A 12-point Cheat Sheet to Hire a Magento Developer

Magento has emerged as a prominent eCommerce platform for both businesses and developers because of its flexibility, scalability, development architecture, and security features. Magento is entirely customizable, allowing developers to personalize an online store according to their client’s requirements. Building effective online stores demands embracing the latest techniques to create user-centric designs that boost online sales by making buying decisions easy.

An experienced Magento developer can help you build a website that promises good customer engagement and seamless user experience (UX) – the critical aspects of a successful digital business. If you are planning to build an eCommerce store and hire a Magento developer, the first step is to list down pointers that can bring out the best from the collaboration.

Hire a Magento Developer by Analyzing these Key Factors

The complex tools offered by the platform demands in-depth knowledge and technical skills. Hence it is always recommended that you collaborate with a Magento expert to build your business online. Here’s a list of the points to take into consideration before you hire Magento specialists.

1. Clear Set of Requirements

Know Your Requirements

Before you start inquiring or talking to a Magento eCommerce development company, it is important to have clarity on the project as well as the process. Begin with jotting down your requirements and listing the functionality needs for your Magento store. To do this effectively, you should study all Magento features, to understand their suitability for your business model. The best way is to speak with a few development companies and discuss your requirements with the Magento experts. They can help you define your category of the website. You should also get a fair clarity on:

  • Level of customization needed for your project
  • The stages in a Magento eCommerce development project
  • How competitors websites are using the platform
  • The budget for your project

2. Certified Magento developers

When hiring a certified Magento developer to build your eCommerce solution, remember, they should know more than just coding – they should be well experienced in designing and follow best practices of building a site; and, in the process, help you save on costs and time. Many developers often specialize in a certain category and exhibit specific skills and insights that help them better solve problems related to it.

Learn about the various certifications that the Magento developer holds from the many that Magento offers, such as certified front-end developer, associate developer, javascript developer, and cloud developer. These certifications will not only help build a better product but also bring proficiency to the process.


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3. Partner Company’s Experience

To bank on your Magento partners, the experience of the company plays a crucial role. The most fundamental factors that ensure that a Magento development company you are hiring will build the best eCommerce store for you are experience and knowledge. A skilled and experienced Magento developer or company can handle issues and technical challenges that developers or clients face during the development process.

An experienced developer will thoroughly understand your needs and complete it in a given timeframe without any delay. Their capability and expertise will also help you shift your focus on other aspects related to the business, such as marketing and branding.

4. Partner Company’s Portfolio

Company Portfolio

Analyze the portfolio of the Magento development company that you want to hire. Portfolios speak volumes about development companies. By looking at their work and portfolio, one can get a clear picture of their skills, tasks, or project deliveries, and their methods or processes to develop a website. This showcases the true merit of a software development company and their commitment to the clients and their work.

A portfolio will also give you a fair sense of how well the company may be able to successfully fulfill your business needs and thus help decide whether the company is fit to be your partner for the project.

5. Online Ratings and Reviews

Reviews and Ratings

A number of review websites make it easier to assess the quality of work of the many Magento eCommerce developers in the market. There are also several popular and trusted platforms such as G2 and Clutch, where companies are continuously audited. You can read real client reviews and ratings from those who have partnered with the companies and developed their website. When you decide to shortlist companies based on their reviews, look for answers to the following questions about their past customers for better judgment:

  • How complex or streamlined was the development process?
  • How regularly did they get in touch with the client, and how effective was it?
  • Did they deliver the project within the deadline and budget?
  • What were the steps taken to manage the project effectively
  • Did they live up to the expectations and deliver what was needed?

6. Easy Access to Trained Resources

When it comes to selecting the best Magento eCommerce services, the development company should have a strong team to ensure that highly trained resources are building your project. The developers should be aware of the latest tools and technologies, to take a shot at the up-to-date Magento versions with ease.

7. Mode of Communication

Mode of Communication

While you focus on a Magento developer based on their portfolio or experience, another important aspect that needs consideration is the mode of communication. Client feedback is a must for making changes and updates to a project. A developer should be good at communicating and have the ability to coordinate with clients by understanding them and their business requirements. There should be an easy flow of communication between the developer and the client at all times.

Transparency between you and your developer is necessary before starting up with the development process. Your developer should also be quick in executing inputs for the project and responding to clients via email, phone, live chats, and any other means of communication. Tools such as Skype, Google Talk, Basecamp can be used to stay in touch. Ease of communication ensures that you and your team of developers are in touch throughout every stage of the project.

8. Quality vs. Cost

Quality vs Cost

When hiring a Magento development company, apart from the budget, the quality of work is of high priority. A quality check is essential to build an effective Magento eCommerce store. Guaranteeing a consistent quality of work and picking the most cost-effective one can be tricky.

Here are factors to look at:

  • Does this task require a proficient developer? If not, is it sufficient to offer it to somebody less experienced?
  • What’s their pricing structure? Do they charge hourly, daily, or weekly?
  • What situations can lead to incurring additional charges?
  • The Magento development company you pick should give you a transparent pricing policy to avoid any misunderstanding.

9. Development Time

Development Time

Since a web development project is based on achieving milestones and following strict timelines, it’s essential to know how much time your Magento web developer will take to develop the website. How will they handle the situation if there are setbacks, will they be able to adjust it in their timeline or ask for more time. Make sure that your developer respects timelines and delivers the project on time.

An experienced Magento developer will always let you know how much time they need to complete the project because they understand your expectations and requirements. They will be strictly following the timeline to ensure their clients are happy. Hire Magento experts who can assure you of timely project completion.

10. Quality Checks and Testing

Testing is crucial in the development process, be it for an eCommerce platform or any other project. Make sure your development company has efficient QA specialists to test the code. It’s essential to understand their function and how they fit into your specific business needs. Ask about their QA team, and their processes, because even the best development work can hit a roadblock with inadequate testing.

11. Post-development Support

Post Development Support

Building an online business store in Magento is not really over after the task is completed. It should be frequently checked, and occasionally updated. When you hire certified Magento developer, it is important to ensure that the development company signs an agreement with you before starting up the development process, where it is clearly mentioned that they will provide post-development support.

Post-development support guarantees that bugs and other related glitches are solved before your eCommerce platform goes live. A few of the common reasons why post development support is required are:

  • Better execution of the online store
  • Addition of the latest features with evolving needs
  • Customization and integration of third-party tools
  • Efficiency and accessibility in operations

12. Safety & Security

In eCommerce businesses, cyber criminals often engage in stealing data. They are always looking for loopholes in code to attack that particular website. So, while hiring a Magento eCommerce developer, make sure the company prioritizes the security of your website. As Magento continues to update its security, make sure the developer implements those latest updates or versions, sets a custom path for the admin panel, uses secure FTP, and deploys an SQL injection firewall to develop a secure eCommerce store.

To enhance your site’s security, ensure your developer executes all safety measures with the help of 2-factor authentication, using strong passwords, changing the URL of your admin to a unique one, and executing HTTPS. Extensions are the weakest part of Magento sites. Therefore, it’s good to ask the developers how they work with security. Check which vulnerability scanner they use to monitor your site’s security, to avoid threats.


Hiring the right Magento eCommerce developer for your project can be a daunting task. The right Magento developer can offer comprehensive technical support and expertise to transform your eCommerce idea into a successfully running online business. For your eCommerce store to provide a superior shopping experience and a better ROI, you should consider all the factors mentioned above when you hire a Magento developer.

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