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A Shoppable Video
Commerce Platform

Woo Club is part of Two World Unite Corp., focusing on building a shoppable video platform.

It's a unique platform that brings together an incredibly dynamic and innovative way for influencers, brands, vloggers, retailers, and advertisers, to tag a video of their products scene by scene, to boost interest and sales.

Mobile App Platform

The Problem

Woo Club approached Net Solutions to build a shoppable video commerce platform to achieve the following goals

Tag Videos and Earn Commission

A platform where brands, retailers, advertisers, and individuals can add YouTube videos, tag products to di erent frames or scenes, and earn commission for the products sold via the platform.

SaaS Solution

Develop a software as a service ( SaaS ) solution, that allows third-party websites to highlight shoppable videos with the help of an embedded code.

Linking Products to eCommerce Stores

Build a platform where products are linked to an eCommerce store, and on every purchase made by customers, publishers are benefited in the form of a commission.

The Challenge

There were many challenges faced with this project

Implementation of Complex Technical Features

The project involved development of features including multilingual support, multi-currency, and extracting frames from raw videos and integrating them with an eCommerce platform to gain commission when a sale is made. There was no direct method to create a thumbnail of a frame via YouTube API.

Scalable Architecture

Since they required multilingual support for multiple countries, they needed to create robust and scalable architecture to allow several thousand users to access the application at once, without affecting performance.

Project Timelines

The scope of the project was extensive and had aggressive timelines. Our Agile Methodology ensured we met timelines as well as requirements.

The Solution

The Solution

Agile Methodology for an Efficient Delivery

Our Business Analysis team collaborated with the Woo Club team, to deliver the best possible outcome. The project was executed using Agile methodology comprising of a team 12 people. We started with the ideation phase via regular brainstorming sessions with the client, and listed the set of features they wanted to develop.

Our team built a unique tool that would hit the YouTube raw video URL and enabled us to get a thumbnail for particular framing, or a screenshot where members can tag the related product from the video.

A Tech Stack that is Ideal for the Requirements

The platform was built using Django framework in Python, working with PostgreSQL database backends. The mobile app was developed using Android. We also built:

Deep linking
To share links on the Android app to direct open video or profiles page.

YouTube Android SDK integration
To play or pause the video, tag products, and handle YouTube buffering.

API & Graph integration
To add products in a category for the catalogue from their eCommerce website. It also help to fetch the tagged products on video.

AWS Cloud Support
We used AWS RDS service for setting up a relational database in the cloud, to help save time and cost for the client. We also used two EC2 instances - one for the commercial website and one for the YouTube API, to smoothly run the application program in the computing environment. Additionally, we provided two VM load balancers for YouTube API and one VM for notification service.

Web Security Service
We used Cloudflare CDN to provide web security, faster page load speeds, reduced bandwidth usage, and reduced CPU usage on the server.

The Result

Launch of a Unique Video Platform

By partnering with Net Solutions, Two Worlds Unite Corp. was able to offer a unique shoppable eCommerce experience to their audience thus setting a new paradigm in eCommerce.

Faster Time to Market

Our approach was to develop a Minimum Viable Product ( MVP ) with a list of product features, in order to know how customers react to them. This helped in faster time to market by keeping the cost down.

Early Growth for Woo Club

The new Woo Club eCommerce experience became an instant hit and acquired 1800+ active users in the first 2 months.

The Result

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