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2XU stands for "Two Times You," which symbolizes the multiplication of human performance.

It was founded in 2005 by Clyde Davenport, Jamie Hunt, and Aidan Clarke. 2XU Pty. Ltd. is an Australian multi-national corporation engaged in the design, development, and sale of sportswear.

Premium eCommerce Experience Delivered

The Problem

2XU already had a wide presence in Australia and the stakeholders were looking to scale up their growth by launching themselves in various countries such as United States, Canada, Hong Kong, to name a few.

This included opening of recent stores in these countries as well as launching dedicated eCommerce websites, bearing in mind, the main currency and taxation variance for all these nations.

The Solution

Process and Engagement Model

To scale faster in the minimum possible time and launch multiple websites, 2XU's eCommerce team hired a team of eCommerce specialists at Net Solutions to work on the 2XU projects. In addition, a Project Manager from Net Solutions' side worked closely with 2XU's eCommerce and marketing teams. Though 2XU began with two developers initially but increased to six Magento developers during their one-year relationship with us.

Collaboration and Communication

Project collaboration was done using Basecamp and Jira. All project communication was done using email, phone calls, GoToMeeting, and Skype.

Technology Stack

All the multiple eCommerce websites for 2XU were developed using Magento eCommerce platform. The major challenge was managing the unique currency and taxation variance for each of these countries and their conversions to get a uniform reporting in a single currency. Besides Magento's default features, a lot of customization was done to achieve this.

The other challenge was integration with multiple ERP systems such as Apparel 21 and implementing A/B testing and various third-party analytics solutions to understand the customer behaviour. The team has been very flexible throughout and happily adjusted to the early morning (4 A.M) shifts sometimes because of multiple time zones.

The Solution

The Result

Unparalleled User Experience for All Customers Globally

The new 2XU platform offers all the essentials of a seamless online shopping experience. These included improved product searching and navigation capabilities, advanced product lters, fast free shipping on all orders, package tracking, 30-day hassle free returns (either online or in store) and friendly live chat for instant answers during business hours in Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, UK, and the European Union.

Enhanced Retail Experience

By launching multiple websites in different countries in compliance with the taxation and currency variations, 2XU has been able to offer a more personalized retail experience.

Single Platform with a Uniform View

The new 2XU platform integrates both offline data about products, orders, and sales with the online data gathered from Magento websites of a particular location to multiple locations. It also provides a single view to the Administrators.

The Result
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