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12 Leading Magento (Now Adobe Commerce) Development Companies in India

Looking for an ideal Magento development partner in India? Check out this comparison of top 12 companies based on expertise, service offerings, and case studies.

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Lalit Singla
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Magento has been one of the world’s leading eCommerce platforms for years now, and many eCommerce development companies rely on it to build powerful, flexible eCommerce websites.

In 2018, Adobe acquired Magento, changing the name to Adobe Commerce platform and fully absorbing its vast functionality. Throughout this blog post, we’ll refer to the two Magento and Adobe eCommerce interchangeably because the industry is familiar with both names.

Given the popularity and benefits of Magento/Adobe Commerce, you may be looking for Magento development services. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the 12 leading Magento outsourcing partners in India, where you can hire solid partners at reasonable rates.

Top Magento Development Companies in India

Adobe Commerce (AKA Magento) is a single, interconnected platform that supports B2B and B2C eCommerce companies, as well as hybrid eCommerce/brick-and-mortar stores. Certified Magento developers can design custom eCommerce solutions that out-of-the-box CRM software can’t match—which becomes obvious when you compare the capabilities of Magento vs. Shopify, for example.

A cloud-based platform, Adobe Commerce is designed for easy scaling, and its headless architecture makes it easy to update customer-facing content for online stores without disrupting any backend logistics.

It will also interface seamlessly with your CRM and ERP software, along with numerous web solutions (e.g., SEO tools, digital marketing integrations, analytics) designed for the complete optimization of your eCommerce business.

Of course, none of these capabilities will do you much good unless you work with Magento experts. With that in mind, we’ve outlined leading Magento development companies in India.

These talented development agencies are providers of high-quality eCommerce-related services of all kinds, and they’ve got years of experience offering custom software development services.

Comparison of India's Leading Magento Development Companies

1. Net Solutions

Net Solutions is an award-winning software development firm with nearly 25 years of experience designing and building eCommerce solutions and websites for B2B and B2C retailers.

Headquartered in Chandigarh, India, Net Solutions has offices in London (United Kingdom), New York and Los Angeles (USA), and Toronto (Canada).

Of course, you’ve probably noticed that you’re reading this post on the Net Solutions website, so rather than listening to us sing our own praises—visit our profiles on review sites like G2 Reviews and Clutch.co, where we’ve earned strong ratings and positive reviews.

Net Solutions

Net Solutions has developed eCommerce solutions for large retailers like Euro Car Parts and American Golf, and we’ve developed many custom Magento solutions for clients.

As a full-service firm, Net Solutions can manage every element of your Magento website development: Business analysis, project management, User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design, development, testing, and maintenance.

Alternatively, you can hire Net Solutions to support any of these efforts on their own, supplementing your in-house team to fulfill all your business needs.

Founded: 2000

Team Size: 500+

Industry Focus: Retail & eCommerce (B2B and B2C), Media, EdTech, Healthcare, IT

Notable Clients: Euro Car Parts, IMG, American Golf, Bonds of London, Xerox, Harvard Business Review

Services Offered: Magento development and Magento 2 migrations, software development, web development and web design (including UI and UX design), QA testing, project management, business analysis, digital transformation, and software maintenance across iOS, Android, and desktop platforms.

Key Features: Net Solutions has been in business for nearly a quarter century, working with retailers and businesses of all sizes. Known for a strategic approach to design and development, Net Solutions takes the time to understand each client’s business needs and deliver high-performing solutions.

2. ITC Infotech

Global ITC is a technology consulting and software development firm founded in 2000, the same year Net Solutions launched. A wholly owned subsidiary of ITC, a large Indian company, ITC Infotech has plenty of resources available to support ambitious projects.

ITC Infotech

While ITC Infotech’s size might be a drawback for some customers looking for personalized attention, the company’s 10,000 employees make it possible to serve an extremely wide range of industries and offer a vast array of services. They serve the financial industry, travel, consumer goods, and more, with a focus on large enterprises.

Founded: 2000

Team Size: 10,000+

Industry Focus: Finance, Travel, Consumer Goods, Retail

Notable Clients: None listed on website

Services Offered: Full-service software development, eCommerce development, IT consulting

Key Features: Very large firm backed by a prominent Indian corporation, ITC Infotech offers the full range of software development services and focuses on serving large enterprises.

3. EmizenTech

EmizenTech is a full-service firm that prides itself on going beyond ordinary websites and applications. Located in Jaipur, India, this boutique firm focuses on user-friendly, end-to-end solutions connected to eCommerce development and mobile app development.


