creating a course. Introduction of this feature had a great impact on the students subscribing for the platform.

The Result
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