10 Best Book Reading Apps for Book Lovers to Download

Best Book Reading Apps

With the rise of mobile apps, bid adieu to the traditional reading style and welcome these leading book reading apps to make your reading fun and delightful.

Today, reading is quite different from how it used to be just a few years ago. Paper books have turned out to be too traditional in today’s digital era. They cover a lot of space and make you visit libraries and shops. This becomes extremely strenuous and exhausting in today’s busy lives. For this and many other reasons, eBooks have taken over the world in a big way.

Digital books are here to stay!

Mobile app development trends have conquered the whole world by making things easier with just a tap. Book reading apps have made reading easier when you’re busy or out somewhere. An e-reader device can hold lots of books without occupying too much space at home. It’s an incredible way to have different alternatives on hand when you’re on a trip or vacation.

Whether you are a student, an entrepreneur, or an avid reader, eReading is the new big thing when it comes to making your reading experience even more fun. And this can be possible only if you download the apt book reading app.

Here are some of the finest book reading apps, highly rated by the majority of Android or iOS users across the globe. Happy reading…

1. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

Kindle is clearly the undisputed leader of the digital reading market. You can easily download the app on your smartphones or buy its proprietary device to store all your eBooks. The robust and well-designed app allows you to read books online any time, anywhere.

A reader can get lots of free books available in the app that includes all categories such as fiction, non-fiction, romance, historical and many more. Amazon Kindle offers an extensive library of thousands of eBooks as well as audiobooks to buy on Amazon or through a subscription model. The app can be installed on various gadgets, however, its main service offers unique devices that are synced with Amazon cloud.

Available: Android, iOS



With the help of NOOK app, avid readers can coordinate with the online store – Barnes, and Noble. This will help you access the bookstore from anywhere with a tap on your phone. The app equipped with latest technologies helps readers to widen their reading horizons. This app even offers a customized reading experience.

Since Nook is related to Barnes and Noble, they refer their every user to the online bookstore- Nook – for buying and reading them. You can’t buy a product from the app but once you do it remotely, it will show up in your library.

Availability: Android, iOS

3. Google Play Books

Google Play Books

Google Play Books is an all-in-one book reader app that offers a very big list of books, magazines, comics, and course readings. It covers a wide collection of genres from science fiction to emotional drama or romance with the customized reading experience.

You can sync the app with other devices, and start buying books from the store itself to read them within the app. It has its own Google Chrome extension on this Web browser.

Availability: Android

4. Wattapad


Do you need an excellent reading experience anytime, anywhere? If yes, Wattpad is the app to hook yourself to. It enables you to explore free books and stories written by people across the globe. Also, you have an option to upload your own write-ups and start building your fan followings.

For a motivational dose, there are monthly writing challenges to kick-start your creativity. The best thing about Wattpad – you can follow everything in real-time like how a story unfurls, leaving comments, and share thoughts on the latest stories or writings via notes as you read.

Availability: Android, iOS, Microsoft

5. eReader Prestigio

eReader Prestigio

Though eReader Prestigio changes its name almost every year it’s still one of the best eBook reader apps. The app is capable of supporting over 25 languages, text-to-speech functionality, and has an in-app store library with 50,000 books that are available for download.

Moreover, the eReader app is the coolest and easy-to-use app that is synced with the accounts to access across all your iOS devices. A few other features include a Night Mode, various customization options, and an improved user interface (UI). Users can read text files in various formats that include fb2,, txt, epub, html, pdf, mobi, epub3, djvu, and different other text as well as audiobook formats.

Availability: Android

6. Kobo Books


It is one of the top-rated apps with standard features like custom suggestions, featuring, and so on. Kobo app accentuates more of an “indie shop” experience. The Kobo eBook reading app offers a unique element known as Reading Life. It will acquaint you with another world of social reading. You can share notes, quotes, and discuss books on social media with a Facebook feature.

With the help of Kobo, you can read anytime and anywhere from a list of more than four million titles. Kobo’s colossal database of engaging titles will fulfill the interests of a wide range of readers.

Availability: iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows

7. Scribd


Scribd is the most renowned reading app with millions of titles in its library. At the time of registration, you will get a 30-day demo account that allows you to read all the books you want to and that too for free. No doubt, it is a superior way to engage book lovers!
With Scribd, every month a reader gets three books and one audiobook based on their choices. Customized suggestions are available with trending topics to explore, and editor suggestions. And unlimited access to many big magazines, books, and academic resources is also included.
Availability: iOS, Android

8. Aldiko


Aldiko is incredible for you in case you’re looking for the books at a less expensive cost. The application neither has its own bookstore nor it is legitimately associated with one. You can browse the bookstore and pick the one as per your choice.

Aldiko accompanies a Download Books bar where you can look for eBooks through changed online stores. The recommended in-application indexes are O’Reilly eBooks, All Romance, Feedbooks, and Smashwords eBooks but you can include some other stores of your preference too.
Availability: Android, iOS

9. iBooks


iBooks reading app gives you access to the whole list of Apple’s iBooks Store, and syncs with the iCloud account to access your purchases across all your iOS devices. Apple’s bookstore for both digital books and audiobooks recordings is designed to be easy to use.

Regular updates are the best thing that readers love the most about this app. In spite of the fact that this is essentially a reader’s app, you can download a PDF book form from the store and then, open the document in a different reading app.

Availability: iOS

10. Oodles Ebook Reader


This application offers in excess of 50,000 free eBooks for you to get to. The books are organized in various catalogs for easy access based on preferences. The oodles eBook app offers your customizing options for content like spacing, text color, margins, and so on.
Also, you can have a ‘paperback like’ animation and a two-column view that will make you feel as if you are reading a book. The top classifications of books incorporate fiction, fantasy, drama, emotions, and adventure. Jane Austen and Agatha Christie are well-known authors of the app.

Availability: Android, iOS


To conclude, these are the 10 best book reading apps which can make a life of a reader, blissful and fun. You can download at least one out of these and avail the most and enjoy your reading no matter where you are.

Also, do let us know in the comments below that which one is your favorite and why?

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