While smaller and newer than many firms on this list, EmizenTech prides itself on scalable and cost-effective solutions with a heavy focus on eCommerce CMS development, including WordPress, Shopify, OpenCart, Joomla, and Drupal.

Founded: 2013

Team Size: 50 – 249

Industry Focus: eCommerce, automotive, IT, Healthcare, Real estate

Notable Clients: Rebellious, EGO, Mortitalia

Services Offered: eCommerce development, mobile app development, extension development

Key Features: A boutique firm, smaller than other app development companies on this list, EmizenTech has a strong focus on eCommerce solutions.

4. Magneto IT Solutions

As the name implies, this agency is uniquely focused on creating eCommerce development solutions using Magento/Adobe Commerce. This includes Magento web development services and all things related to Magento.

Magneto IT Solutions

On the plus side, this means you’ll work with a team that really understands Magento and has the technical expertise to implement anything within that sphere.

On the downside, if you’re looking for additional help beyond Magento, you may need to turn to another software development company with wider experience integrating non-Magento-based software solutions.

Founded: 2009

Team Size: 50 – 249

Industry Focus: Retail, Media, IT

Notable Clients: ESPN, Hyundai, HP

Services Offered: eCommerce development services

Key Features: Magento IT Solutions is focused on eCommerce solutions, including Magento as well as other eCommerce platform customization, with a special focus on Magento

5. MP TechnoLabs

Established in 2014, MP TechnoLabs is headquartered in Ahmedabad, India. The company focuses on mobile applications, ERP consulting, and website design and development.

MP TechnoLabs

While they don’t have many well-known, international brands on their roster of clients, MP TechnoLabs has a solid reputation for service and strong ratings on review sites.

Founded: 2014

Team Size: Less than 50

Industry Focus: Manufacturing, IT, healthcare, real estate, eCommerce

Notable Clients: Intelligent Recording, Pacific Gateway, Gleem

Services Offered: Application design and development, eCommerce and Magento development and consulting,

Key Features: MP Technolabs is small but focused. Despite their size, they offer a wide range of services, with a special focus on eCommerce solutions.

6. Digital Aptech

Digital Aptech is a mid-size firm in Kolkata that offers a full range of software development services, along with a special emphasis on eCommerce development. They also offer staff augmentation, UI and UX design, data science consulting, and IoT development.

Digital Aptech

With strong ratings and a number of awards, Digital Aptech offers quality, affordable development. They serve a number of industries in addition to eCommerce, including education, IT, real estate, and financial services.

Founded: 2011

Team Size: 250+

Industry Focus: eCommerce, education, real estate, IT, financial services

Notable Clients: IBM, Intel, CESC Limited

Services Offered: eCommerce development, mobile app development, web development, staff augmentation, data science consulting

Key Features: The winner of a number of awards, including a top-1000 firm at Clutch.co, Digital Aptech is known for providing value at a very affordable price

7. Mobikasa

Mobikasa is a software design and development firm with a special focus on eCommerce, working with Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and Adobe Experience Manager.


Headquartered in New Delhi with offices in other parts of the world, Mobikasa has received awards from Clutch as a top eCommerce developer, and they have high ratings and customer reviews. They’ve also worked with well-known companies like LG, Grubhub, SamsungParts, and more.

Founded: 2011

Team Size: Under 50

Industry Focus: eCommerce

Notable Clients: LG, Grubhub, SamsungParts

Services Offered: eCommerce development, AI/ML, mobile app and web app development

Key Features: An eCommerce specialist and Magento development company, Mobikasa also works with Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and others.

8. Viha Digital Commerce

Viha Digital Commerce is an award-winning firm focused exclusively on eCommerce development, with a special emphasis on Shopify and Magento stores.

Viha Digital Commerce

Less than 10 years old, this eCommerce development outsourcing partner has carved out a name for itself by building fully optimized, cloud-based eCommerce stores and working with all things related to Magento.

Founded: 2015

Team Size: 50 – 249

Industry Focus: eCommerce

Notable Clients: AllParts, Plum, a2, Cross

Services Offered: Shopify and Magento development and consulting

Key Features: Small firm, relatively new, with a laser focus on eCommerce (Shopify and Magento) development and consulting

9. Cyfuture

Cyfuture is a large firm that handles a wide range of services, including all things related to eCommerce and retail (including call centers, IT support, and of course, Magento development).


Operating data centers located in Noida and Jaipur, India, Cyfuture supports clients around the world and across diverse industries. They also provide consulting and general software development.

