How Product Videos Are Important For Your E-Commerce Business


Did you know that mobile users spend more than an hour a day, watching video content? Incorporating video into your e-commerce business strategy will make visitors stay on your website longer and visit more product pages, which will boost organic credibility and grow your conversion rates.

Statistics show that 90% of consumers find videos useful when deciding to make purchases online, and 64% of users say that they are more likely to buy a product online after viewing a video.

Are you planning to take your e-commerce business to the next level? Do you want to make a mark in the competitive app market? Then, you cannot afford to overlook the power of adding video in your business.

Here, we will read about product video, its purpose, benefits, and strategies for creating videos, with examples showing how video is important for e-commerce business, to boost conversions and grow your business online.

What is a product video?


With the help of videos, businesses convey to customers what their products can do. In addition, videos enable your potential customers to understand all aspects of your product virtually, rather than visiting in person.

All this boosts their confidence in your brand. It could lead to an increase in your sales conversion rates. According to a study, web visitors are 73 percent more inclined to purchase your product simply by watching a high-quality video highlighting your product and brand.


To create outstanding product videos, you need to include the following things:

  • Engaging narrations and dialogues
  • A simple yet effective video that explains the product and its benefits
  • Professionalism without stuffing
  • Understanding and relatability regarding product/brand

Purpose of a product video

The purpose of the product video is to bring your product to life.

Below are the three main purposes of product videos:

  1. Increase conversion rates by helping people understand your product with the best possible information.
  2. Increase AOV (average order value) per customer, to generate higher revenues for retailers
  3. Attract new customers by offering useful content that helps fulfill their needs

For example, Zappos has been effectively using video for product demos, to grow their business. And, they have actually found that their sales increased by 6% to 30%.


What makes the most effective product videos?

  • Tell a story: There is no point in spending lots of money on a video that is not beneficial to your customers. Create a video that conveys a story, as it explains everything in an easy way. Create videos that show your brand values in a unique way and entices customers to buy from you.
  • Keep it short: Video length matters! Make sure the video doesn’t exceed 30 seconds, especially, when it comes to sharing on social media. It’s always best to concisely convey the message of your brand/product.
  • People-oriented: A product explainer video, is created to boost the understanding between the brand and the customer. The video should not only highlight the features of the brand, but show emotion and honesty to increase conversion rates and sales.

Where should you use a product video?

The following are the three main channels where product videos are used:

  • Welcome series email
  • Product page
  • Paid advertising, i.e. on Facebook and Instagram

Remember that a product video used for a welcome series email, will be different than a product video for an abandoned cart email. To welcome a customer, you want to introduce your brand and top products. Whereas, in the latter, you want to encourage customers to make a final purchase based on posted reviews or feedback.

Benefits of using product videos for E-commerce


33% of people agree with the statement that videos are an efficient way to engage with vendors and product buyers. Content descriptions are too monotonous, and images don’t convey adequate information. When it comes to ensuring people clearly understand your product or service, and encouraging them to make a purchase; videos are the best option.

“97% of marketers claim that videos help customers understand products”- Hubspot

Here are a few of the popular benefits of using product videos:

Google loves video

Research shows that an average Google search result list, shows a blend of upshots, which incorporate a video, an image, news, maps, and different media. With the help of product videos, entrepreneurs get an additional chance to rank high in results, particularly if none of your competitors are using video in their stores.

Research also shows that Google loves websites with a video, which means having product videos will give higher chance to rank on the first page in Google search engines.

Video is more shareable and clickable

Studies show that people will probably share videos more than text-based pages. Customers love to tap on a video thumbnail, as opposed to something with text content or an image. To sweeten the deal, when people “like” or “share” any video link on Facebook, a pop up automatically appears on their wall, which is visible to everyone who follows them. YouTube makes it easy for other people to embed your video on their site, if they really enjoyed watching it.

Videos turn watchers into buyers

Nearly 75% of consumers who watch a product video wind up making a purchase. This is because they can see the product being used, and can imagine using the product themselves. This builds excitement for the product, and can even feature adaptability options that your products offer, boosting its value.

Video adds value & strikes an emotional chord

If a picture = 1,000 words, then a video = 1,000,000 words! Video has the ability to convey information very quickly. Highlighting your product through video will give your customers a lot more information with visuals: how the product looks, and how it is beneficial for them. It is even possible to strike an emotional chord, and tell customers how they should feel regarding the product.

