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Frontrush Case Study

How we helped Front Rush, LLC a US based sports startup build a Sports CRM for college and university coaches, which made them a leader in Athlete Recruitment Software

The Problem

Front Rush was established by former college athletes and coaches, entrepreneurs and all-round geeks to develop user-friendly software for college coaches to streamline their recruiting process.

The team aimed to make Front Rush a truly universal app – accessible on multiple screens and mobile platforms with enhanced features and usability.

About Frontrush Case Study

The Challenge

  • Defining the Requirements

    Since Front Rush was the first to come up with a concept for athlete recruiting software, it was difficult to determine accurate project requirements and potential features that would delight the target audience of sports coaches.

  • Transition to Mobile Devices

    Once the entire web platform was developed, the Front Rush team decided to go mobile. The smartphone mobile market was still in its infancy at the time, so they were reluctant to initiate development of a full-scale mobile app.

  • GUI Constraints

    Another major challenge was to maintain consistent performance, look and feel for users across various mobile platforms – iPhone, Android and Blackberry – because of various Graphical User Interface constraints.

Solution For Frontrush Case Study

The Solution

  • Developing a POC first

    We preferred to go the AGILE route by developing a Proof of Concept as part of a strategy to test the product with real customers.

  • Native App Development

    After the Front Rush team got a good response for the mobile website, it was extended to native apps for mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phones.

  • Roll-Out of Cross-Browser Mobile Website

    Bearing in mind the reluctance of the Front Rush team to proceed with full-blown mobile app development, a cross-browser compatible mobile website was developed, which turned out to be a big hit.

  • Third Party Integration

    To make athletic recruitment effortless, third party integration capabilities were added to the Front Rush app, facilitating collaboration between coaches and recruiters.

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Sean Devlin
Sean Devlin Product Development
Front Rush

The Result

  • Cross Platform Experience

    The app architecture was structured across multiple platforms using Model-View-Controller architecture, helping to reduce project complexity and costs.

  • Anytime Access

    Front Rush was a big success, both on desktop and mobile platforms. The app made life much easier for its users, giving them anywhere-anytime access to the app, increasing their efficiency and improving their day-to-day management.

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