Founded: 2001

Team Size: 1000 – 10,000

Industry Focus: Telecom, IT, advertising, and retail

Notable Clients: Manipal Group, APDCL, DISCOM

Services Offered: Full-service software development, support for all things eCommerce, business consulting

Key Features: A large, established firm with over 20 years of experience, Cyfuture offers eCommerce solutions, big data consulting, blockchain development, and cloud computing solutions

10. Global Lancers

A small firm founded less than 10 years ago, Global Lancers specializes in digital transformation and end-to-end software creation—including Magneto consulting and development.

Global Lancers

Global Lancers serves a variety of industries, including retail, healthcare, and telecom companies. They pride themselves on taking a holistic approach to development, using the Design Thinking methodology to create intelligent, strategic solutions.

Founded: 2016

Team Size: Under 50

Industry Focus: Retail, healthcare, telecom, government

Notable Clients: Vodafone, JAC, SBI

Services Offered: Business consulting, IT strategy, eCommerce development, app modernization

Key Features: Using a Design Thinking approach, Global Lancers provides a full range of IT and software development services, including Magento development.

11. WDP Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

WDP Technologies is an established firm that offers full-service software development at a good price. While they are not exclusively focused on Magento, they have plenty of experience working with eCommerce CRMs like Magento and Shopify.

WDP Technologies Pvt. Ltd

WDP serves a range of industries, including education, finance, IT, eCommerce, and advertising, with an emphasis on user-centric design. And while their roster of clients doesn’t list many large enterprises or household names, they do offer their services at a competitive price.

Founded: 2013

Team Size: 50 – 249

Industry Focus: Education, Finance, IT, eCommerce, Advertising

Notable Clients: Wallet, Prontoskills, Ourient

Services Offered: Mobile app development, eCommerce development, web development, UX/UI design

Key Features: Full-service development firm serving mostly small-to-midsize businesses at competitive price points.

12. Kamtech Associates Pvt. Ltd.

A 25-year-old boutique firm serving some big names (Unicef, Unido, the World Bank), Kamtech offers a full range of software development services at competitive rates.

Kamtech Associates Pvt. Ltd.

With eCommerce development constituting roughly one-quarter of their business, Kamtech served the education, government, IT, healthcare, and retail sectors.

Founded: 1999

Team Size: Under 50

Industry Focus: Education, Government, IT, Healthcare, Retail

Notable Clients: Unicef, Unido, the World Bank

Services Offered: IT consulting, UI and UX design, software development, eCommerce development

Key Features: A small but established firm, Kamtech has built a name for itself serving some large government and non-profit institutions at competitive rates.

How to Choose the Best Magento Development Company

When selecting a Magento eCommerce development company, it’s vital to review each firm’s experience, looking for customer case studies and testimonials that demonstrate strong experience with Magento/Adobe Commerce development services.

Once you’ve narrowed potential candidates down to a short list of Magento development companies, conduct in-depth interviews with key members of their development team, asking tough questions.

This not only ensures that they know what they’re doing, but it also helps you verify that they have the language and communication skills required to bring your vision to life.

Check out our cheat sheet on what to look for and things to avoid when hiring a software development company.

Need a Partner for Your Adobe Commerce Project?

Net Solutions is a full-service software development firm with nearly a quarter century of experience designing cutting-edge software for startups, online businesses, and enterprises.

We’ve worked with household names like the Harvard Business Review, and we’ve designed eCommerce solutions for retailers like Euro Car Parts and American Golf.

And when it comes to Magento/Adobe Commerce? We’ve got plenty of experience building custom Magento websites and eCommerce solutions for companies like Bonds of London and Australia’s leading clothing retailer 2XU.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to develop an Adobe Commerce (Magento) eCommerce store?

The answer to this question can vary considerably depending on what you’re trying to accomplish. A very basic Magento site could be up and running in a matter of hours, but realistically, most companies go with Magento because they’re looking to achieve something far beyond a basic eCommerce site.

Contact us at Net Solutions and we can give you a realistic timeline based on your business needs and requirements for the first version of your site. If reducing your anticipated time to market is essential, we can get you up and running with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) much faster than it would take to build a full-fledged store.

2. How much does it cost to develop an Adobe Commerce (Magento) website?

Magento websites can cost anywhere between $10,000 and $40,000 or more, since eCommerce sites vary tremendously in their capabilities. The best way to assess potential eCommerce website costs is to speak with a qualified, experienced web development company that has built plenty of custom eCommerce sites using the Adobe Commerce/Magento platform.

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