12 Key Factors To Hire a Magento Developer

Planning to hire a magento developer

Nowadays, Magento has evolved into the prominent e-commerce platform for both businesses and developers, because of its flexibility, scalability, development architecture, and many more secure features. Magento is completely customizable, allowing Magento developers to personalize an online store according to a customer’s requirements. This leads to better user experience and ensures customers revisit the same website whenever they want to make a purchase.

The Magento e-commerce development platform has several features that are helpful and built right into its framework. Add-on features, in the form of extensions, are also available.

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Magento offers sites that can build effective online stores by embracing the latest techniques. Doing so leads to –

This results in improving the value of your business. When it comes to Magento development, you will come across developers claiming to create great websites or a remarkable online store for your business. Rather than taking them at face value, here are pointers that will help you pick the properly skilled developers for your website.

Things to consider when hiring a Top Magento developer

1. Know your requirements

Before you start inquiring or searching for a Magento e-commerce development company, you should do some homework. Ensure that you jot down your requirements and functionality needs for your Magento store. To do this effectively, you should study all Magento features, and how they might profit your business.

Magento Requirements

The best way is to speak with a few Magento development companies and tell your requirements to the experts. They can help you define your category of the website. You should also know:

  • What level of customization is needed for your project?
  • What are all the stages required in a Magento e-commerce development project?
  • Know your competitors well and what they did for e-commerce?
  • What is the budget for your project?

Based on this, research a few firms for your project and have an in-depth conversation with the team of developers before choosing the best one for you.

2. Find certified Magento developers

Check whether the Magento developer you are hiring is properly certified. He must have cleared all Magento certification exams such as – certified front-end developer, social learning group certification, Magento certified developer, modification kit, and Developer plus. These certifications will not only help scale up the Magento developer but also make them more proficient.

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To hire a Magento Certified Developer while creating your e-commerce website, remember they should know more than just how to code, also best practices of building a site; and, in the process, help you save on costs and time over the long haul.

3. Look for a company’s experience

To bank on your potential Magento professionals, the experience of the company plays a crucial role. The most essential factors ensuring that a Magento development company you are hiring will build up the best e-commerce store for you is – experience and knowledge. An experienced and skilled Magento developer or company is capable of handling issues and technical challenges that are faced by developers or clients during the development process.

An experienced developer will thoroughly understand your needs and can complete the project in a given timeframe without any delay. All you need is to state your needs to your Magento developer to deliver the best outcome.

4. Ask for the company’s portfolio

Check the portfolio of the Magento development company that you want to hire. Portfolios speak volumes about development companies. By looking at their portfolio, one can get a clear picture of their working style, task or project delivery, and their methods or processes used, to develop a website. This shows the true success of a development company by showing commitment to clients and their work.


You will get a better idea of the company’s commitment to your project. You can even refer to their client’s sample work, to help decide whether the company is capable of implementing and delivering projects as per clients’ needs.

5. Check online reviews

Nowadays, you can check the reviews of any company with the help of the internet. Same goes with Magento e-commerce developers. There are many platforms where companies are being audited such as Yelp and, which are the most popular and trusted ones. You can read real clients’ reviews, and ratings, from those who developed their website with those companies.


Make sure to ask the following questions, of their past customers depending on your needs when hiring a Magento developer:

  • How successful was the development process?
  • How regular they used to get in touch with the client and was it effective?
  • Did they deliver the project within the deadline and budget?
  • How effectively were they able to manage the project?
  • Did they live up to your expectations and deliver what you needed?
  • Would you recommend the company to others?

6. Easy access to trained resources

When it comes to selecting the best Magento e-commerce services, a good development company should always have a strong team to ensure that your project is developed by highly trained resources. The developers should be aware of the latest tools and technologies, to take a shot at the up-to-date Magento versions with ease.

7. Mode of communication

Before you focus on any Magento developer based on their portfolio or experience, another important aspect that needs consideration is the mode of communication. Client feedback is a must when it comes to making changes and updates to a project. A developer should be good at communicating and have the ability to coordinate with clients by understanding them and their business requirements. There should be an easy flow of communication between the developer and the client.