Videos build trust on e-commerce sites

Consumers, as well as the company, know that there is a financial investment required to create product videos. Companies carve out time to build videos, to show customers that they believe in their own product. This ensures your customers are more comfortable when purchasing products. They are happy with their decision to buy the product, and might even share their experience with others. Videos are now considered an important tool for many effective e-commerce websites.

Strategies for creating a product video


Around 66% of respondents said they are using product videos on their sites, as it informs and educates customers regarding the brand. It builds trust and connects the brand/product and customers.

Do you use product videos on your e-commerce site? To begin, here are the strategies that you should consider:

Start with a plan

To begin you will need to make a plan for your video, and here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • How will your product be highlighted?
  • List the benefits to customers?
  • How can you drive them to make a purchase?

Even if your product is commonly used by masses such as: a toothbrush, soap, or shampoo, creating a video with emotion, story and style, will speak a lot about your product. The more you target your video towards your ideal buyers, the greater return you will get on your video investment.

The budget

If there are several products listed on your e-commerce product page, start with a few for a product video. The more videos you create at once, the more you can save on costs. Another cost-saving measure is to make a template for every video, using a similar area and on-camera ability. A custom video for every product is a big investment. Selling a product online is a daunting task, as customers can’t touch or see the product, or even make queries. So, always start with your top products when creating video,s and include everything necessary to keep your customers engaged, to help them through the buying process.

Product video length

30 seconds is perfect length for a product video. Your video should be long enough to convey a clear message to the viewer and keep them involved. The more information you offer to prospective buyers, the more they will be connected to your brand/product.

Create a mobile-friendly video

In the era of smartphones, make sure you create a mobile-friendly video. Social sites like Facebook and Instagram recommend a square or a vertical video. So, make sure to keep the product visible on the screen for viewing, as mobile users find a video more accessible than reading a tiny description.

Create direct response videos

To create videos as per your product, you need to create direct response videos. Direct response videos are very systematic, and can help if your team develops creative concepts that work for a long time. It gives a commercial touch to your brand, and is the most powerful way to sell products online. There are many different styles of direct response videos, all depending on what is best for your product and the target audience.

Share and promote on social media

According to Cisco, a live video will account for 13% of traffic by 2021. Once your video is complete, create an ad plan to make your product visible to your potential customers. As a seller, one can share and promote the product video on social media channels to make your product familiar to your target audience. These days updating stories on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, adds a personal touch to videos, and creates a real-time feel.

Examples of some successful e-commerce platforms leveraging product videos

“58% of Shoppers Think Companies with Product Videos Can Be Trusted”

A product video is related to the customer journey, and innovative companies are choosing video to boost the e-commerce shopping experience by turning window shoppers into customers.

A definitive objective is to add value to the whole customer journey.

Interest → Research → Validation → Decision → Retention

Here are a few examples from companies that are creating a great video for their e-commerce business.

Glory Cycles

The video of Glory Cycles, has a short storyline, giving more in-depth understanding to the customers. In this video, you can see the product in action with the power of music and movement, which creates a strong impact on viewers. The video received 22,418 views on YouTube.

Nine line

This 29 second video combines the brand’s humor with its niche product line and superb music. Without saying a single word, this video conveys everything. It has 53,962 YouTube views.

Raspberry Pi

This video actually shows the power of transparency and relatability. The video is less than 3 minutes, and the founder adds a personal touch. It conveys the story of why he started the company, while speaking directly to his market.


“The success of the online video series of Apple has captured 800,000 YouTube subscribers.”

Apple takes the challenge and comes up with an innovative video to promote their product in 360 degrees. This video gathers a collection of very small improvements and strings them together to show how new technology works. Have a look:

Training Mask

This product video is simple yet effective, as it conveys the message to prospective buyers. As it is a niche product, the video is specially created for the targeted audience. The video is fully dedicated to the training and betterment process. It is for the audience that wakes up before the sunrise, works hard, and does things repeatedly.


This company goes to the extreme while making a video for their product. Their strategy for creating videos is storytelling and product highlighting. They are high-production and very sophisticated videos, focusing more on the brand throughout. It is the perfect example of a company that knows the power of video to not only highlight the product but to also tell a story, to make a purchase.


A video is the best and the most popular form of content and it will stay longer. In this digital world, everyone wants to see and hear things with which they come into contact. A video is one of the ideal approaches to get closer to your audience and give them a real-life experience. Video easily conveys what you and your business are all about, and what your clients or end-customers say about you. All you need is to think beyond profit and product when it comes to making the video informative. The more they know about your positive practices, the more likely they are to stick around your brand/product.

Are you using product video for your e-commerce business? What results have you found? Do you need any help or want share your experience? Write to us at [email protected] or in the comments section below.


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