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A B2B Web Application to Automate The Approval Processes Between WME | IMG and Its Vendors

WME | IMG is a global leader in sports, events, media, and fashion operating in more than 30 countries.

We have been working with WME | IMG UK since 2009. Net Solutions built enterprise portals and websites for them for various international sports events including English Premier League and Rugby World Cup.

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The Problem

WME | IMG is the force behind major sporting events around the world and hires different vendors to develop merchandise for various sporting teams and its associated players.

WME | IMG wanted to develop a B2B web application to automate the merchandise approvals and the licensing processes between themselves and their vendors to ensure that every authorization would be logged thus avoiding any discrepancies related to merchandise.

The Solution

Process and Engagement Model

WME | IMG defined the requirements and provided the designs. Our scope was to deliver a web app. Our team of business analysts partnered with WME | IMG to detail the scope in order to estimate the work hours and define the costs. We designated a group to deliver the work within the agreed timeline. The project was executed using the Hybrid Agile Model, a combination of the Agile and Waterfall models.

Collaboration and Communication

Project collaboration was done using Basecamp and Unfuddle. Project communication was carried out using Go-to-Meetings and Skype. The WME | IMG and Net Solutions teams coordinated with the help of an Account Manager.

Technology Stack

In this case, the designs were provided by WME | IMG while we worked on developing the front-end using JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, and CSS. We used .NET as the programming language for developing the web application with SQL Server as the backend.

The Solution

The Result

Automated Communication With Vendors

WME | IMG was able to roll out an internal application that helped its staff become more efficient with their vendors. This feature brought transparency throughout the process of licensing and approvals. WME | IMG utilized this application for many major events including Rugby World Cup 2015, MLB, and Euro Cup 2016.

Timely Launch

We were able to deliver the project on time in spite of a tight deadline, thanks to tight project management. This helped WME | IMG launch the app properly and on time.

The Result

Net Solutions provided excellent support in the areas of website engineering and site optimization. I can confidently recommend Net Solutions as a dedicated and reliable supplier, and experts in their field.

Jaspinder Singh
Jaspinder Singh Software Development Manager, IMG UK Ltd.
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