Transparency between you and your developer is necessary, before starting up with the development process. Your developer should be quick in executing inputs for the project, and respond to their clients via email, phone, live chats, and any other means of communication. Tools such as Skype, Google Talk, Basecamp, can be used to stay in touch. Ease of communication ensures that you and your team of developers are in touch throughout every stage of the project.

8. Quality vs. Cost

When hiring a Magento development company, apart from the budget, the quality of work is of high priority. A quality check is important to build an effective Magento e-commerce store. To guarantee the quality of work, make sure you pick the most cost-effective one.

Here are things you can do –

  • Ask yourself questions like:
    1. Does this task require a proficient developer? If not, is it sufficient to offer it to somebody less experienced?
    2. What’s their mode of payment? Do they charge hourly, daily, or on a weekly basis?
    3. Will they charge extra for any additional work?
  • Research the pricing of the Magento development company or developer that you have chosen to work with.
  • The Magento development company you pick should give you a clear pricing policy in order to avoid any misunderstanding.


For best quality, Magento solutions, ensure that the company you hire is able to offer features such as stability, proficiency, and consistency.

9. Development time

Since a web development project is based on milestones and a strict timeline, it’s important to know how much time your Magento developer will take to develop the website. How will they handle the situation if there are setbacks, will they adjust it in their timeline or will they ask for more time. Make sure that the developer you pick respects timelines and delivers the project on time.


An experienced Mobile app developer will always let you know how much time they need to complete the project because they understand your stress and requirements. They will be strictly following the timeline to ensure their clients are kept happy. Pick a Magento developer who can assure you timely project completion.

10. Quality checking the final product

Testing is crucial in the development process, be it Magento or something else. Make sure your development company has QA specialists to test the code. It’s essential to understand their function, and how they fit into your specific business. Ask about their QA team, and their processes, because even the best development work can hit a roadblock with poor testing.

11. Post-development support

Building an online business store in Magento is not over after it’s completed. It should be frequently checked, and occasionally updated. Make sure the development company signs an agreement with you before starting up the development process, it should be clearly mentioned that they will provide post development support.


Post-development support guarantees that bugs and other related glitches are solved before your e-commerce platform goes live. A few of the common reasons why post development support is required are:

  • Better execution of the online store
  • Adding or updating the latest features with evolving needs
  • Customization and integration of a third-party
  • Efficiency and accessibility in operations

12. Safety & Security

In e-commerce businesses, there are thieves known as cybercriminals. They are always looking for loopholes in code to attack that particular website. So, while hiring a Magento e-commerce developer, makes sure the company prioritizes the security of your website. As Magento keeps on updating their security fronts, make sure the developer implements those latest updates or versions, sets a custom path for the admin panel, uses secure FTP, deploys an SQL injection firewall, and has cutting-edge knowledge or solutions to develop a secured e-commerce store.

To enhance your site’s security, ensure your developer executes all safety measures with the help of 2-factor authentication, using strong passwords, changing the URL of your admin to something unique, and executing HTTPS. Extensions are the weakest part of Magento sites. Therefore, it’s good to ask the developers how they work with security. Check which vulnerability scanner they use to monitor your site’s security, to avoid threats.


Are you planning to move your business online? If yes, then you need an organized online store that will grow to be a productive part of your business. There are several options available, but Magento is key to e-commerce business success. It is considered the most popular, robust, and easily accessible option, in internet technology. Choosing a dedicated Magento e-commerce solution for your Magento project is a daunting task. Your project plays a crucial role where budget limitations and quality of work matters the most in decision making. Magento developers offer detailed technical support and expertise, to transform your e-commerce idea into a successfully running online business.

If you want your e-commerce store to offer a superior shopping experience and better ROI, then you should consider all the above-given factors when choosing a Magento development company.

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Shaveta Wadhwa

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Shaveta Wadhwa is currently working as a Tech Lead in PHP at Net Solutions. She has over 8 years of experience in PHP, working on ecommerce platform like Magento, CMS like Wordpress and Drupal, and frameworks like CakePHP and CodeIgniter. She is a Magento Certified developer who loves debugging codes and finds herself always up for problem solving. She strongly believes that a developer must be skilled in unit testing too and should take full responsibility in identifying and fixing the errors and bugs in the code. In her free time , she loves to try out new recipes.

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